Monday, March 31, 2003  

A Surreal Weekend, and Lots of Pictures

Yes, I finished it. Well, the knitting part anyway. It took a solid day of knitting on Saturday, and a last little bit on Sunday, but I cast off yesterday. Happy Dance!!! Of course, it would have been MUCH nicer if I could have spent some of the day on Sunday celebrating with a hike or something, but, well, it was SNOWING. In the 70s on saturday, snowing on sunday. It was so cold this morning (in the 20s!) that I had to wear my "real" jacket- ugh.

I even started weaving in the *$&#*&( ends... I had already done the elephant and the turtle, and I also finished the hippo and part of the lion. Well over 200 ends so far.... and I still have plenty to go:

But as I'm not ordering the yarn for my dad's vest until tonight, and it will have to come from the UK, hopefully I'll be forced to finish the ends while waiting for it to arrive. :)

Let me introduce you to the entire Menagerie:

Stampy the elephant is fresh from his several cameos on the Simpsons, and enjoys sticking people in his mouth:

Testudo the terrapin had a rough weekend watching his boys loose to Michigan State with a missed buzzer-beater, but he's enjoying spending time with the rest of the gang on the blanket:

Harry the Hippo is hungry hungry for some marbles (by far one of the best games EVER!), but will settle for trying to get a nibble of the giraffe:

Geoffry the Giraffe, on loan from a major toy store advertising campaign, wishes I would hurry up and get those ends taken care of, because MAN do they tickle! ;)

And last, but certainly not least, is Leo, who has had to reluctantly accept the fact that Cricket will always be "top kitty" in my house.

Keeping with the animal theme, I also finished (well, except for a little bit of finishing...) the Tiger Socks. My friend tried them on on Friday, and they fit... although they are a little snug. I think they'll stretch a bit after washing, though.

And last but not least, I started the March sock club socks for ME. I really like the feel of this yarn, but it is leaving my fingers a bit red... oh well! I'll just have to remember to wash these babies seperately for a few times until I'm sure they're done bleeding. I used a picot cast-on, and I really like the effect. I must say, however, that so far I prefer toe-up... but we'll see. :)

The Latin phrase for today:
"community, fellowship"


Friday, March 28, 2003  

Friday Happy Dance

I have been looking forward to tomorrow morning all week. What happens tomorrow morning? I get to sleep in. No aerobics, no practice LSAT tests, nothing but sleepy-time, the glorious chance to actually wake up naturally... well, does the kitty alarm count as "natural"? ;)

You know you're a knitter when...

... you are EXCITED to hear rain forcasted for the weekend. No beautiful weather to distract you from knitting! LOL. Menagerie is getting close... I think I'll definitely finish knitting it this weekend.

I watched the discovery program last night about young girls who cut themselves to deal with overwhelming emotions- I am so thankful that I have found myriad ways to combat stress without resorting to self-destruction. Although I do sometimes eat too much... I have been better about channeling my stress into exercise or knitting or a long bath. And I'm going to order a book about self-accupressure from Amazon in a few days... another constructive way to combat stress. I feel so sorry for those, like those poor girls on the show last night, who are trapped by their stress in self-destructive behaviors. What a terrible way to have to live.

On a brighter note, one of my "missions" this weekend is to get a good photo session in (Cricket permitting!) So look for pictures of the hopefully completed Menagerie (and the shag-carpet back), the Tiger socks, and, of course, "Cricket-the-Extra-Cute". ;)

The Latin phrase for today:
hoc indictum volo
"I withdraw the statement (I wish this unsaid)"


Thursday, March 27, 2003  

Slow Progress

I did get about 5 rows done on Menagerie last night... it should have been more, but poor Cricket really couldn't stand it to see all of those lovely bobbins wiggling around as I knit, and soon I was the target of repeated kitty-pounces. Luckily, she's really a very gentle little kitty, and didn't do any damage... although I'm sure she would have if I hadn't given her a "time-out" in the bathroom for a few minutes to calm down! It worked, though- when she emerged, she was much calmer, and eventually curled up next to me for a nice nap. But all the kitty-wrestling did take time away from Menagerie- and I got 5 rows done instead of the 10 I was hoping for. Oh well! Tonight will also be devoted to Menagerie- I have 5 more days left in March to work on it, and 35 rows left... so I'll do at least 7 each night. And hopefully more on the weekend. And then train Cricket to weave in the several HUNDRED ends (no joke!) I have waiting for me on the back of this thing. Thank goodness my cousin isn't due until August!!

