Tuesday, December 30, 2003  

End of 2003

I hope everyone had a great holiday- I certainly did! First, Mom and I figured out the most efficient way to pack all 2000 daily calories into one bite- FUDGE:

SO good, but so very very dangerous.

Also, Mums and Dads got their new sweaters, and were very pleased:

So that was fun... I also gave my other knitted presents- the mittens and a couple of eros scarves, and everyone seemed happy.

I, meanwhile, spent the majority of my knitting time this holiday working on the pullover ribbie- I have the front and back and am almost done with the first sleeve:

Cricket is, as usual, helping me by pouncing on any potentially dangerous yarn tails. I still haven't quite decided what to do about the neck for this guy, but I'm now leaning towards a basic crew neck... I guess at some point I'm going to have to make a decision! :)

I also got a few balls of wonderfully fuzzy yarn from a dear friend in CA... I'm not sure what I'll make with it yet... it screams "lacy scarf," but it is partly wool, so I wouldn't be able to wear it- at least not against my skin. So I think I'll let the yarn "percolate" for a bit, and see what my brain comes up with! Either that, or Cricket will finally manage to get at it, and the yarn will become an extremely extravagent kitty toy.

Speaking of kitties, she's pretty much perfected the art of "couch-potato"... what a snuggle-bunny!


Thursday, December 18, 2003  

No Willpower

So I started a new sweater last night... no, not the green/black sweater that i've been planning, but rather a light grey ribbie pullover (possibly turtleneck) with dark grey stripes across the chest (and maybe sleeves). I wrote up the pattern last night (up to where I join the pieces), using the completed ribbie cardi as reference.

I'm obviously making some changes- first, all k2p2 ribbing for the whole thing. Second, it'll be shorter than the cardi, and the sleeves will be longer. I'm still undecided about the collar... I'm seriously considering a t-neck, but we'll see as I get closer to that point... I figure I'll decide when I'm writing out the instructions for joining/raglan shaping.

One downside to this project is that the yarn is on a 2 lb cone (courtesy of elann... GREAT yarn!), so I can't exactly pick it up and carry it around with me. Luckily, with the holiday break coming up, I won't be needing a portable project for a few weeks... at which point I think I'll start a sock. My friend daf is getting married, and she requested "more socks" as my present to her. My plan, then, is to pretty much continuously knit socks for her between now and the wedding, and she'll get as many pairs as I can make!

dic bona fide
"tell me in good faith (Plautus)"


Wednesday, December 17, 2003  

Pithy Title Goes Here

;) Hey, it's 7:15 am, and I've been at work for 45 minutes- that title represents the extent of my creative thinking abilities!

I finished the second baby sweater yesterday... I really wanted to do the hood in cream instead of the darker blue, but I'm not sure if the baby will be a girl or a boy, and thought the cream hood would make it "too girly" for a little boy... not that I care, but I know some parents do. So hopefully the addition of the blue accents will make it a little more unisex.

Again, I love this pattern- easy and quick to knit up, and makes a really handy "all-purpose" sweater for the little person... the sleeves are easy to fold back if they're too long, and the lack of buttons/zippers makes it super easy to get on/off. Plus, machine wash/dry! I've definitely found my "baby gift."

I hope to finish mosaic and the glove-mittens in january, and next up will be the green-black sweater. I started my larger swatch last night- I'm going to try out some fair isle peeries to add to the color transitions, and finish writing out the instructions for the back... I need to work out the underarm shaping, and I think I want to do some short-row shaping for the neck. I think for the collar, I'll do a roll-neck in the black for accent. It won't exactly match the picot edgings I'm planning for the cuffs and waist, but I think it'll look nice... but I still have plenty of time until I have to decide.

One more exciting note- it's official... I was accepted to my first-choice law school... so I'll be headed there in August! Cricket patiently waited for me to stop celebrating and give HER some treats... ;)

mollia tempora
"favorable occasions"


Tuesday, December 09, 2003  

Another Baby Sweater

Good thing I love this pattern... I've been recruited to knit another little baby sweater! When I went to the store to pick up more yarn, however, they were in the midst of a frenzied "25% off everything in the store" sale, so the selection was pretty picked over. I got a few skeins of what they had left- not nearly as cute as the blue/green yarn, but I think it'll do. Plus, 25% off! :) So I started that last night at choir, and am already to the sleeves. Ahhhh, baby knits + bulky yarn = happy projects.

Last night I got an email from a lovely guy looking for "tiger socks" for his girlfriend for Christmas... he had seen my opal pair on my site, and was hoping I could help him out. He was so nice that, if possible, I probably would have knit him a pair... but, well, tiger stripe yarn is pretty impossible to find.

The black yarn came from elann yesterday... I realized that the capri yarn I had bought ages ago really wants to be knit doubled. Consequently, I figured that I wouldn't have enough yardage with just the green... and of course, the green is gone now. So I ordered some black... I think I'll be able to mix the two nicely. My preliminary sketch-

I think I'm going to add a bit of fair isle at the color change across the chest and upper arms. I also think I'll do a picot edge on the cuffs and waist to give it a little more of a feminine look. I have the measurements, and I have my gauge... but now I need to start writing up a pattern! Perhaps after I finish the baby sweater, I'll let myself get started. :)

I'm still plugging along on Mosaic... I'm about 3/4 of the way through the 2nd strip (out of 5 total). If I really keep on it, I'll probably be able to finish before January... but we'll see. I have to remember that it'll take me some time to sew those seams...

pauca sed bona
"quality, not quantity (few things, but good)"


Wednesday, December 03, 2003  

Two FO's

Thanks to the long Thanksgiving weekend, I managed to start AND finish the baby sweater I made as a gift for a family friend! I still have plenty of the yellow yarn leftover, so at some point I may grab another skein of a coordinating color and make another sweater... I'm sure another little one will be needing a welcome gift at some point!

I also finally finished up Frode... plenty of time to spare before Christmas. :)

I really like this sweater... I may have to make myself one at some point... but in a different yarn, and with longer sleeves and a slightly longer body (maybe another 1-2" on both). {sigh}... yet another project to add to my list. Speaking of, for now I'm concentrating on mosaic and I'll also power through the second chenille mitten-glove. I'm thinking I'll keep the blanket at work for a lunch/down-time project, and, once I finish up the second glove, I'll get started on designing and knitting a sweater with the green yarn I got ages ago from elann.

My preliminary sketch:

The darker greens represent stitch patterning... not stripes. I'm loosely basing the design on a man's guernsey pattern I have, but I want the finished sweater to be more fitted (but not too tight!). I also want set-in sleeves to give it a more tailored look, and, depending on the yarn amounts, I may do 3/4 sleeves... I'd rather have full, but we'll see how the yarn goes.

alterum alterius auxilio eget
"one thing needs the help of another"


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