Tuesday, September 30, 2003  


I'm almost done with the triangle scarf:

And here is a close-up of the center of the scarf, where I mirror-imaged the triangle pattern:

Cricket was being VERY helpful, as usual. ;) I'm hoping to finish the scarf before Friday, when I leave for North Carolina. Of course, I'm taking a project with me- I'm making myself a pair of gloves (possibly mitten-convertable gloves... haven't decided yet) out of regia and a thin chenille carry-along. Now the big decision is which color chenille- cream, or black/grey. I swatched with the cream last night, but I'll swatch with the grey today and decide which I prefer.

In preparation for the new month, I updated a list of projects I want to completely finish in October- I was pretty successful in September- except for the chenille kami, and honestly I could have easily finished that, but I just wasn't motivated. We'll see how I do on the list in October... I think i'll be able to get most of them done- although since I will be travelling 2 weekends and working the other 2, I might have less time to finish things up than I thought!

Cricket has been enjoying the fall weather- what better way to battle a nip in the air than with a sunbeam!

in omnes partes
"in all directions"


Monday, September 29, 2003  

Ahhhhh, The Weekend

First of all, let me explain why there aren't any pics from this weekend. Basically, we can blame procrastination + relaxation. See, first I was going to take pics on Friday, then sometime on Saturday, then Sunday after work, then Monday morning, then I was running late, so no pics. But really, I didn't care at all... know why?

at home spa night

There was a book at work that had natural spa recipes in it- so I scribbled down a few of the simple ones that I thought I would actually do. When I got home, I took a bath. Then I scrubbed my face with a paste of baking soda and water- a gentle scrub. I cut up 2 limes (they called for 1 lemon, but I didn't have any!), and steeped the slices in 2 cups of boiling water. Leaning over the bowl with a towel over my head, I inhaled the "lime steam" for 10 minutes. WOW! I already felt fabulous... Next, I mixed oatmeal (not instant) with honey for a mask- another 10 minutes and my face felt lovely. I also discovered that Cricket LOVES oatmeal and honey, and kept trying to lick my mask off. :) Then I used the now-cooled off lime water (strained) as a hair rinse- you just pour it over your hair. It smelled wonderful, and wasn't sticky or anything. Today, my hair feels fabulous. I think I see many a "spa night" in my future- especially since none of the products are hard to find or expensive. :)

Speaking of expensive (or not!) I had a bit of a splurge on Friday- first, Lands End seduced me with a 5 oz flannel sheet set for only $30. So I ordered it in "cornflower blue." I'm such a sucker for flannel sheets! Then I was looking around on Elann's website (I should really block that site to save myself from temptation) and ordered some lovely green dk yarn that will hopefully become a cardigan- I'm ordering the pattern in a few days. Yes, that's right- I ordered the yarn BEFORE the pattern. I hope everything works out ok! I guess if it doesn't work for the cardigan, I can always use the yarn for something else that's fabu.

Speaking of yarn, I'm getting close to finishing ribbie- and hopefully my yarn will last! I'm knitting off a cone, so it's hard for me to judge how much I really have left. I think I'll be fine, but just in case, I can always use some of the LIGHT grey yarn for the collar and the bands if I'm running too short. I've already decided I don't want a mock t-neck, so I need to figure out what I want to do instead.

Tonight, I'll get pics- promise! Not that ribbie is looking too interesting... but I did finally finish sewing and washing the Aran Cardi. It's not perfect, but it turned out really well, especially since it was my first design- AND I was dealing with the fun of calculating for a shrinking yarn. It's a pretty heavy sweater, so it'll be more like a jacket almost... I also decided to go with a 2 way zipper- I think it'll look really cute just zipped in the middle. Now to finish ribbie and decide on the zipper for it!


Thursday, September 25, 2003  

Raging Rivers

Last night, I went hiking along the Potomac River at Great Falls (MD side)... all I can say is "wow." The river has been high all summer due to the insane amounts of rain we've been getting, but there was water EVERYWHERE. The flooding was over- but places where you used to look way down a cliff to the river below now were just a few feet from the water... it was quite a sight. In fact, we spent so much time staring at the boiling, churning waters that we were late starting back to the car, and finished the remainder of the hike in near pitch-blackness. Although night-hiking is not my favorite passtime, we were lucky that we had thought to go on the flat, even section of the towpath, and that the way was easy to follow. :)

Ribbie has now been joined, and, after working on the relatively small sleeves for the last few weeks, dealing with all of ribbie's combined might is a little daunting. Sometimes I think it's trying to take over... :) Of course, the other downside is that a row takes FOREVER. Ah well, soon it'll be finished, and I can order my zippers, and get 2 cardigans ready in time for fall.