I've started the ribbing on Tiger #2... hopefully both socks will fit my friend! If not, I'm pretty sure they fit me (I know the first one does, and the second seem to so far!) so I guess I could always knit a different pair for her if these don't work. I'm pretty sure they will, though...

The Latin phrase for today:
donna nobis pacem
"give us peace"


Wednesday, March 26, 2003  

40 Rows and Counting....

Only 40 rows left to knit on Menagerie- and 10 of those are the top black border. So the end is definitely in sight! I'm planning on devoting some serious time to it over the next few days. I WILL finish by the end of March... honest! :)

Next up (besides those infernal ends) will be the fair isle vest for my dad from Celtic Collection. I'm really looking forward to this... although I must say that I've totally changed the colors. Oh well! ;) I'm planning on ordering my yarn next week from England. I hope it won't be too much... I guess a lot depends on the shipping. I hope it doesn't take too long to get here, but I guess if it does, that'll force me to work on those ends!! Right now, the back of Menagerie looks like bad shag carpeting. This is NOT going to be fun.

I'm past the heel on Tiger #2, and will hopefully finish in the next couple of days (depending!) and then I'll cast-on the March socks for me. :) It'll be interesting to contrast the toe-up (which I very much liked) with the cuff-down method.

The Latin phrase for today:
errare humanum est
"to err is human"


Tuesday, March 25, 2003  

Sock Progress Continues

I am just about to turn the heel on Tiger #2. ;) This one is definitely a better sock than the first one, although the first one is quite good for a first effort, and does fit :) I am excited to finish these... I hope they come through the wash ok! I'll give them a good wash before delivering to my friend. I've already decided to do the March sock of the month for myself next... it is cuff-down with a pattern, so that'll be good experience. At this rate, though, it won't last me through Las Vegas... I'll have to bring more sock yarn with me!

Menagerie is getting there... I only have aerobics 1 night this week, so I will dedicate the "extra" time to (hopefully) finishing the knitting on it. I'm still hoping to finish the knitting by the end of March... then all those ends! But I am definitely ready to be done with this project and move on. Although Cricket will miss all of the little dangling yarn bobbins.... most of which have little kitty teeth marks in them!

The Latin phrase for today:
deprendi miserum est
"it is wretched to be found out"


Monday, March 24, 2003  

Spring Kitty

She knows she's beautiful. She also understands the purpose of the ridiculous leash... obviously I am incapable of navigating the front yard without her help... I am, apparently, just that dumb. So she has to lead me around the yard, lest I get lost... oh, and the leash helps keep me away from the busy street out front. ;) Since she had to be out there for my sake, though, Cricket thought she would at least get a nice tan. She also took it upon herself to ensure "Frontyard Security" by carefully inspecting all of the bushes, over and over again. I think she liked being "jungle kitty"-

There were a couple of questions in the comments people left this weekend, so I thought I would answer them-

Charlotte asked if the chenille yarn at the cuff of the tiger sock is washable in the same way as the tiger yarn. I have no idea- the chenille was an ebay purchase. I do know that it is synthetic, so I'm hoping that it can be at least machine washed (although I will tell my friend to keep the socks out of the dryer). I guess I'll give them a wash myself before I give them to her, and if the chenille destructs, I'll take it off and re-do the cuff with the tiger yarn. I hope it'll turn out ok, though, since I have lots of the chenille, and think it would be cool to use on other cuffs too.

Anne asked about Cricket's name... being a yank, it was definitely not the sport. Basically, she got her name for 3 reasons- (1) when I got her from the pound as a tiny little kitten, she had a bit of a cold, and so her purr sounded more like a chirping noise because of her stuffy nose. (2) when I brought her home in July, we were in the middle of "cricket season" and would occasionally find the little black insects hopping around the house. (3) she spent the first day or so she was home in the fireplace- at that time, it didn't have any sort of door or screen or anything. I think she liked the security of being in her "cave"... and I had heard of a Japanese (?) proverb that a cricket on the hearth was good luck...

