Thursday, October 30, 2003  

Time Gremlins

So this morning, the alarm went off at 540. Somehow, time compressed, and it suddenly became 630. Just like that. I might have closed my eyes for a second, but I certainly did NOT go back to sleep!! ;)

Things were very busy last night- I found out that D, my bestest friend since kindergarden, is engaged!!! :) So after she called me, all of us (4 of us have been best friends since kindergarden) had to call each other, and much squeeling was had by all. :)

I am making progress on the mosaic blanket I started... not that you'd know, because I obviously didn't have time to take pics this morning (oops!) Last night, I finished one of the rectangular motifs, and was able to measure, and figure out what dimensions I want to make it. :) Right now, I'm looking at doing 5 (or more!) strips of 4 motifs each. Considering I just finished 1/4 of the first strip, I might not be using this blanket until NEXT year!

I'm also making good progress on frode- I'm about 4 inches into the front. I've already done both sleeves and the back... so hopefully pretty soon I'll be assembling and doing the neckband- I think it'll be ready in time for Christmas!

Well, if I don't manage to post anything exciting this weekend, I hope everyone has a good one! My mom and I are planning to go see Alien sometime this weekend... I may never sleep again.

Happy Halloween!


Tuesday, October 28, 2003  

Ribbie Love

I didn't sleep in ribbie last night, but I was tempted- so comfy! :) I think this will be a perfect weekend cardi... but it's respectible enough to be my backup at work for days when the temperature tends towards freezing (I'm still convinced that office temperatures are controlled by malicious gremlins who adjust according to what I wear... heavy sweater? crank up that heat! thin blouse? oooo, time for AC!!)

I think I sewed the first half of the zipper at least 5 times before I got it to lie flat. Luckily, I figured out what I did, and was able to get the second half without too much trouble. I ended up folding the zipper facings in, and sewing the zipper to the doubled fabric. It still wants to curl a bit, but I think it'll settle down- I'm trying to remember to zip it up when I'm not wearing it! In hindsight, I would have made the sleeves about an inch or so longer (I was trying to compensate for shrinkage, and they came out fine, but I like my sleeves LONG whenever possible!) and possibly brought the collar up a few more inches... although truth be told, I actually like the wider neck... I think it adds to the whole comfy thing. Plus, isn't that just an excuse to wear a fabulous scarf if my neck is getting chilly?

Oh, and ribbie received the final seal of approval... Cricket hopped on my chest for some serious snuggles (involving much nuzzling and purring), and seemed to think ribbie was just fine. :)

probatum est
"it has been proven"


Monday, October 27, 2003  

hee hee!



Is It Monday Already?

What a lovely weekend... except for that whole "work" thing. I did manage to finish the triangle scarf-

I'm going to take it with me tonight to choir so they can see the finished product- I did quite a bit of work on it there, and they asked how it turned out! And then it'll go into the mail tomorrow (hopefully). I think it'll fit in the envelope I have... :)

On Sunday, to take advantage of the extra hour, I went for a nice long hike at Great Falls park- I remembered to take my camera, and enjoyed snapping shots of the changing leaves.

Oh, and I'm not *quite* wearing ribbie, like I had promised... but I'm almost done, and should be able to finish it up during lunch, so I'll be able to wear it home! ;)


Thursday, October 23, 2003  

Finishing Fairy

Last night, without even meaning to, I finished 2 projects. First, I finally borrowed my mom's big honkin huge pot (after realizing there was no way koolaid + water + scarf would all fit happily in my largest pot. Rather than put it off, I decided to go ahead and dye it last night, figuring if it took awhile, I could just let it sit until the next day, and deal with it when I got home from work.

Step 1: Big Huge Pot with water, heating on the stove:

Step 2: 19 packages of black cherry koolaid:

Step 3: wet soggy scarf waiting patiently in the sink until I've finally emptied all 19 f***ing packages into the water:

Step 4: The happy dyebath. As far as I can tell, this yarn and the koolaid are long-lost lovers. I swear, it took MAYBE 15 minutes for the dye to be entirely absorbed. I let it sit for about 3 hours, though, just to make sure. When I drained it, the water was clear.