Speaking of, now that the air has been getting a little bite to it, I've gone ahead and ordered my flannel sheet set from Lands' End... mmmmmmmmmmmm flannel. I may splurge in another month or so and get a new comforter also- since I pay for my own heat, I'd rather use blankets than pay big $$ to heat my apartment to boiling. Plus, I always sleep better under fairly obscene piles of covers- probably one of the reasons fall and winter are my all-time favorite seasons. :) I keep thinking I should move farther north...

I'm just past halfway on the triangle scarf... I'm making the triangle pattern mirror-image, so hopefully that'll look nice. I'm still debating about fringe... I guess I'll see what it looks like, and how much yarn I have left. Maybe I'll do the fringe in the silver (the scarf will become dark red)... for contrast? Hmmm.... I'll have to think about it.

"free from pain"


Wednesday, September 24, 2003  

What A Great Evening

After a rainy morning, yesterday turned into a fabulous fall day... crisp and just a little cool, with a nice breeze. I love fall. Plus, my ankle is healed enough for me to get back into aerobics, so I thoroughly enjoyed the class... I wasn't even too out-of-shape after my hiatus!! Then, when I got home and showered, the real fun began.

First, the stylish blue fuzzy slippers came out of their summer retirement to once again take center stage in my at-home wardrobe:

Then a lovely glass of Cabernet Sauvingon joined us on the couch (complete with the "maeve" pattern crystal glass):

And finally, to complete the blissful picture, I pulled out ribbie's instructions (aka the perfect cat-bed), started knitting, and found a snuggle-buddy:

If last night is any indication, this is going to be a good fall season. :)

omnia bona bonis
"to the good all things are good"


Tuesday, September 23, 2003  

It's Knitting Season...

I'm still plugging away on the ribbie- I'm really enjoying having this for tv knitting. It's made a nice change from the complicated aran cardi, and I can't wait to start wearing it! Yesterday, though, I did get a good pointer from Claudia, who added an extra inch or so after joining before starting her raglan decreases. I think I should probably be even a little MORE generous, since I'm not only doing it in worsted instead of bulky, but I'm also using yarn that shrinks about 15% lengthwise. So I'll probably add about 1.5" or so before I start the decreases. See, it pays to read blogs after all!

Here's ribbie in all her glory- just a few more days on that last sleeve, and I'll be ready to join.

Speaking of joining, may I present the aran cardi- hopefully by the end of the day he'll have all his ends sewn in...

For perhaps the first time in my knitting life, I really really really worked hard on the finishing of this sweater. My other seams had been "fine," but this time, I wanted really NICE seams and details. So out came

I must say again how much I LOVE this book- definitely a great reference to have on hand. ANYWAY, I spent much of the day on Thursday and Friday seaming this guy up, and here are the results:

Now for a trip through the wash, and some measuring for a zipper. I guess I'll wait for ribbie before I go zipper hunting, since I'll pretty much need the same thing for both, just in different colors. :)

Cricket has been her usual helpful self- here she is making sure the instructions for ribbie don't blow away. Now, if she was just a transparent kitty (instead of her beautiful jet black self), her plan might just have worked!

curriculum vitae
"resume (course of life)"


Monday, September 22, 2003  

Update, Because, Well, I Shopped

So there's this Old Navy within walking distance of my work... actually, it's between work and home. ANYWAY, I felt the need to get a few basics for fall... so during lunch, off I went...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pants.

Why? Let me count the ways:
  1. they are nice enough for work (it's pretty casual here), but still fun enough for weekends

  2. comfy comfy comfy

  3. the size 6 fits me well. WOW. i love that. more motivation to keep up with the exercising...

Then I got these 4 shirts:

And 2 of those tank tops with the shelf bras- I LOVE those. I wear them all the time- so I got another white one, and a tan one. I would have bought another black one, but they didn't have my size. There's always next time!

