Tuesday, June 19, 2007  

Still Alive....

... but still spending WAY too much time in front of my desk with a pencil in my hand, instead of on the couch snuggled up with Henry. SIGH. But I will make it to Late Night tonight, even if it WILL mean another weekend where I spend hours and hours trying to catch up on all my studying! I may be studying for the bar, but I still have SOME of my priorities straight!

I thought I had taken a picture of Henry, but I hadn't, and... well... finding the camera this morning was just too much to ask of my brain. (I managed to leave the house with no wallet, metro card, OR keys... thank goodness I was walking with S so I could steal his key and a metro card!)

So instead, I'll go with the option of "distract them with a cute doggy."

Here, Abby is demonstrating how she eats edamame. She chews on the shell until the soy beans pop out, and then she eats them and leaves the shell. Not bad for an animal without opposable thumbs!

Cricket, on the other hand, prefers to perfect her "paper-covering" technique. She's getting a lot of practice, and is getting really good at ignoring the "decoy papers" to concentrate on covering whatever I need to look at.

And the only other remotely exciting thing is this baby... it was a birthday present from S (although it was mostly a present for Abby!)

Yesterday, I dried fresh pinapple and cantelope. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

2 days ago, it was strawberries... these are AWESOME.

And this weekend, it was an entire package of thin-sliced chicken breasts. Abby loves these so much that she comes running whenever we open the fridge, just in case it's chicken-time. And these are SO much cheaper than buying the dried chicken treats at the store!!


Saturday, June 09, 2007  

Dear Bar Review Studying,

I hate you with a passion that I wasn't aware I possessed. I hate how you take up ALL of my time, 10-12 hours a day. I hate how you make my hand ache with all of the "write this over and over in a vain attempt to memorize it." I hate how you toy with me by making me feel alternately like genius, and then like I spent 3 years in law school learning NOTHING.

But most of all, I hate how you prevent me from knitting.

Cricket is trying to adapt to the new studying regime, and, with almost constant practice, she's getting better.

Here she is last weekend, when she still hadn't perfected her technique...

... and then from earlier in the week, when she has clearly developed a much more effective method of full-paper-coverage.

There has been knitting, just not much. Henry and I have had a few little color-related spats, but I think we're over them now. And I managed to take a few minutes from my studying to install my new "above the desk" shelf...

So between now and July 24/25, I will be sitting here, studying, and trying desperately to not let the last 3 years be a gigantic waste of time/money. I may manage to knit occasionally, and I'm trying really hard to carve out some Late-Night time with the Irregulars...

I think July 26th will be one of the happiest days of my life. If I didn't have to return all of the study materials to get back my $175 deposit, I would have a huge bonfire and burn every last page.


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