Step 5: Try and figure out somewhere in the apartment to hang a 6+ foot scarf to dry. I finally settled for the shower curtain rod... I was going to use my drying rack, but then I remembered that Cricket thinks merino wool is yummers. I'm not sure what she would do with CHERRY flavored merino wool! :)

As the scarf was simmering, the finishing fairy bit me and gave me west nile... I mean, finishing fever! :) I decided that, while Ribbie was getting soft and shrink-y in the laundry, I would start doing the zipper on the aran. It took me until almost 11:30 to finish it (luckily the baseball game was late enough to entertain me!), but I'm wearing it now!

I took these pics at my office- I didn't have time to take pics last night, so I brought my camera into work. It took some thinking to figure out where to set up the camera, but I figured my coworkers would think I was REALLY insane if I started asking them for help documenting my latest knitting project.

I LOVE the 2 way zipper. I think I'll be really happy with Ribbie once I get the zipper in. I'm not crazy about the collar on Aran... I think I'm going to have to tack down the front edges to give more of a crewneck... the "pattern" (taken from "Knitter's Handy") didn't have any front neck shaping, and it should have. Well, now I know for next time! The cardigan is actually pretty warm- it is very dense. In hindsight, the fabric is a little stiff, but that just makes it a little more like a coat than a sweater. I'm also hoping that each wash/wear cycle adds to the softness/drape. All in all, though, I'm pleased!! I learned a lot about designing a sweater, and also about what I like in a sweater, and did it all while still churning out a garment I'm going to get a lot of wear out of! :)

Cricket said she was too busy trying to get her paws on some cherry flavored yarn to pose for a picture, but she hopes you all have a chance to rub a kitty-tummy today (her's is available by appointment!) :)


Wednesday, October 22, 2003  


I resolve that, come Monday, I'll be wearing Ribbie. I'm just about to do the second zipper facing, and then it'll be ready for a cycle through the washer/dryer. Assuming that the shrinkage is as planned, and doesn't do something crazy to the shaping, I should be able to put in the zipper as soon as the sweater is dry! Of course, I'm going to have to do some zipper-destruction in order to shorten it- the 2 way separating zippers only come in 12" increments, so mine is considerably too long. But I'm sticking with my resolution- Ribbie for Monday! :)

Speaking of FO's, I finally took some pics of grandma's socks:

And here's the owl close-up:

They're knit on size 4 needles with woolease. If anyone is interested in the pattern, let me know, and I'll write it up... I pretty much just made it up as I went along, but I'd be happy to share! :)

I also came across this "vintage cricket" shot... she's not looking quite as dignified as usual:

Don't you just want to rub that cute little kitty-tummy? Luckily, I get my daily dose of "tummy-rubbing therapy" every time I come in the house. I think if everyone had a snuggly kitty tummy to rub when they got home, the world would be a MUCH happier place.


Tuesday, October 21, 2003  

Interesting Morning

Let me just say to whoever decided to lock the door to my office, PBSTHTHTHTHTH!!! (we have these strange locks that you can lock from the outside, but you need a combo to UNLOCK. Needless to say, they didn't give me the combo... I had to have security unlock my door. I was kinda hoping they wouldn't be able to for awhile, and I could go home. ;)

Speaking of home, let me present "The Morning," a play in one act (by Cricket):

The curtain rises to absolute stillness- no lights, no sounds. As the lights slowly come up to dim, a bed becomes visible- light blue flannel sheets turned over a lush cream comforter. Slowly, a person's sleeping form becomes visible, barely peeking out from the mounds of covers. Then, the audience notices a black void in the cream landscape- right up by the pillows.


the stillness is shattered by the persistent scream of the bedside alarm clock. A hand emerges from the covers, and flails wildly at the still-beeping clock. The black void sits up and gives the arm a VERY dirty look. Finally, the noise stops. Satisfied, the black void uncurls, stretches, and promptly sits on the sleepy form.

"sweetie, I have to get up." Completely unconcerned, Cricket (for of course it is she) decides that, since you are so obviously awake now, it's time for rubs.

"EH!" roughly translated to "why aren't you rubbing on me right now? HMMMMM?

"no, I really have to get up and go to work." Apparently satisfied with the petting, Cricket, with a huge sigh of contentment, settles into a little kitty ball, preparing to sleep for another 12-14 hours.