So yeah, very successful lunchtime trip- 1 pair of AWESOME pants, 4 long sleeve layering shirts, and 2 tanks, all for $80. Ahhhh, shopping... sometimes retail therapy is exactly what you need. And you know what I was thinking as I picked out my shirts? Wow, these will look GREAT under ribbie! {grin}



Extended Weekend

Thanks to Isabel, no work on Thursday or Friday. Perfect. And, except for 1 thing, the hurricane was rather anti-climactic... I didn't even lose power (not that I'm complaining!!!) My parents lost power, but they were able to bring all their frozen stuff over to my house, so even that was ok. What was the 1 bad thing, you ask? Well, on Thursday afternoon, I went to my parents' house for dinner. Family friends were in town from California, and we were having a big get-together- hopefully before the storm blew in to badly that evening. I brought Cricket over. I thought this was a good idea for 2 reasons- 1) in case I couldn't get back to my apartment for some reason, she wouldn't be stuck there... and 2) my parents were going to be cat sitting when I go to New Mexico, so might as well give Cricket a chance to see the house again before I drop her off for the weekend. Well, she will not be 'dropped off' anywhere for ANY weekend. She was totally fine- even friendly and pretty relaxed- for the entire evening. As I was getting ready to leave, though, she was NOT happy. I think she was reacting to the approaching storm- she was hiding under a bed, freaked out. So I got her out from under the bed, and tried to pick her up to put her in her box so we could go home and be happy. I had never seen a domesticated cat fighting for her life before, but that is exactly what Cricket was doing. She was frantic, and there was no way to grab her without risking injury to all involved. By this time, the power was out, making it even more challenging... so I gave up, and left her alone. She was so freaked that when I came into the room to bring some food and water, she made that weird growling warning sound from under the bed. I didn't even have to get near her- just come in the room. So I spent the night at my parents' house- during the night, she came out, and was snuggly and seemed fine. But just like a toddler works up into a tantrum, in the morning, she was getting upset again- I barely got her into the box, and that was only because both of my parents helped. Once I got her home, though- perfectly happy kitty- like nothing had ever happened. Needless to say though, when I'll be out of town from now on, the cat sitters are coming to Cricket, not the other way around.

I did get some knitting done this LONG weekend- I finished the seams on the aran cardi! Now I need to weave in the last ends, and wash the sucker a few times before I track down a zipper. I have a feeling I might be wearing it a few times before I get the zipper installed... ;)

I'm also making progress on ribbie- I'm on the last sleeve. Once I finish that, I'll be ready to join them and do some raglan shaping! Oh, and some seaming at some point as well. :)

Another nice knitting note this weekend- remember that garter stitch rug I was making?

Well, I decided that it was done. See, I really don't have a need for it as a rug like I thought I would, so I decided to just cast off and see what I could use it for. Turns out that it is the perfect size for my nightstand- so I can put all the remotes and my clock and whatever else I don't want to slide around the table on it, and it is perfect! :) So the knitting wasn't wasted, and I got something I didn't even know I wanted out of it.

Hopefully by the time fall weather really kicks in, I'll have 2 new cardigans... I'd better get busy with those zippers! :)

consensus omnium
"universal consent"


Tuesday, September 16, 2003  


I am definitely of mixed feelings about the impending hurricane-hit we'll supposedly get Thursday and Friday. On the one hand, I LOVE storms... I think it is incredible to watch the power of nature. BUT (and this is a big one), I would really rather NOT be actually out IN the storms. Therefore, I only like watching storms from the inside. Also, I like having power. Without power in my apartment, there is no cooking, and no hot water, and no refridgeration, and no light. . I am lucky that my parents are a quick drive away, and they have a gas stove and gas hot water heater, but still, not so pleasant to have to drive through the rain to eat and take a shower. Plus, poor Cricket will miss out on all her tv shows! ;)

So I guess I'm hoping that the storm comes through, but the power mostly stays on. I also might very well be staying home on Friday rather than trying to walk to work through high winds and rain. I checked, and I think I can swing it with my sick leave. Normally I wouldn't let a little rain stop me, but a HURRICANE? Yeah, I don't think I'll need to walk around in that.

I finally remembered to actually take a picture of something this morning:

Hopefully that's much easier to see than the crummy pic from yesterday. The scarf is going really fast, but for some reason, I'm not really into this project too much. But I won't let myself start what I really want to knit- a pair of sock yarn gloves for myself- until it's done. And I'm pretty much going to use up all of this yarn on it, so it should be about 6 feet long. .

