Monday, March 03, 2003  

Hints of Spring

Yesterday's weather was wonderful- near 50. I didn't wear my jacket all day... even though when we went out for dinner, I probably should have... but if you could ignore the still-copious amounts of snow, you could almost feel SPRING! :) To celebrate I dyed another batch of yarn for Ocean, and allowed myself to forget that I had planned to weave in some ends on Menagerie... I knit it instead. I figured out that I am just about exactly 2/3 of the way finished with Menagerie- so hopefully I'll finish in another month or two. Weaving in all those ends will definitely take some time...

I did finish assembling Ocean-in-progress... the back, left front, and 1 sleeve. I'm really loving the way it looks- and it seems to fit really well. I had to re-do the shoulder seam and the first part of the sleeve-to-body seam.... I had pulled too tightly while stitching the first time, and the seam was bunching.

I wonder if knitting is contagious? For the first time this morning, another knitter was on the bus with me.... I was sitting too far away to ask her about her project, but it was comforting to see another knitter first thing Monday morning. Nothing like yarn to get the week started right! :)

And totally off-topic... I just ordered an authentic "brown betty" English teapot. I am so excited... now I have to order more English tea! Check out for some great tea- direct from England. :)

The Latin phrase for today:
vivendi causa
"the source of life (cause of living)"


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