Monday, July 14, 2008  

A Weekend Recap

I swear, weekends go by in fast-forward! This weekend was full of all sorts of great things, but by Sunday night I was so tired I could barely stay awake long enough to brush my teeth!

The recap - Saturday morning started bright and early with our weekly early morning trip to the farmer's market. It looks like cherry season is over (sob!) but the blueberries are amazing, as is the corn and all sorts of other yummy treats! I had planned on making a cucumber salad to go with S' awesome chicken tikka, but cucumbers are so expensive in the grocery stores... farmer's market to the rescue! Sure, the grocery-store cucumbers were cheaper at $1.25 per instead of the $1.50 per at the market... but seriously, how often do you see a cucumber this size?

I decided I probably didn't need the second cucumber called for by the recipe! After an amazing massage, the rest of Saturday was a blur of driving - we drove out to the airport to pick up my parents' car (they had flown out early in the morning, and didn't want to pay to park for 3+ weeks). While we were way out in the wilds of Virginia, we met up with Erin & PJ for lunch and hanging out. S went to run a few more errands while I headed home, driving my parents' car. My house key, attached to my car keys, went with S. Anyone see the potential problem? Plus, the key we stashed in the backyard hidey-spot had accidentally gone home with S' friend who visited last week. I showed up at home and realized that I was locked out... and, ummm... kinda needed to use the bathroom. I guess I had many options, but I did what any sensible person would have done in my situation - I headed straight to the knitting store and had a lovely few hours waiting for S to get home. What a lovely treat!

On Sunday, the plan was for S to metro to church, and for Abby and I to join him afterwards for lunch. There were huge delays on the metro, however, so I volunteered to hang out with Abby for an hour while he was at church. I figured, since it was 85 degrees and she'd already been running around in her backyard AND had gone on a puppy walk, that we'd have a nice, mellow time... maybe sit on a bench in the shade, maybe sniff some things...

I had to force her to take a 5 minute break during an hour of running and sniffing. By the time we met S at the restaurant, both of us were so tired we could barely move.... this is what we looked like when we got home!

The recovery period continued into Sunday night, when Abby was too tired to go on her evening walk... she and Cricket proved that they really are getting along (despite Cricket's attempts to pretend that she doesn't like Abby!) It's a little hard to tell from the picture, but those fuzzy-butts are actually touching... usually if Abby gets too close, Cricket relocates!

Of course, Cricket's reluctance to relocate may be partially explained by her careful positioning... apparently, shetland wool is irresistible! That is the best picture I could get of my dad's vest... I'm just past the armhole steeks, and would have been trucking right along yesterday evening during movie-time had I been allowed to knit!

And finally, at about 4 months, the baby bump is emerging!

Whew! I'm tired just summarizing the weekend. Hopefully I'll have a nice, relaxing week to recover (hah hah hah!)


Wednesday, July 09, 2008  

New Projects (Because I Have SO Much Time!)

Still trudging away on the work front - I got some positive feedback from the higher-ups that they've noticed my increased efforts, so hopefully I'll be able to rebuild some goodwill over the next few months and leave on a higher note. (And in case you're keeping track, like I am, I've got a maximum of 20 more weeks, including this one).

In baby news, there isn't much - I had another appointment this morning, and everything is moving along well. I've actually gained exactly 0 pounds over the last month - so all of the ice cream I have been having for dessert hasn't hurt me any! The doctor isn't worried, though, since I'm still in the nice and normal ranges for everything.

But perhaps now that my stomach is starting to poke out a bit, things are seeming more "real" to me - I spent much of the holiday weekend on my new crafting project - turning these old sheets for a full-sized bed we no longer own...

... into crib sets! I've made one bumper so far, and will be making a matching crib sheet soon. I should be able to make 3 bumpers with matching crib sheets for under $50, and that was only because I really wanted to use some coordinating fabric on the bumpers rather than keep everything all solid. I may double up on all of the crib sheets - I certainly have plenty of fabric left over!

I had LOTS of help during the sewing process - Abby supervised from her super-delux featherbed doggy bed (also recycled from the full-sized bed we no longer have!)

And then she helped me cut out the fabric pieces by making sure that the floor was nice and flat for me. What a helpful doggy! You can kind of see one of the completed bumpers in the background - I was going to lay it out and take a proper picture, but my floor space seemed to be rather limited!

Oh, and I did remember to take a picture of the crazy dusting mitt I made for my mom - it looks so strange! I basically made a thumbless mitten, and put a row of k1-p1 every 4 rows or so. I used a 3 needle bind-off for the top, and then went back and hooked a 2" piece of yarn into each purl stitch with a crochet hook. It seemed to be exactly what my mom was looking for - hopefully it'll work well!


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