In other news, I went to AC Moore last night to pick up a big candle (you know, gotta be prepared for the storm!) and amazingly, that's all I left with. But I did drool over their yarns for a bit... they are really expanding their selections of "fancy" yarns. ANYWAY, the reason I went to the yarn section at all was to find some yarn possibilities for Siv from Viking Knitting for my mom. I'm pretty much decided on woolease- she can handle a little bit of wool, and I want it to be something she can wash somewhat easily. And, although my mom isn't necessarily a pink person, I was strongly drawn to a beautiful dusty rose color... it was really lovely. I won't be making the final decision for a few weeks at least, so I should have some time to check around and find the "right" color. :)

Yesterday, while attempting to do some pilates, I ran into a little roadblock:

Apparently, the mat was placed there just for her. :)

dictum sapienti sat est
"a word to the wise is sufficient"


Monday, September 15, 2003  

I FINALLY am satisfied with my design for the triangle scarf... my dear dear gay friend in CA asked for a scarf that had "triangles on it." After starting and ripping the scarf I don't know how many times, I've come up with this:

Sorry about the crappy quality- I took that with my little webcam thing during lunch. I'll try and take a proper picture tonight.



Monday Blehs

Perhaps it's because I find little/no fulfillment through my current job, but Monday's are especially hard. Don't get me wrong, I am extremely grateful to have a job, and try to do what work I am given to the best of my abilities. However, there isn't much work, and often it seems like the work that is done goes into some sort of black hole, never to be seen again. You know the drill... you work hard on a project for days/weeks whatever, only to pass it along the food chain, and then, despite a few polite queries, nothing. Talk about unfulfilled!! Things are, however, looking up. Slowly, my responsibilities are growing, and I'm determined to do well. Not so much for the external notice, but because I have spent far too long now feeling totally useless. I need to prove first and foremost to myself that I can actually EARN my paycheck... both from the office job, and from my retail gig. I'm resolving to put in the effort regardless of the results. Perhaps I have this sudden burst of resolve as a result of my forced inactivity this weekend- I realized that being lazy = bad mood. So from now on, I need to approach more of my life with energy and enthusiasm. Hmmmm... I wonder how long it'll be before the govn't job sucks it all out?

I celebrated my new resolve with 2 lists... 1 for work, 1 for home, for things I want to accomplish this week... especially since I'll be skipping BOTH aerobics classes to make sure my ankle has a chance to get better (it is MUCH better already, but I shouldn't take chances. No matter how much I hate to miss out on aerobics, and hiking, and biking...). So now I have what will hopefully turn out to be a sensible plan for the week. My goals on the knitting front- seam the aran cardi, and finish up the steeks on dalmore. I'd also like to WASH the aran cardi before Sunday, so I can take it in to work and show my coworker (who sews a lot)... and get her opinion on where I should go locally to buy a zipper for it. I also need to run a load of the sweaters/socks I need to treat gently... but I think I'll wait until next week so that I can include Dalmore in the load, and hopefully start blocking it. I know I shouldn't put off what I can do today yadda yadda... but there are family friends coming into town this weekend, and they might stop by my apartment (probably with dad in tow), so Dalmore probably shouldn't be on display for all to see. Also, since oh, I don't know, a HURRICANE is supposed to hit the area sometime on Thursday, I imagine the humidity will be nice and high, which also will not be good for blocking. Hmmmm.... note to self- distribute candles around the apartment... maybe buy a few more? I'm crossing my fingers that the power won't go out during Isabel... it only flickered during the last round of terrible storms, but I guess anything can happen. At least, since I'm on the second floor, I presumably won't have to worry about flooding!

Sorry- no pics today- but here's an update on ribbie- the back and left front are ready for the raglan shaping, and the right front has I think 10 more rows before it, too, goes on the stitch holder. Next up... the sleeves- they should go quickly since the knitting is totally mindless k2p2. :) I've been LOVING this pattern so far- I think my worsted weight modifications are working well (oh, and the yarn I'm using shrinks lengthwise by about 15%, so that's another bit of math)... I've had really good success counting my rows as I go so that, after the first piece, no more measuring to make sure the back and 2 sides are all the same length. I'm still debating what to do with the opening... I obviously have to do something to combat the curl, but I was thinking that putting in a zipper might just do the trick. I'll have to check in with Alison- I think she did zipper bands for her ribbie? I'll have to see what her experience was.