*both forms lie still for what seems like just a few seconds, but really ends up being 30 minutes*

Finally, unable to put off the inevitable, the prone form extricates herself as carefully as possible from under the combined weight of the covers and the sleeping kitty. Sensing the motion, Cricket, with an extremely dirty look, hops off the bed and prepares herself for breakfast, leaving her now sleepy AND guilty pillow to get up, get dressed, and trudge off to work. As the door closes behind her, Cricket delicately hops up onto the bed, finds a comfy spot right up by the pillows, and curls up.


I didn't manage to take any pics yesterday, but I did finish grandma's socks. I made up the pattern on the way to New Mexico- 3 colors of woolease, with an owl cable design on the cuffs (my grandma is a big owl fan!). I'm also just a few rows away from finishing Frode's first sleeve... I'm going to do the second sleeve next... the sleeves are so boring, that if I put off the second sleeve until the end, I'm not sure how quickly I'll do it. At least now I'll have the exciting front to look forward to! :)


Monday, October 20, 2003  
*update*- according to my latest spam email, I am now known as "maevePhoenixSnow".

Ah, Weekends

Well, let's see how I did:
  1. aran cardi
    • washer/dryer one more time (man, it takes forever to dry!)

    • wash/dry zipper

  2. dalmore
    • clean up some steeks

    • weave in some ends

  3. ribbie
    • sew side, sleeve seams (i finished 1 sleeve, 1 side seam, does that count?)

    • weave in ends

    • knit zipper facing
Yeah, not so good. But I did make pretty good progress on Frode's sleeve- just about done! And I played fiber-enabler by getting my friend K started on a baby sweater for a co-worker- first, I gave her the pattern, and then, when she commented that she wanted to start it right then, I suggested a trip to the craft store to get yarn and a needle. So we did. :) Of course, I had just been to the craft store on Friday and spent $80 on lots of picture frames for my new mexico pics (they look great!) and some yarn for a blanket for me. The only reason I didn't start on that this weekend was that I had left my needlemaster kit at work, and therefore "couldn't." That's also my excuse for my pathetic progress on my list- I couldn't finish ribbie without the needles for the zipper facings, so I pretended like I could ignore it and work on frode instead. Ah well!

I guess this "to-do" list will follow me to next friday.

On a happier note- karma. While at work on Sunday, I took a call from a woman in California who wanted to send her sister (in MD), a gift certificate to the store. Now, the owner sometimes has issues about things like this- so, rather than giving the woman the run-around (ie "not sure if we can do this, call on monday when the owner will be here, etc") I took her cc#, ran it through, wrote the note to her sister as directed, wrote out the gift certificate, put it all in an envelope, and slapped my own personal stamp on it. I put it in the mailbox as soon as I got home. My reward for deciding to go a tiny little itty bitty extra step to help this woman treat her sister to some $$ on her birthday? A little later in the day, I was tidying up the winter coat display. I often check the pockets in the coats, because sometimes people leave things like gum wrappers or something after trying them on, or there might be those "inspected by" notes or something (which I think look tacky). Imagine my surprise when I reached into the pocket of the coat I was putting back with its mates, and what should I find, but a $50 bill!! It was paperclipped to a receipt from a store in new york state. No name or anything- and the receipt was dated in early september. Now, I KNOW no one had tried on that coat either Sat or Sun, and no one had called asking about any $$ lost at the store or anything. (although someone did lose, and then recover, a $4000 diamond bracelet over the weekend) So, after asking to make sure no one had misplaced anything, I decided that my good deeds of the morning had come back. I know, karma isn't about instant rewards for good deeds, and usually nothing so blatant would EVER happen to me. But it did, and I felt like I had won the lottery. Warm fuzzies all around. Although there would have been warmer fuzziers if I had a clue who lost the $$ originally...

Speaking of warm fuzzies, Cricket made me 20 minutes late to work this morning. Well, it was acutally a conspiracy- Cricket and the down comforter (with a little help from the flannel sheets) decided that the alarm was only a SUGGESTION, and really, can't suggestions be disregarded? :) Note to self- set alarm 20 mins EARLIER from now on!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend- I'll try and take some pics tonight... ummmm... I guess that would be before choir! ;)

ignorantia juris non excusat
"ignorance of the law does not excuse"


Thursday, October 16, 2003  

weekend plans

I've already filled a whole page with things I want to get done this weekend. I hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew! On the knitting front, my to-do list includes:
  1. aran cardi
    • washer/dryer one more time (man, it takes forever to dry!)