...of course, the last few mornings she has also merited her name for her leaping ability... especially her perfectly aimed pounce from the foot of the bed onto my chest, whereupon she sticks her face right up against mine and seems to say, "Well, good, you're awake (through no fault of mine!) so why don't you rub on me? After all, who needs to sleep past 5 am when we have the whole day to nap in the sunny spots?"

The Latin phrase for today:
silentio noctis
"in the silence of night"


Friday, March 21, 2003  

Happy Spring!!

Finally, it is officially spring. And the temps are being cooperative- we're supposed to get into the 70s! :)

I finished the toe on Tiger Sock, the Sequel last night- I drove to work today, so didn't get my usual morning knitting in. And the sock will have to be (mostly) on hold this weekend.... Menagerie beckons! Tomorrow morning, though, I should get some progress in on the sock- I am taking the practice LSATs (4 hour test.... WHEEE!) and I'm planning on arriving nice and early (just in case). After all, if I get there early, I'll just HAVE to work on the sock... darn! ;0

I would just like to point out that in a little over a month, I'll be in Vegas.... I definitely need a vacation, and have been looking forward to this for ages. Now I just have to decide how many pairs of socks I'll bring with me to work on... I wouldn't want to run out on the plane!

Hope everyone has a SAFE and happy spring weekend...

The Latin phrase for today:
volenti non fit injuria
"no injury is done to consenting parties"


Thursday, March 20, 2003  

First Sock Success!

I was close enough to finishing this sock last night that I went ahead and worked on it during my "American Idol" brain-napping time. :) I used chenille on the top of the cuff- it is slightly thicker than the Opal, so the bind-off edge flares slightly. I like it, and think since my friend has larger legs than me, it'll be more comfortable. I just hope they fit- they fit like a glove on me, but I have heard they stretch slightly with wear/washing, so hopefully they'll fit my friend's slightly wider feet. And I did cast on for the next sock last night- even though I was being sorely tempted by the 2 beautiful sock kits from the sock club... I especially like the "fire socks" for March. I think those will be for me!! But first things first- I do believe my friend would like TWO socks. :)

I also attempted to take an update picture of Menagerie- as you can see, Cricket was VERY helpful. :)

I finally did get a picture of the blanket- although you can see Cricket's head starting to peek in at the side!

The Latin phrase for today:
celeritas et veritas
"swiftness and truth"


Wednesday, March 19, 2003  

Close Call!!

Yesterday, while sitting in the lovely 70 degree weather waiting for the bus, I happily knit away on the first Tiger sock. When the bus pulled up, I stuffed the sock in its bag, and hopped on the bus. Not more than a few moments had passed when, taking out the sock to begin working on it again, I noticed that (GASP!!!) I only had 4 out of 5 needles- 1 had escaped!! I double checked the bag, looked on the floor of the bus as quickly as I could, and rang the bell to be let off at the next stop. Explaining to the driver that I had left something at the last stop and would need to catch the next bus, I bounded off, praying fervently that I hadn't dropped the needle on the bus... since I hadn't seen it, it would have been lost forever. I raced back to the original stop and, heart racing, searched the ground for that seemingly insignificant bamboo skewer. There it was, on the ground, a few feet from where I had been sitting. Snatching it up, I pulled out his friends (and the attached sock), and got to work, waiting for the next bus to pull up, and resolving to be more careful lest a needle again be struck by wanderlust.

Tomorrow- update pictures, and Princess Cricket the Yarn Destroyer! :)

The Latin phrase for today:
"Lent (fortieth)"


Tuesday, March 18, 2003  

Back to Work

The long weekend was lovely... just lovely. I made oodles (a scientific description!) of progress on Menagerie- I should be able to finish the knitting in March, and hopefully the ends in April. I'm already to the bottom of the lion's mane... I think I have about 70 rows left. I didn't get quite as much work done on it this weekend as I wanted- it was so beautiful outside I couldn't resist going for a couple of long walks. :) It seems that Spring might actually be here- although I guess we could always get a freak snow storm, even now.