OOOO OOOO, and new Knitty tomorrow!!!

pannis obsitus
"in rags"


Friday, September 12, 2003  


Thanks to a misstep in aerobics yesterday:

A mild ankle sprain. Could be MUCH worse- hopefully it'll be better in a few days, providing I keep off of it as much as possible. Of course, the closest I can park to work is 10 minutes, so I had to walk that... I'm still debating about going home early. It doesn't really hurt unless I'm trying to move it, but it is REALLY awkward to try and sit at a desk with my leg stuck out, propped up on a chair. Humph.

Of course, sitting in one place with your leg propped up = prime knitting time, so I've gotten a good start on the left front of ribbie:

I know, I know- it looks the same as the half of the back. Ribbie is fun to knit, I think it'll be fun to wear, but it is not very photogenic- too boring. Ah well! I guess I should have taken pics of daf's socks and mckenzee's socks... but, well, I was too busy hopping around the apt this morning to think too clearly. If I hadn't left it at work, I could have taken pics of my start on my friend's scarf- I think I finally figured out a "triangle pattern" that I like! I just hope he likes it too. I decided I would dye the entire scarf red rather than the yarn... much easier, and since the scarf won't be too big, I can dunk the whole thing in a large pot and let it do its thing.

Cricket was VERY sweet last night when I was icing my foot... she snuggled right up next to me. "I'm sorry, did you want to actually LOOK at the directions for ribbie? Hmmmmm, guess it's too late for that now!!" :) Later on, though, she kept trying to attack my foot- I had it propped up on a pillow under the covers, and she kept trying to pounce on it.

alias dictus
"an alias (otherwise called)"


Wednesday, September 10, 2003  

drool drool drool

Last night, I got my copy of Elsebeth Lavold's Viking Knitting book... yeah, I'm a cable addict, and the mailman delivers that right to my door. So needless to say several of the designs are already on my list, and I have a feeling I'll be plundering her beautiful cables in the future. :)

If you're paying attention to the list at the top of the blog, you'll notice that I only have 1 more thing to completely finish this month... the chenille kami. I'll probably finish it later this week or next week... depending on how diligent I am at lunchtime. Today, I was too busy drooling over Vikings to bother to pick up the needles. Maybe tomorrow...

I did, however, finish the mittens:

I am VERY pleased with how these turned out. I need to knit some more gloves/ mittens for various folks to use up my stash of shetland... I just wish I could wear it myself. I think, however, that I'll be able to wear a pair of gloves knit with regia sock yarn, so that'll be another small project to start sometime soon. Luckily, I know my regia gauge already, so I should be able to work out the pattern pretty quickly.

This weekend, I have to do some major yarn-dyeing for the upcoming scarf... otherwise, I won't have anything to take with me to knit during choir! Although I might "cheat" a little and start on my gloves before I finish the scarf... after all, it'll take me a few weeks to get all the yarn dyed, dried, and balled. Remember, Cricket the yarn-destroyer would not allow for copious amounts of yarn to be strewn about the apartment... so it'll be small batches that I can dry on my drying rack as far away from the curious kitty paws as possible. Plus, I was actually chilly this morning on my way to work- even wearing a sweater, so it's not too hard to imagine a time where gloves would be welcome. Certainly, my California friend won't need his scarf as much as I need my gloves! lol. At least I'm not trying to justify starting a sweater (say from Vikings)!

Cricket, resenting my implication that there might actually be yarn in my apartment that is NOT for her amusement, pretended she wasn't interested anyway.

otia dant vitia
"leisure begets vices"


Tuesday, September 09, 2003  

Another Project Done

The mittens are officially finished- I wove in the last end during lunch, so pics tomorrow. :) I did remember to take pics of the socks I finally finished (meaning I finally got around to weaving in the 4 or so ends):

I'm also continuing to make progress on the worsted ribbie:

Not the most photogenic of projects... so I'm not going to be posting too many pictures until something interesting happens!

Last night was the first choir rehearsal of the season- I got in a few rows on mckenzee's socks during the lulls. Hopefully I'll get those powered out in the next week or so, and then finish daf's socks (i need the needles from mckenzee's socks to finish the cuffs). Whew! I'm still debating bringing in Dalmore for my lunchtime project- part of me thinks, "well, if it's ALL I have to do during lunch, then I'll do it..." but the other part of me protests that I really should let myself have a nice break during lunch, and that working on the finishing stuff that I don't want to do is probably not the best way to relax. Hmmmm.

