Tuesday, November 25, 2003  

More Gifts Down...

I finally finished the eros scarves... I still have to decide which one(s) I'm keeping and which I'll be giving as gifts. The two blue ones and the red one are definitely gifts, but I'm not sure about the other two.

Of course, I would have gotten a lot more knitting done these last few nights if not for this:

Unlike SOME kitties, Cricket does NOT like to sit quietly in my lap as I knit. To her, yarn exists to be pounced on, and if I'm moving it, it DEFINITELY needs to be attacked. But I think it's a fair trade... I have no complaints about being "forced" to hug a purring, warm, fuzzy kitty.


Thursday, November 20, 2003  

Eros Madness

I finished another eros scarf yesterday- 3 more to go! I will say that it is extremely annoying to try and untangle this yarn... in order to get the 2 strands together, I first wind the yarn off of the cardboard ring into a center pull ball, and then I wind that into a double stranded ball. Let's just say that when Cricket "helps," big tangles ensue.

And here's the scarf I made for my window... I'm not sure if it's exactly what I'm going for, but it'll do for now. After all, I can always take it down and wear it!

And yesterday, because I have no willpower, Cricket got a new toy:

She's decided that the best way to catch the feathered thing is to lie on her back and bat at it. Apparently, the birds she plans to catch will be the really really stupid ones that fly in lazy circles about a foot above her head.

rerum primordia
"the first beginnings of things"


Wednesday, November 19, 2003  

No Excuses

I should have taken pics last night- I meant to take pics last night- no pics were taken last night. ~sigh~. I finished an eros scarf I made for a pseudo-window valence... I think I'll like it. If I don't, I can always take it down, clean up the ends, and wear it. I also wound the next ball of eros in preparation for starting the first of several christmas-related scarves... Cricket was extra helpful by chewing the end a few times so I would have some pieces for fringe. What a good and useful kitty she was being! :)

I'm pretty much concentrating on the christmas gifts right now- I hope to finish the eros scarves in the next couple of weeks, and then complete frode. Then, back to the blanket (which I don't need right now anyway- it's almost 70 degrees!), the baby sweater, and other assorted projects. :)


Monday, November 17, 2003  

Monday Again??

Wasn't it just Friday? Well, at least I had a fabulous weekend.

May I present the completely finished Dalmore:

Yes, I finally managed to wash/block this into submission, and it's now sitting patiently in a box, waiting to be wrapped for Christmas. It blocked out beautifully!

Cricket spent most of the weekend soaking up the sun:

Poor kitty- there's less and less sun for her to bask in! I heard on the news this morning that the sun now both rises AND sets while I'm at work. How depressing.

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!


Thursday, November 13, 2003  

Woo Hoo... It's the Weekend Again!!!

You know the only thing better than a 5 day weekend? The corresponding 2 day work "week." Perhaps, instead of camping out whining about federal judicial appointments, congress could pass THAT little bit of legislation! :)

Plus, I just ordered some new sheet music. I desperately needed SOMETHING new to play, and I found a Handel sonata set that actually came with a tape of the accompaniment... which will come in handy given that I don't *think* Cricket can play harpsichord. (Well, she says she can, but she "doesn't feel like it right now.") So hopefully that'll come by Monday? Tuesday? Yesterday? (a girl can hope, right?)

And, to top it all off, a coworker, who knows of my knitting obsession, gifted me with a little set of crochet hooks... 11 sizes in a little zippered case. Now, I might be able to crochet to save my life, but only if my captors were feeling very generous. But, perhaps I'll learn... or, at the very least, this should come in handy for borders and edgings.

Now, if it were only 3 hours later, and I was on my way home to my 3 day weekend... ;)


Wednesday, November 12, 2003  

The End of the World as I Know It...

I think 5 day weekends should be the norm. :) During my 'fall break,' I planned to get a good deal done on both mosaic and on several other languishing projects. This (mostly) did not happen. Why?

Don't let that innocent look fool you...

Cricket is approximately 2.5 years old. For her first 2.499999999999 years, she was emphatically anti-lap. Didn't want to sit ON you, just right next to you. Although I love to snuggle with a warm fuzzy kitty, I learned to love the snuggle NEXT to me pose... much more condusive to things like knitting, and using the bathroom, and being able to answer the phone. For whatever reason, however, the last week or so has seen the emergence of an entirely new monster... Cricket has decided that, on the whole, she wants to spend as much time as possible sitting on my chest. NOT on my lap, you understand- oh no, that would enable me to potentially knit! No, she sits on the floor by the couch, looking up at me, until I lie back against the arm of the couch. Then she strikes- and neatly pins me down for HOURS. No hope of moving. To make the victory complete, she PURRS. Usually right under my chin so I can really hear her.

I did manage to do a few things over my vacation- I baked bread:

(I LOVE bread dough. It's such a beautiful color and texture...)

