Monday, October 12, 2009  

Tap Tap... Is This Thing On?

alternatively titled, "Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!"

I'm knitting a new sweater - a basic raglan pullover out of yarn that I thought I hated. Turns out I didn't - who knew? I guess that's what a stash is for. I hit a bit of a speed bump when my needle broke last week, but I've switched to the Knitpicks Options and am back in business. Plus, the enforced break made me work on Wild Apple... just a bunch of sewing and end-weaving and I'm done!

Special thanks to my unwilling knitting model, S, who was trying to take a nap!

In other knitting news, remember the chicken hats I made for S and Baby A last year? Well, Baby A has outgrown hers, so I stuffed it and sewed the bottom shut... instant chicken toy! When she first saw it, she grabbed it, hugged it, and started laughing. I just about melted into a big puddle!

Before the temperatures started falling into the sweater-weather range, Grandpa and Grandma took me and Baby A on a beach weekend - S stayed behind and suffered through a baby-free weekend with the doggy. Baby A loved the sand and liked the water... but wasn't thrilled when the waves splashed up in her face!

She also got her second introduction to the culinary delight that is the Maryland Blue Crab. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Yes, she currently prefers playing with the hammer to actually eating the crabs, but it's a start!

Speaking of food, Baby A is well into the "finger foods" stage, which basically means that Abby gets a LOT of extra little treats.

Poor doggy - Baby A is crawling now, so she chases Abby around the living room. Funny how Abby doesn't seem to mind if Baby A has some food for her!

And it's not like Abby is constantly being abused, despite what she might have you believe... we do occassionaly give her a little TLC...

And now I'm off to enjoy the rest of S' day off from work by having some whole wheat banana muffins (health food, right?)


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