    • wash/dry zipper

  2. dalmore
    • clean up some steeks

    • weave in some ends

  3. ribbie
    • sew side, sleeve seams

    • weave in ends

    • knit zipper facing
I think that'll be do-able. I'm still hoping to finish the 4 remaining projects on my "finishing touches" list before the end of the month. I should also be able to finish grandma's socks and the chenille chickami. I hope. :) After all, I still have 3 completely free fridays, right?

Yesterday, I finally picked up my mail- my zippers had come from FANTASTIC service- I got 2 plastic separating 2-way zippers, one each for the aran cardi and ribbie. The colors are near-perfect, and the zippers should work really well with the designs. I am SO impressed with zipperstop- I'll definitely be a repeat customer! Following the advice of someone else (sorry, can't remember where I read the tip!), I'll be washing and drying the zippers before I sew them in. I'm also going to wash/dry the aran cardigan again to make sure it's at a "happy size" and won't shrink noticibly once I've sewn in the zipper. I think NEXT week will be some zipper-installation madness! :)

When I got home from work yesterday, Cricket had very thoughtfully put her little yarn-balls on the bed, where I would be sure to see them. I think she was being her subtle self and reminding me that I'd been gone for DAYS, and really, I needed to spend a good long time throwing yarn around the apartment for her amusement. So of course I did... and everyone was happy. :)

accessus et recessus
"ebb and flow"


Wednesday, October 15, 2003  

It's On Now, Baby!

As you see from the sidebar, I've made a list... trying desperately to keep my constantly whirring brain in order and finally get all of these poor pathetic lingering projects FINISHED. Oh, and just in case you're wondering, the sweater from the mall is here:

and close-up:

Yes, I did have my digital camera with me at the mall. Really, we just stopped at the mall on the way back from sightseeing in NM, so I had it with me. But now, I'm thinking the camera needs to accompany me on all sorts of shopping trips! I kept waiting for the salesperson to kick me out though- I snapped 2 really quick pics, and then pretty much ran away.

Cricket, perhaps anticipating my upcoming long-weekend trip, made me feel EXTRA guilty last week by looking like this:



Back From the Desert

With the humidity hovering in the 12% range, I learned the value of chapstick. LOTS of chapstick. My lips and skin are glad to be back in the 70% humidity of the DC area!!

The trip was a blast- lots of quality time with J, and lots of amazing scenery and weather. It didn't hurt that we found oh, just a few places to eat, and a few more places to shop. ;)

I even got a good amount of knitting done! I'm almost done with a pair of socks for grandma- made from woolease, with an "owl" cable design on the cuffs. Very cute! I would have taken pics, but, well, I got home after midnight last night, had to placate a VERY pissed Cricket (who apparently doesn't think that daily visits from my mom are the same as a live-in snuggle-giver), and STILL be at work by 630 am. Ugh. I'm helped by the fact that my sleep schedule in New Mexico was crazy, so I'm somewhat used to just randomly getting up regardless of what my body wants to do. :) And, since I have Friday off, I only have to suffer through 2 days of the alarm clock before I get a chance to sleep in nice and late. :) Of course, I also work this weekend (both days!), but that's good, because I kinda spent a good amount of $$ on vacation. Note to self- never go into an amazingly wonderful little boutique in Santa Fe after downing margaritas... you'll be apt to spend $150 on 2 amazing necklaces, some incense, a wall hanging, and some magnets. :)

Speaking of the magnets, one of them has a very apt quote on it:
"after dark, all cats are leopards"

Cricket agrees, and adds that she's glad I only brought back PICTURES of the cacti... (those teeny tiny specks in the background are the balloons from the hot air balloon festival- we chose to watch from way up in the mountains, rather than up close. It was amazing!)


Thursday, October 09, 2003  


Don't worry- in case of cardiac arrest, I am now trained to operate an Automatic External Defibrillator... I am a certified "shock-master". :) I know, you were all worried!!

