Monday, May 11, 2009  

2 Nights Down, 5 to Go

Saturday was S' birthday. He celebrated by getting on a plane to Kazakhstan for a week-long business trip. Sunday was Mother's Day. I celebrated by cleaning up baby poo. See, Baby A has recently discovered how to roll over from her back to her tummy. So when I put her dirty little butt on the nice waterproof pad on top of her crib sheet so I could run the bath for her, I really shouldn't have expected her to stay put. But in the 5 minutes it took for me to prepare the bath, I returned to find her poopy little butt had rolled over right OFF of the nice waterproof pad, her leg was stuck through the crib slats, and she was grinning at me. Oh, and she peed on the sheet for good measure.

It's ok, though - S got me a massage for Mother's Day, and my mom is coming to Baby A-sit on Wednesday to give me a chance to get pampered for an hour.

But I'm still counting down the days until S comes home!

In knitting news, I'm apparently really bad at taking pictures, because I've since finished the first Bex sock and am well on my way with the second. Again, like the Rick socks (also from Cookie A's book), I'm not thrilled with the way these fit - a little loose around the ankles. I deliberately shortened the leg by a couple of inches, though, and I think the socks are stiff enough with all of the cabling so they won't slouch down. Regardless, these are really interesting to knit, so I'm not really concerned. I hope I'll finish the second one before the yarn arrives from Shetland for my dad's 2009 fair isle vest!

In Baby A news, we've discovered the best baby toy EVER - a $3 mylar balloon (don't use the latex ones in case they pop... big scary noise and chokeable pieces of latex everywhere). Lately, we've been standing next to it and hitting it, but you can also tie it loosely to baby's leg... baby sees the balloon, gets excited, and kicks... making the balloon move... making baby excited so she kicks... making the balloon move...

ah, great fun.

And know what else is great fun? Sitting like a big girl and playing with the stacking rings.

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Sunday, May 03, 2009  

Baby A's First Sheep and Wool

I love Maryland Sheep and Wool... even in the pouring rain! Of course, there was a lot less playing in the grass, watching the sheep dogs, and eating tasty snacky foods than usual, but we still had a blast.

The main goal of the day (besides a very short and woefully non-knitting shopping list) was to introduce Baby A to the sheepies.

Sheepies, meet Baby A.

Baby A, meet the Sheepies...

See the Sheepies?

(I think she saw the Sheepies.)

Ummmm.... and there might have been some funnel cake consumption.

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