Thursday, October 09, 2003  


Don't worry- in case of cardiac arrest, I am now trained to operate an Automatic External Defibrillator... I am a certified "shock-master". :) I know, you were all worried!!

I have an FO to present: the eros scarf (I ordered a pattern from Patternworks, and realized I could add a ball of Eros without raising the shipping costs, so I bought myself a little accessory). It took about 2 days to knit- I LOVE the fabric. I'm trying to figure out a way to put the fabric in my house- at first I was thinking a valence of some sort, but then I remembered Cricket, the destroyer of yarn products, and thought maybe a dangling knitted window decoration wouldn't be such a great idea. Hmmmmm... maybe I'll think of some way to jazz up the house with some eros! In the meantime, I'm thinking about who else would like a funky scarf/belt... I found a place to order eros where it works out (including shipping) to about $9 per ball (assuming you buy 3-4 balls at a time). DEFINITELY an affordable gift! I even got complimented on the scarf by one of my coworkers this morning... if/when I order some more eros, I'll make a scarf for her. She's not my supervisor or anything, so I think that'll be ok-

I also finally took a picture of Frode... I'm well into the second happiness sign (out of three). I'm thinking that this will be the back- I'm debating about twisting the purl sts. after the knitted vertical stripes to tighten things up, but you have to do that from the beginning, or it looks funny. So I'm thinking that the back will be as-is, but I'll try and neaten things up for the front- not that the back looks bad, or anything, but I think it would look neater if the transitions from knit to purl were a little tighter.

Cricket spent the majority of the evening curled up on my knitting bag (which of course was laying on the couch JUST FOR HER)... but every time I went to take a pic, she, with some sort of kitty-e.s.p., always chose that moment to re-arrange, or check out the kitchen, or whatever else would take her out of reach of a photo. I guess she wanted a day off from the tough life of a model... :)

Whew! I finally got confirmation that each of my law school applications really truly arrived at the schools (they cashed my application fee checks, so I know they got them!) So now the waiting begins...

Tomorrow, I'm off to New Mexico until Wednesday. I'm looking forward to spending time with a great friend, and helping her explore her new town. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

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