I have an FO to present: the eros scarf (I ordered a pattern from Patternworks, and realized I could add a ball of Eros without raising the shipping costs, so I bought myself a little accessory). It took about 2 days to knit- I LOVE the fabric. I'm trying to figure out a way to put the fabric in my house- at first I was thinking a valence of some sort, but then I remembered Cricket, the destroyer of yarn products, and thought maybe a dangling knitted window decoration wouldn't be such a great idea. Hmmmmm... maybe I'll think of some way to jazz up the house with some eros! In the meantime, I'm thinking about who else would like a funky scarf/belt... I found a place to order eros where it works out (including shipping) to about $9 per ball (assuming you buy 3-4 balls at a time). DEFINITELY an affordable gift! I even got complimented on the scarf by one of my coworkers this morning... if/when I order some more eros, I'll make a scarf for her. She's not my supervisor or anything, so I think that'll be ok-

I also finally took a picture of Frode... I'm well into the second happiness sign (out of three). I'm thinking that this will be the back- I'm debating about twisting the purl sts. after the knitted vertical stripes to tighten things up, but you have to do that from the beginning, or it looks funny. So I'm thinking that the back will be as-is, but I'll try and neaten things up for the front- not that the back looks bad, or anything, but I think it would look neater if the transitions from knit to purl were a little tighter.

Cricket spent the majority of the evening curled up on my knitting bag (which of course was laying on the couch JUST FOR HER)... but every time I went to take a pic, she, with some sort of kitty-e.s.p., always chose that moment to re-arrange, or check out the kitchen, or whatever else would take her out of reach of a photo. I guess she wanted a day off from the tough life of a model... :)

Whew! I finally got confirmation that each of my law school applications really truly arrived at the schools (they cashed my application fee checks, so I know they got them!) So now the waiting begins...

Tomorrow, I'm off to New Mexico until Wednesday. I'm looking forward to spending time with a great friend, and helping her explore her new town. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

quo in genere
"from this point of view"


Tuesday, October 07, 2003  

Warning- No Knitting Pics Whatsoever

I'm in the process of wading through almost 100 pics from the weekend, so bear with me if I make absolutely no sense. :) May I present my cousin Austin, at age 5 and 1/2 weeks:

I sense several more drives to North Carolina in my future. What a sweetie!

I guess these are sort of knitting related- I gave my cousin Austin (and his mums) Menagerie:

And it was quickly put into use by Great-Grandma and Austin:

And here we all are, looking fat and happy. I'm one of those people who are blessed with family I really really love- I don't see them nearly as much as I would like, but I'm seeing them more and more as time goes on. Sure, my cousin-in-law is a bullfighter, but we'll forgive him... just like the rest of the family, he's "good people"- in every sense. And now he's a wonderful father to an absolutely adorable little boy. :)

On the way to North Carolina, I got to spend a nice couple of hours stuck in DC traffic. Once the traffic started moving again, I didn't want to stop until we'd gone a good distance- so by the time 7:00 hit, I was ready for a bathroom and food break (in that order!) I kept holding out for something besides fast food, but we were in a pretty remote section of Virginia, and it wasn't looking good. Finally, I saw a sign for a Subway, and decided that was the best I could hope for, so we pulled off- exit 3A from 295 if you're in the area! On the way to the Subway (bear in mind that Prince George, Virginia has about 5 commercial buildings), we passed:

My quote was, "Oh my god! Dancing pigs! We're stopping." Of course, the 2 story smoker out front didn't hurt either... and boy, was that bbq really good. So good, in fact, that we stopped there on the way home too...

"sense of discipline"


Monday, October 06, 2003  

To North Carolina and Back Again

Unfortunately, my parents still have my camera, so I can't show you pics of my incredibly cute cousin/nephew however-he's-related to me. I think my mom was ready to stuff the little guy in her coat and casually get in the car. And I think I might have let her! ;)

Cricket survived the weekend- although she was VERY snuggly when I got home. I found out from the cat-sitter that she got breakfast AND dinner on saturday, and then breakfast on sunday, even though all he had to do was 1 meal on saturday. So really, the princess shouldn't complain (not that that'll stop her!) :)

This morning I started my new 4 day schedule at work- I was here at 6:30. Ugh. A few plusses, though- I think my sleep-schedule is a bit more in synch getting up an hour or so earlier... I think by 7 (when I used to get up) I was in the middle of one of the deep sleep sections, and it made getting up really difficult. I didn't have as much trouble this morning (watch- tomorrow will be painful!) Also, the traffic is SO much better earlier- no, I don't drive, but I do bike, and it is much nicer to be able to cross the street without getting plowed by someone eating breakfast/applying makeup/ whatever. I am going to force myself to go to the gym before lunch to wake myself up for the afternoon- I've been slacking off big-time with the gym, and I decided I need to put it back into my daily routine. Especially since the ever-earlier sunsets make after-work hiking pretty much a thing of the past.