I finished the first strip of mosaic... I also bought more yarn.... I realized I want each strip to be 4 rectangles, and for there to be a total of 5 strips (making the finished blanket approximately 5 feet by 4.5 feet)... and I think I would have had enough yarn... but then I remembered that whole seaming thing, and realized I needed some extra yarn. Luckily, they even still had the same dyelot, and so I was able to pick up more with no problem. I also bought yarn to make a baby sweater for some dear friends in California- well, the children of some dear family friends.

When Cricket wasn't busy tackling me and pinning me to the couch, she soaked up some autumn sun:


Thursday, November 06, 2003  

2 Things I Learned This Morning

  1. i can make it from my bed to my office in 15 minutes

  2. having a shower at work is a VERY good thing


Wednesday, November 05, 2003  


I would have taken pics of something last night, but, well, nothing changed knitting-wise! After aerobics, I went to restock my "wine cellar" with some reds... and then I got distracted by a fuzzy kitty tummy when I got home... I didn't mind, though. Tonight is my "knit-night," but I've decided I'm not going... I REALLY want to spend the night relaxing- I think I'll take a bath, and finally pick up all the laundry I've been meaning to get to... and get some more work done on the mosaic blanket. :) I've been working on frode during lunch and at choir- I'm almost done with the second center motif (out of 3), so I should be finishing up the front in another week or two.

Perhaps one of the reasons I didn't get much knitting done last night is that it's been 80 degrees here... not the most appealing temps for knitting! I think things are supposed to get back to seasonal this weekend, though, so much knitting progress will ensue. :)

I did just buy my friend Vogue Knitting for christmas... I figure she needs at least one good reference book, and I hadn't gotten her anything else!


Tuesday, November 04, 2003  

Finally, Some Pics!

To begin with, let me defend my acquisition of yet ANOTHER bag. First, I did throw away a bag this weekend that wore out, so technically I'm not ADDING a bag, I'm REPLACING a bag. Second, this new bag came FREE when I bought stuff, so it's not like I went out and BOUGHT the bag, right? (I mean, the fact that I probably only bought the stuff in order to get the bag is irrelevant!) Plus, this bag is PERFECT for when I need more than a purse, but less than a huge tote bag. Last night, I took it to choir, and was in love. I'm so easily amused...

And here's my progress on the mosaic blanket... (almost) 2 rectangles down, 18 or so to go! Cricket was helping me model it... apparently that circular needle was really in the way, and needed much pouncing in order to get it just right for the picture!

All that pouncing wore her out, poor kitty... it's SO terrible how tense and stressed she is...

"a bringing back, a restoring"


Monday, November 03, 2003  

The Calendar Says November....

... but the weather says June! I'm not ready for 80 degrees. I know, I should be savoring the last moments of warmth and sun before the winter, but DAMN! It's NOVEMBER!!! I mean, I've already busted out the down comforter... and I'm remembering how much better I sleep when it's COLD at night. Hmph. Plus, on this beautiful 80 degree day, I'm stuck in my windowless, climate controlled office. I think this afternoon I'll have to take a nice long walk. ;)

This weekend was fabulous. On Friday, I got some knitting done while waiting for the dealership to change my oil, and then I did some laundry, did some more knitting, and went to Baltimore for dinner/hanging out. Must admit that I'm not a huge Baltimore fan... but it was a fun night regardless... of course, getting home after 2 a.m. makes it VERY difficult to get up by 8 in time to attend a class on pruning at the National Arboretum. Yes... pruning. Yes, I live in an apartment. But, well, my friend wanted to go, and I figured it would be interesting- and it was! So now I know how to prune. (just in case!) ;) Saturday night I went with the parents to see Alien at the Uptown- for those who aren't familiar, Uptown is one of the OLD style movie theaters- you know, the ones with one insanely huge screen, and balcony seating... and then Sunday, I worked. And watched the Redskins LOSE to Dallas. Perhaps at some point before I die there will be another Redskins team worth watching... but it doesn't look like it this year!

Of course, in all my random weekend-fun, I totally neglected to take any pictures. I guess the only project I have to take pics of is the mosaic blanket I started... I figured out the dimensions. Each strip will have 4 pattern rectangles, and there will either be 4, 5, or 6 strips (depending on yarn!)... for a total of 16, 20, or 24 pattern rectangles total. I'm a little more than halfway through the 2nd pattern rectangle. I *think* it's going faster as I get more comfortable with the pattern, but I might be hallucinating.

Next weekend, though, I should have plenty of knitting time... I have a 5 day weekend! Well, almost- I work on Sunday. But I have Friday and Saturday completely free, and Monday and Tuesday as well. I am SO happy with the mini-vacation... finally a chance to really relax and catch my breath. And, thanks to the holiday and my normal fridays off, I only had to take 1 day off!! :) On my to-do list... finally finish dalmore, and the chenille cami, and get lots done on the mosaic blanket. Now, if I can just make it through this week...

"some time ago"


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