Tuesday, November 30, 2004  

So Tired of Studying

... but finals will be over in 3 weeks, and then I will have a blissfully quiet vacation. I'm planning on sleeping way too much, watching terrible TV, and knitting up a storm. I can't wait. :)

Speaking of knitting, I did take a "study break" last night and joined the ladies of the Arlington Stitch n' Bitch for a few hours of mitten-thumbs. I should be able to finish the mittens tonight! :) Plus, last night Brittany clued me in that I can get a student discount on an ipod. The only reason I'm not buying it right now is that I don't want to spend the next 3 weeks playing with my new toy instead of studying. {sigh} So to console myself for having to wait, I cashed in my frequent flyer miles for a spring break ticket to New Mexico to visit my bestest friend J in March. (assuming United lasts that long!!)

My Thanksgiving was fabulous - marred only by the necessity of studying WAY too much. But I had a wonderful Turkey Day, and then on Friday I got to play with the cutest kid ever (my cousin, Austin).

Cricket celebrated the holiday weekend by recharging her solar panels.


Thursday, November 25, 2004  

Happy Thanksgiving!

To celebrate the holiday, I've finished 60 flashcards for my Torts exam. The sad, scary part? The 3 other members of my study group will each be adding an additional 60 flashcards to my pile of things to memorize by December 14. It should be fun.

But at least I've finished a pair of MATCHING mittens. Again, "finish" is a relative word. Apparently, I have thumbs. Who knew? So I guess technically I need to knit those and do some blocking and end-weaving before "finish" becomes an appropriate word. But hey, I'm impatient.

Cricket, perhaps overwhelmed by my multi-tasking morning (studying, watching the Macy's Parade, AND baking up a storm!), decided it was time to go back to sleep. Those 10 minutes she was actually awake this morning must have been tough!

My contribution to Thanksgiving? Fresh bread. Here's the first 2 loaves:

And the next 2 in the oven:

And finally, the dough for the Challah:

The house is starting to smell REALLY good, and I'm having to exercise a considerable amount of self-restraint in order to deliver all 5 loaves to the Thanksgiving festivities... it's torture to have fresh, warm bread on the counter and NOT be able to eat it yet. But I think my family might notice if there were a few bites taken out of the loaves! ;)

Happy Thanksgiving... hope everyone gets lots of turkey and pie! :)


Saturday, November 20, 2004  

Another Project?

My cashmere/silk scarf kit finally arrived this morning - I'm really looking forward to starting this. Supposedly, that tiny little skein of yarn (2-3 oz) will make a 12" by 68" scarf. Wow.

And in other news, I should be studying right now, but I'm not. D'oh! I should have been studying earlier this afternoon when I took a nap, and I should have been studying when I took a walk. And now I should be studying instead of typing.

I can't wait until Christmas break - 3 whole weeks without studying. Not even a little bit. :)

Until then, I'll have to entertain myself with my new onde socks! :)


Thursday, November 18, 2004  


Yesterday, I was literally minutes from finishing the second beautiful latvian mitten. See how close I was?

Then, to my horror, I realized that I had put the thumbhole in the wrong place! Instead of the mitten ending with a last complete diamond of the pattern repeat perfectly centered on the back of the mitten, that perfectly centered pattern repeat would be on the PALM. I had that sinking feeling - where you know in your gut that it's all wrong, and there's nothing to be done but rip it out - yet the tiniest glimmer of hope still lingers. Maybe I'm just looking at it wrong! Maybe I'm bizarrly dyslexic in an entirely knitting-perception related way!

or maybe it's just wrong, and I have to rip it out.

I sent the offending mitten to the corner to think about what it had done, and decided to delay punishment until I was positive. Perhaps, I thought in a fit of severe rationalization, it won't bother me that the mitten backs don't match each other! Um, no. Thinking about it in class today...

(yes, I think about mittens in class. Sometimes I feel like I think about mittens more than is entirely healthy, but then I get over the feeling and relish being a knitter. Knitters can get away with daydreaming about mittens. And socks. And the mini-i-pod case they would knit when if they allow themselves to buy said mini-i-pod. In green. With a cute engraving on the back.)

... I realized that the very IDEA of the mismatched mittens drove me bonkers. There was nothing else to be done.



Tuesday, November 16, 2004  

So Busy!

This week is the last full week of classes, and I'm beginning to realize that yes, finals ARE right around the corner. In law school, you get the added bonus of having the finals count for 100% of your grade. Perhaps if I hide under my covers for a few months, it'll all go away.

But at least, after 5pm on December 16, it'll all be over, for better or for worse. I am VERY excited at the prospect of three entire weeks of vacation. I plan to spend at least a few days in my pjs. Plus, it'll give me time to finish up on my christmas knitting. I still have to finish up my dad's vest, and weave in some ends etc... on a couple of pairs of socks.

Speaking of knitting, the second mitten is growing quickly - I'm really in the "two-color" groove! I might manage to finish by this weekend, and then all that's left is the thumbs! I'm definitely glad that I did both palms back-to-back, though, because I can still remember what all my obscure markings on the pattern mean.

{Sigh} - I should probably get back to reading about "at-will employment contracts." Hopefully I won't bruise my forehead when I pass out from the boredom... ;)


Wednesday, November 10, 2004  

i think i'm addicted to dried cranberries. is this a problem?


Tuesday, November 09, 2004  


Happy Things




Wooo Hooo! I finished the "boyfriend scarf" - 3 balls of scrumptious cashmere silk yumminess! :) And just in time too - last night was the first freeze!

I'm also "done" with the first mitten. I'm done in the sense that I'll be casting on for the second mitten tonight, but that's mostly because I want to get both mitten-bodies knit before I forget what I did on the first one. However, I don't exactly have a THUMB on the first mitten. For now, I'm just going to ignore the gaping hole on the palm and look at the pretty back of the mitten. :)

This weekend there was a lot of excitment as Cricket did her very best "jungle panther" impersonation -

Unfortunately, all good things must eventually come to an end, and we had to go inside. You can't tell from the picture, but she was making very emphatic unhappy kitty noises. I made it up to her later by putting clean sheets on the bed for her to cover in fur. :)


Thursday, November 04, 2004  


I can't even begin to express my horror at the prospect of four more years.

On the bright side, this is definitely more motivation to make my trip to Alaska this summer - before it becomes an oil field. Ugh.

So instead of facing the thought of the evil cancer that is our current, and now future, administration, I'm knitting mittens. Well, mitten, since I'm not quite to the second one yet. :)

And tomorrow night, I'll hopefully make it over to knit-and-nosh and get another ball of yarn for the boyfriend scarf... it'll be exciting.

I do think, however, that on Monday I'll be skipping class and having a date with Colin Firth. Yummy. :)


Tuesday, November 02, 2004  


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