I've started the ribbing for the first tiger sock- my friend said she liked lots of ribbing, so I started it an inch or so earlier than I might have otherwise. I think for some of my other friends, I'll make "anklet socks"- they were so cute at that stage! But this friend wants them longer, so that's what she'll get! :)

Visiting GW law school yesterday was wonderful- another school I would be very excited to go to. I just wish I didn't have to wait for 16 months! Oh well- patience is a virtue, right? And when I got home from visiting the campus, my sock-of-the-month kit was waiting, as was my new issue of Stranded! Needless to say, I was VERY excited. :) Nothing in Stranded is jumping out at me as an "I have to knit this right now," but I think I will definitely be looking into both the socks, the baby blanket, and the vest- especially since I could dye my own variegated yarn like I did with Ocean. :) I was extremely impressed with both shipments- the sock club yarn was so lovely! and the newsletter was inspiring. :)

The Latin phrase for today:
nullo negotio
"without any trouble"


Friday, March 14, 2003  

Finally Friday!

Whew! The week seemed long. But finally the weekend has arrived! Not that I have any big plans (besides some assiduous work on Menagerie!) But I do get a 3-day weekend. I'm taking Monday off in order to visit GW's law school. As with AU, I'm taking a tour and sitting in on a class. Hopefully I can get a good sense of the atmosphere and everything while I'm there. Next weekend I'm taking the LSAT field test- basically, I'm going to be a guinea pig so they can test out new questions. But it's still a practice test! I will be SO glad when June comes and the LSAT is over (although waiting for scores is never fun!)

Last night before aerobics and during CSI (of course!) I finished the heel and am working up the leg of the Tiger sock. I increased about an inch for the leg because, in my friend's words, "I have mammoth calves." I hope it won't be too loose... but I guess that's better than too tight. I'm planning on doing a couple of inches of ribbing on the top, so they should hopefully stay where she wants them. I should definitely finish the first sock next week- so she should have the pair well in advance of her April 26 birthday! :)

The Latin phrase for today:
perfervidum ingenium
"an ardent temperament"


Thursday, March 13, 2003  


Well, I'm just a few more rounds away from turning the heel. :) At this rate, my friend will have her socks before winter officially ends on the 21st! :) Seeing how quickly I am knitting these up, I ordered more self-patterning yarn... enough for 6 pairs, which should cover *most* of the birthdays for the rest of the year. I am definitely hooked!

I'm trying to get a tradition going- dinner get-togethers with the girls (instead of going out). My idea is- I provide the main dish, everyone else brings something, we have a great time. Hopefully on Saturday we'll give it a try- I'll make mussels, 1 friend is bringing a salad, another dessert, another bread... sounds good to me! And MUCH cheaper than a night on the town. :)

The Latin phrase for today:
humili loco natus
"of humble origin"


Wednesday, March 12, 2003  

Hello, My Name is Maeve...

... and I'm a sock-a-holic. I am about 6" into the foot of the first Tiger sock, and am loving it! :) I really enjoy DPNs, and love watching the pattern take shape. Thanks to the self-patterning yarn, the project is *almost* completely mindless- perfect for the bus, the gym, just about anywhere! I do need to ask my friend what kind of "sock top" she would like- short? long? ribbed? I also have some very fine chenille- either black or a light tan- that I was considering using at the top for decoration, but that will depend on what type of sock she likes. I was going to ask her this weekend, but I think I'll be getting to the heel (possibly tonight!) so I figure I should probably ask.

Last night, I couldn't help myself- I worked on the socks instead of Menagerie. But honest, tonight, this weekend- I'll make some serious progress! I have about 90 more rows to knit, plus the top border. So if I can do 5-10 rows per day, that isn't too bad- my goal is to finish the knitting by the end of March, and the ends by the middle of April. We'll see, though!

The Latin phrase for today:
Persona Ficta
"a fictitious person"


Tuesday, March 11, 2003  

Ready for A Swim in the OCEAN???

Having worn this for 2 days in a row, I figured it was time to take it off, take a picture, and wash/block it. I am definitely pleased with the way it turned out, although, in hindsight, I would have knit the button-hole band seperately with smaller needles, and then sewn it on. I think the slight ripple in the current band will smooth out somewhat in blocking, but still.... of course, when I'm wearing it, I don't notice. Also, if I button it all the way, there is a gap at the bust where the sweater is being stretched slightly. I was pondering how to fix this when I realized it was so warm that I couldn't button it all the way anyway! So it all worked out. :) I'm glad also that I did the edgings in the black chenille- it really makes the cardigan more interesting. :)

This weekend, I asked my grandmother (who is 90), whether she ever knit socks. She fondly recalled knitting socks for the entire cast of the Oregon Shakepeare Festival. Yes, that would be the 1935 cast- she was one of the founding members of the Festival... she did costumes :) Next time I see her, I'll show her my Tiger socks! I'm trying to learn how to knit continental with these socks- I still need LOTS of practice, but I think I'm getting it. I'd like to be able to knit two-handed once I start the AS fair isle vest for my dad, and socks seem like the perfect way to practice.

