Tuesday, December 28, 2004  

Finally Picked a Pattern

It took about 4 tries, but I think I've finally found a stitch pattern I like for this Knit Happens yarn. :) Plus, as an added benefit, it's a super simple slip stitch, so it's all memorized, and is going really fast now.

What else is going on this vacation?

Once her sunny spot disappears around lunchtime, she stalks my lap. If I sit down for more than 10 seconds, it's all over - kitty snuggles for HOURS. It's helping a lot with the knitting progress, but it's not so nice when I need more tea, or to use the bathroom...

But for the next couple of days, it's all about relaxing and cooking. Oh, and spending much of Wednesday at the shop. :)


Monday, December 27, 2004  

Seeing Double?

Woo Hoo! The last of my meager Christmas knitting is finally over - 2 shedir hats in identical rowan calmer, color "slosh" - leftover from my cardigan from the summer. One is destined for my sister-in-law, and the other for my roommate! She admired my sister-in-law's so much that I took advantage of her temporary trip to visit family to make her one of her own! :)

All of my hand-knitted gifts have so far been extremely well received, which is always gratifying. I'm already cooking up some ideas for next year... and I'm trying to actually write them down so that later, when the holidays inevitably roll around again, I have a chance at remembering. :)

My next project? Just for me - the Knit Happens socks:

I had gotten a bit of progress done on them, but then discovered that they were too small for my feet, and that I really needed to find a different pattern.

The color change between the pink and green is so complete and abrupt that any patterning really gets completely lost - so I'm thinking a simple moss stitch ribbing. We'll see! :)

Cricket continues to enjoy her holiday vacation - oh, wait, this is everyday life for her, with the added benefit that I'm around for lap-duty much more often. Yesterday, she helped me watch 2 football games, AND all 6 hours of pride and predjudice (for the second time this vacation!) ;)


Monday, December 20, 2004  

Lots of Photos

I'd like to introduce you to the new man in my life....

meet my ipod. Since I will love him and squeeze him, I'm calling him George. I love George. I'll love George even more once I finish loading up all of my cd's... I had no idea I had so many - I'm already up to 1700 songs, and I still have another 100 or so cds yet to load!

And because I'm such a considerate person, I didn't make Santa bring me George. I decided that Santa has so much on his plate that I should go ahead and make his job a little easier. :)

Santa did, however, have one of his deputies bring this by earlier - my new small project knitting bag! I love Snoopy... and he does have a cute smile!

Speaking of knitting, I've started the last of my Christmas knitting - I'm making Shedir for my sister-in-law with yarn leftover from Slosh. I really love this pattern - I may pick up a few random balls of Calmer on Wednesday at Knit Happens and make a few more for various people! There's always next Christmas, right? :) You can also see the beautiful stitch marker gifted to me by the fabulous Carol... it's a "dove of peace," and it makes me happy each time I get to the beginning of the round. :)

And, as a public service for those of you in very cold areas of the country, Cricket would like to share a few ideas for those mornings when the thermometer says 15 degrees, but the windchill says -1 ...

She has it so tough. ;)


Sunday, December 19, 2004  


Christmas is FINALLY here... all the tests are done, and I went out yesterday morning and picked up the tree! This is my first real full-sized Christmas trees - past apartments haven't quite been big enough. But this year, no problem!

i think Cricket thinks she's a present!

So far, Cricket has been VERY excited about her new toy, but thankfully hasn't made too much of an effort to climb it. We had a bit of a scare when the tree first came home, but she seems to understand that her little kitty-body won't fit between the very dense branches.

As soon as tests were over, I helped my best friend move into her brand-new condo - that's 2 of my friends who have become property owners this year! But now that's all over, and I have absolutely nothing to do today besides bake bread, watch football, decorate the tree, and go to a holiday party tonight. Tomorrow, all I have planned is a date with the gym. I may spend most of the day in my pj's.

Oh yes, and there's knitting to be done. I'm just about finished with everything I was planning for Christmas - I have to weave in a few ends here and there, and, oh yeah, finish sewing up my dad's vest. I did try to get that done yesterday during the Redskins game, but, well, I had a very enthusiastic "helper" -

... who couldn't seem to resist taking a much more active role in the seaming process. I think she envisions a new sport - "extreme seaming"!


Wednesday, December 15, 2004  

i want my life back

by tomorrow afternoon, it will all be over - all 4 insanely crazy law school finals that have consumed every waking hour of my life for the last 3 weeks. i can't wait.

speaking of not waiting, i'm making my new year's resolution early - i'm going to start being better about commenting on all the blogs i read... sometimes i feel like i'm the ultimate lurker. but since i LOVE it when people leave me comments, it's really time i stopped being such a lurker. we'll see how well i do. :)

in 25 hours, it'll all be over!!! :)


Thursday, December 09, 2004  

Life Resuming Shortly...

...on December 16, to be exact. Nothing is happening in my life aside from studying, taking tests, falling asleep, and studying some more. Oh, and trying not to play with my new toy - my brand new ipod. But next week, life will once again be mine. I plan to knit, and decorate for the holidays, and knit, and possibly spend 48 hours straight in my pjs. :)


Thursday, December 02, 2004  


Last night, at Knit Happens, I finally finished my mittens, and when I got home, I even blocked them!

Who knew that a rolling pin and a glass would be the perfect mitten-blocking tools? The rolling pin fit perfectly in the thumbs, and the glass helped with the mitten-bodies. I must admit that it took me a few minutes of rummaging around the house for some sort of suitable tool before I hit upon the rolling pin. :)

But here they are:

Overall, I loved making these, and I sense several pairs of these will end up as Christmas gifts for next year. I basically used one of the patterns from Latvian Mittens, but changed the cuff pattern. My only complaint is that the mittens are a little tight right around the thumb, but I still love them. :)

And I cast on for my next project - the cashmere silk lace scarf!


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