Not too much knitting progress this weekend- I was too busy getting wrapped around a tiny baby finger. :) I did finish the fingers on the first mitten-glove... I think I'll do the mitten part next, so that the thumb won't be in the way while I'm picking up sts and everything. I also started Frode last night- I know I really should have been working on the seams of ribbie, but after driving for 12+ hours over the weekend, I wasn't willing to trust my seaming skills. So ribbie might languish, un-seamed, until Friday Oct 17- my first friday off AT HOME.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!!


Friday, October 03, 2003  


I never drive to work- I live close enough to either bike or walk (depending on the weather). Well, today I drove so I can get home a bit faster- I'm driving the family down to North Carolina this afternoon. Let me just tell you how PISSED I was to have to first find, and then USE my ice-scraper. It's only October 3, and there's already been frost! I love winter, but I'd like some fall first, please! :)

This weekend, I'll finally get to present Menagerie to my cousin and her new son. I hope they like it- I'm bringing my camera, so hopefully there'll be lots of pics.

My new yarn from elann came yesterday- the color in the shot is off, but well, what are you going to do:

I've already decided that this yarn does NOT want to be what I thought it would... I'm thinking of a simple sweater- maybe ribbed, with a v-neck. I just hope I'll have enough yarn- I have 1580 yards, which SHOULD get me through a sweater (I HOPE!!) I guess if all else fails I could do 3/4 sleeves... but I'd really prefer long ones. SIGH. I guess that's my next project then- sitting down and figuring out the design. I think it'll knit up really quickly... but I was kinda hoping to start Frode (I swatched last night, and I am DEAD ON with gauge)! OOO, or there's a really beautiful gansey pattern- very simple... I think I'll do that. :) But I really should do that next- if I (gasp!) do run out of yarn, there's a much better chance that elann will still have some sooner rather than later. Too bad I'll be out of town this weekend- I'm itching to get started! :)

Speaking of getting started... I'm making fast progress on the mitten-gloves for me- it's one strand of really fine chenille with 1 strand of regia jaquard:

Each of the "fingerless fingers" work up really quickly- I should be able to finish the other fingers during lunch today... then all I have left is the thumb! You can see the light blue "lifeline" I put in to help me pick up the sts to do the mitten-flap... otherwise, with the 2 yarns together, there would have been no hope of picking up the stitches nicely. Hopefully I'll be able to finish the first glove this weekend...

And TA DAH!!! I finished knitting ribbie last night:

The seams are all safety-pinned together, and after I tried it on, I wore it- for about 2 hours. With the ends hanging off, and the seams pinned together. And it was SO comfy. Next up- I have to do something with the zipper band to combat the curl and give myself a firm edge, and then I need to order some zippers- I'll get a 2 way zipper for this too... But first, I need to finish edging, and seaming- and then I need to wash this sucker so that it shrinks up.

Well, off to pretend that I'm working (while secretly designing a new sweater in my head!!)


Wednesday, October 01, 2003  

Woo Hoo!!

(and the secret of happiness)

Yesterday, I finished knitting the huge triangle scarf:

That little bit of yarn there at the bottom is the sum total of all the yarn I had leftover- so no fringe on this scarf! But the length is really quite overwhelming. Now to find some black cherry koolaid and dye this puppy!! :)

So that's one happy thing that happened yesterday. I also took a trip to the craft store and found yarn to make Frode for my mom- she requested light blue, and I found an acrylic that was really lovely-feeling, so now I'm all set to start that (once ribbie is finished!) To complete the recipe for happiness, I got my new flannel sheets yesterday, and Cricket generously offered to help me make the bed (she is the official wrinkle-pouncer):

Then, in an orgy of snuggles, she proceeded to spend the entire night curled up on "her" new sheets... ahhh, flannel sheets AND a warm kitty! She was very reluctant to get up this morning, and only consented to do so when she was positive that I was actually not coming back to bed after all.

And to top it all off, the last law school applications are in the mail as of this morning! I think it's time to sit back, relax, and have a drink!!

quo in genere
"from this point of view"


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