The Latin phrase for today:
elephantem ex musca facis
"you are making an elephant out of a fly (i.e., making a mountain out of a molehill)"


Monday, March 10, 2003  

Woooo HOOO!!!

Here I am, snuggled inside of Ocean for the second day in a row! Unable to resist how close I was to finishing it, I finished it on Saturday (well, technically Sunday morning when I sewed on the buttons!) I really love it- warm and snuggly, but also unique and artistic. I do need to block it though- the button bands need a little shaping- but it looks good enough that I couldn't wait that long to wear it. Yesterday it was warm enough that I didn't need a jacket- but today I'm wearing it as a sweater. :)

Of course, after finishing Ocean, I had to start on the next project- Tiger Stripe socks for my friend (in the Opal yarn). I have about 2 inches done- I needed to do the short-row toe where I could really concentrate on it- I've never made socks before, and didn't want to try the complicated parts on the bus for the first time.

Tomorrow- PICs! :) I was too busy knitting this weekend to snap any. Oh, and poor Menagerie lay neglected and untouched- but now, no excuses!

The color card I ordered for the Jamieson and Smith shetland wools came on Saturday, so I picked out colors to order for my dad's vest. I'll order the yarn in a few weeks- I know if I order it now, poor Menagerie will have little or no chance, and I really need to finish it. Which includes weaving in all those ends!

The Latin phrase for today:
occurrent nubes
"clouds will intervene"


Friday, March 07, 2003  


Instead of making progress on Menagerie last night during CSI as planned, I drank red wine and chatted with a friend, seeing as CSI was delayed by the press conference :( Looks like Menagerie and I have a "hot date" this weekend!

I'm also nearing the end of Ocean.... I probably won't be able to restrain myself, and I'll finish it this weekend, even if Menagerie doesn't get the attention it so desperately needs. :) And then, of course, I'll HAVE to start my next "portable project"- my first pair of socks! I'm planning on making them toe-up, and obviously I can't master new cast-ons on the bus. Hmmm... maybe it's NOT looking too good for Menagerie this weekend! LOL!

Does anyone know how to properly set the "kitty alarm clock"? Mine seems to be set at 530, when my real alarm doesn't go off until 6:30. This morning, the kitty crazies were punctuated by a rather strange noise from the bathroom- it sounded like she was knocking around an empty shampoo bottle or something. When I finally got up, I realized that, in fact, the "bottle" was the toilet paper- now sporting a large kitty-shredded section. She must have been leaping off of either the side of the tub or the toilet and pouncing vigorously on her unsuspecting t.p. prey... what a goofball! At least this time she left most of it, albeit in a slightly mangled form, on the roll.

The Latin phrase for today:
"lasting throughout the year"


Thursday, March 06, 2003  

Update Pictures

Does half a sweater count? :) I know that traditionally one waits until all the pieces are knit before starting to put them together, but, well, I want to wear this, so took advantage of some time last weekend to start putting it together. After all, I can't exactly assemble the sweater on the bus! :)

I also finished the second sleeve (although I have some ends to attend to...):

And I'm making good progress on the right front, including buttonholes:

Last night I did make a little progress on Menagerie- I just started the bottom of the lion.
eventually, it will look like:

But I have been terrible about weaving in the ends- the elephant and the turtle are finished, but the hippo and the bottom of the giraffe are a mess. I will be very glad when this project is finished- what a way to discover that intarsia is really not my thing! Although I will definitely keep this pattern- I think adding ONE animal to a blanket, or pillow cover, or sweater would be really sweet- just not ALL the animals.

