Saturday, January 30, 2010  

A Snowy Saturday

We were supposed to have friends over for dinner, but the steadily falling snow has canceled those plans. Luckily, I had the foresight to make a huge pot of spaghetti sauce, so no harm done, and more yummy spaghetti for us!

We ventured out this morning for a walk to the post office - Monster really loves the snow! After she wakes up from her nap, I'll see if she wants to actually crawl around in it and play. This morning, she had to settle for being chauffeured.

And, since it's approximately 19 degrees outside, you would think that this would be a perfect opportunity for Monster to use her new hat. It's the "Practice Makes Perfect" hat from Inspired Cable Knits, knit on smaller needles with sport weight yarn to make a hat that more or less perfectly fits an 18-19" head circumference.

I love this hat, and I believe it may possibly be really cute on Monster. I'm not really sure what it looks like on her head, though... let me demonstrate her opinion on hats.

What's that, Mommy?

Nice try, Mommy - I may be distracted by the closet door, but I believe you just put something on my head.

See? I was right! You put something on my head!

There. That's better.

I figure my only hope is that it'll still fit her next year.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010  

Finished Projects, Oh My!

So I just realized I have 2 more finished projects that I haven't photographed yet. But since Monster had a meltdown last night until almost midnight (teething? random baby-angst?), I'll just go with what I've got.

And what I have is a finished Wild Apple! I love this sweater with a passion. Love it love it love it! I'm actually restraining myself from ordering another kit from Solveig.

I also finished Baby A's "Swing Thing" in a record time. I paired some silk yarn from stash with some pre-shrunk 100% cotton. I also used snaps covered by buttons instead of actual buttons, as getting things buttoned is a huge challenge with a wiggly Monster.

My only complaint is that the &#*@$ing silk yarn bled like crazy in a cold water wash, and slightly stained some of the cream cotton. I'm really glad I didn't use the silk yarn for anything else - it's not a big deal on a baby sweater, but could be a real problem in other garments. I guess if I use it again, I'll pair it with a really dark color of yarn.

Abby is still putting up with the whole "baby" thing, and has decided that all of the dropped finger food is a fair trade for the occasional abuse from Monster. She is NOT, however, quite as happy about the new exercise ball routine that S learned from the vet. Supposedly, it is like doggy pilates, and will help her compensate for the missing leg. Abby wonders how many extra chicken strips she's earning by putting up with S' craziness.

Right - off to start dinner and the bedtime routine. Here's what I hope to see in a few short hours...

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Friday, January 08, 2010  

Where Did December Go?

So I didn't blog at all in December. Wow. So a quick recap - Baby A got SICK with a nasty cold, complete with emergency room visit in the middle of the night because she was coughing so hard she was throwing up. She's fine, there was nothing wrong except for a nasty cold, but still, scary stuff! So once Baby A kicked the cold, she passed it on so that I could enjoy almost 2 weeks of feeling like crap. What fun! And then, feeling left out, Baby A promptly got an ear infection. So that was a super fun month.

But in-between all of the crappy colds and ear infections, Baby A turned 1!! She didn't seem to mind that she had to share her birthday with that "Jesus" guy, and had a great time opening Christmas presents in the morning, taking a nap, and then opening birthday presents in the evening. And there was cake.

There was also a little teeny bit of snow here in December - we had about 20 inches in our yard! Baby A seemed to like to eat it, and wanted to crawl around more, but since it was over her head, she had to stick to the sections S shoveled clear.

It has been quite a challenge to keep Baby A warm on her puppy walks - she takes off her mittens, so we dug out her snow suit, but she's pretty much totally outgrown that. So we bought a new winter coat and a new snow suit which will hopefully help - she has grown so much in the last week or two that nothing is fitting her!

So on the really cold nights, we've resorted to "piles of blankets and jackets." It's seemed to work so far!

And there has most definitely been knitting - I finished 2 sweaters! Next up is supposed to be a cardigan for S, but he hasn't had time to decide on a design, so I'm filling the gap with a sweater for Baby A. I'm trying to use up some beautiful silk that I was gifted ages ago - not sure how much is on the skein, not really sure what to use it for... so I thought I would pair it with some cream cotton and make Baby A a little "swing coat". I'm loving it so far... not that I've had much time to work on it!


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