Oh, and a few reasons yesterday was a great day- first, it reached 67 degrees... what a lovely hint of spring! (I'll just pretend it isn't right back into the 30s today.) Second, my lovely teapot arrived... just 2 days after I ordered it! Of course I had to celebrate by brewing a lovely pot of darjeeling... If anyone is in the market for a teapot, I definitely suggest checking these folks out. Prompt service, reasonable prices, and free shipping!

And, just in case you're stressed out at work, a moment of kitty zen-

The Latin phrase for today:
sic totidem verbis
"thus in as many words"


Wednesday, March 05, 2003  

So Long, Snow!

It's so strange.... there are actually spots where you can see a brown, muddy area on the ground! I'm not quite sure what it is, seeing as there has been snow on the ground for what seems like months, but I vaguely remember "grass" and "dirt." Hopefully even more will show after today's near-60s temperatures, and rain.

Last night, instead of working dilligently on Menagerie, I finished off the second sleeve for Ocean. My rationale/justification was that I was getting to the "shaping-intensive" sleeve cap, and figured I should finish it up where I could really keep track of the decreases. :) Tonight, I will take some pictures of both Ocean and Menagerie (which I will work on this evening... no excuses!)

I'm also (of course) planning my next project- I have decided to knit the vest from AS's Celtic Collection for my Dad. I'm not sure of the name of the pattern... I'll have to check tonight. But I did some homework about what yarns I could use, seeing as the originals are all discontinued. I believe I'll be able to use Jamieson & Smith shetland wool, which is great because I just ordered the color cards. Also, it is reasonably priced, and comes in over 100 colors! With the leftovers from the vest, I'm planning to knit some of the beautiful gloves and mittens from "Knitting Fair Isle Mittens & Gloves."

I'm somehow (hopefully) managing to stay within my "knitting budget" of $60/month- although in April, I'll be using May's allowance also. But I think it will all average out- I definitely needed this restriction on knitting purchases so I didn't rush out and buy the yarn for all the projects I'm planning to knit as soon as I think of them. This way, I really think about what I want to knit next- after all, I don't want to use my "allowance" on yarn I'm not going to want to use right away! :)

I think it'll be reasonable to have Ocean finished by next weekend- provided I don't get too lost on the buttonholes! The hard part will be having to measure so frequently.

The Latin phrase for today:
ad litteram; ad literam
"literally (to the letter)"


Tuesday, March 04, 2003  

Ocean Impatience

I'm making good progress on Ocean- I should finish the second sleeve by this weekend. And then just the right front to go... my first time doing buttonholes, but I think I'll be fine. I really want to finish- the half that is already assembled is so deliciously tempting. Hopefully by next weekend I'll be assembling.

The Spring Knitty is lovely- what a nice Monday surprise. And, as if Knitty hadn't given me enough ideas already, I joined Joslyn's sock of the month club. Not that I will actually be knitting a sock a month, but her yarns are supposed to be just lovely, and yarn doesn't spoil, right? :) Hopefully I'll get good enough at knitting socks that I can keep up with the club... eventually! ;)

The Latin phrase for today:
in te omnia sunt
"everything depends on you"


Monday, March 03, 2003  

Hints of Spring

Yesterday's weather was wonderful- near 50. I didn't wear my jacket all day... even though when we went out for dinner, I probably should have... but if you could ignore the still-copious amounts of snow, you could almost feel SPRING! :) To celebrate I dyed another batch of yarn for Ocean, and allowed myself to forget that I had planned to weave in some ends on Menagerie... I knit it instead. I figured out that I am just about exactly 2/3 of the way finished with Menagerie- so hopefully I'll finish in another month or two. Weaving in all those ends will definitely take some time...

I did finish assembling Ocean-in-progress... the back, left front, and 1 sleeve. I'm really loving the way it looks- and it seems to fit really well. I had to re-do the shoulder seam and the first part of the sleeve-to-body seam.... I had pulled too tightly while stitching the first time, and the seam was bunching.

I wonder if knitting is contagious? For the first time this morning, another knitter was on the bus with me.... I was sitting too far away to ask her about her project, but it was comforting to see another knitter first thing Monday morning. Nothing like yarn to get the week started right! :)

And totally off-topic... I just ordered an authentic "brown betty" English teapot. I am so excited... now I have to order more English tea! Check out for some great tea- direct from England. :)

The Latin phrase for today:
vivendi causa
"the source of life (cause of living)"


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