Of course, I still have the chenille kami to finish- I should be done with that really soon... just the top section (past the armholes) and the straps, and then I'm done. And the weather is finally cooperating, so I might even be able to wear it sometime soon! :)

Tonight is the first aerobics class of the new session- I have REALLY missed it. Plus, I get to stop by safeway and exchange the extra kool-aid packets from Ocean for black cherry kool-aid packets for the scarf... my friend said he LOVED the color, and wanted the dark red. At first, I was thinking about doing something cool like making it varigated or something, but I decided that really, my life is too busy right now for me to do lots of experimenting. So I'll dye the leftover yarn from Ocean dark red, and knit a somewhat thick scarf until I run out of yarn. He's over 6 feet tall, so he'll need the length. Plus, it'll help clear out some of the stash. :)

At my weekend job (little retail shop), we get a fabulous discount on the brands of shoes that they sell... 20% off WHOLESALE. So, for $70, I'm getting these beauties shipped right to my door:

Shoes are a dangerous thing.

Speaking of beauties, I finally got proof of the torture I go through every morning:

-beep beep beep-
drags self out of bed, turns around, and sees:

"what, are you getting up?" (blinking innocently)
"well, i guess if you're getting up, you'll have no objections if i just snuggle back down in this nice, soft bed..."

etiam quod esse videris
"be what you seem to be"


Monday, September 08, 2003  


Beautiful weather is a beautiful thing. Of course, I did spend the whole weekend working, but I did manage to enjoy the weather with a nice long hike on friday and a bike ride on sunday morning (i wore LONG pants on the ride, and was CHILLY!) This morning, however, I woke up to the realization that, with the lovely late-summer weather came my nemesis... ragweed. The only thing guaranteed to set my now-almost-totally-dormant allergies into a frenzy of sneezing. So today, my office-mates have been treated to constant sneezing fits, and, once I ran out of tissues, my nose has been treated to napkins... that feel as if tree bark was used in their manufacture. Ah well... this too shall pass!

On the knitting front, I have made some great progress. Well, not really, but I am at least POISED to make great progress...

Projects to be completely finished in September:
  1. bluebell socks

  2. zebra socks

  3. amy's mittens

  4. chenille kami

  5. mckenzee's socks

  6. daf's socks

Projects to be ready for blocking in September:
  1. dalmore (steeks, ends)

  2. aran cardi (seams, ends)

As you can see, I have quite a few projects that have been sitting around, waiting for the last bit of work to finish them off. Apparently, I hate finishing, because I seem to let projects languish for ages. September is finishing month. During lunch, I finished knitting the second mitten of the pair for Amy, and might have a few more moments to work on some of the ends and other tidying before I go home. But I figure if I don't bring anything with me to work that I want to knit (like the ribbie!), then I'll HAVE to plug away on the finishing work on some of my smaller projects during lunch or the occasional break. :)

Also, choir is starting up again tonight (yippie!) so I'll be bringing smaller/more portable projects with me to that. Right now, I'm working on mckenzee's socks... then I'll start a scarf for a dear, dear friend. We had discussed me dyeing the yarn black-cherry-koolaid red, but I think I'll stick with the silver... it seems such a shame to dye it without giving it a chance. He was talking about having some sort of mottled dye-job anyway, so maybe I can sort of tie-dye the scarf once it's finished. Or, just leave it silver, with a rainbow section on one end (he's gay, and wants the scarf knit in a "triangles pattern"). Hmmmmm..... I think that'll be what I do. I'll have to buy lots more koolaid colors, but I should be able to get the whole spectrum for him. :)

Sorry no pics today- I was running late this morning (what with all the sneezing!) But hopefully I'll manage to snap a few before tomorrow. In case you can't wait, ribbie looks exactly the same, only about 11.5" long. :)


Thursday, September 04, 2003  

Ribbed For Her Pleasure

Now now, get your mind out of the gutter! I'm talking, of course, about my newest project- the worsted ribbie. Ribbie was born last night at knit-night (which was a blast, as usual!). Unfortunately, once I got home, ribbie almost snuffed it. Apparently, it's a dangerous world out there for knitting:

Luckily, ribbie was rescued, and progress continues. Not bad for one night's work, especially since my ribbie is in worsted instead of bulky yarn!

Now, why would I be starting a new project, you might ask? Well, because...

(insert triumphant fanfare here)

Obviously, the seams are just pinned together, and I have a few ends to take care of, and some washing, blocking, and zipper-shopping to do, but heck, the knitting's done, so I HAVE to start something else, right? :) And yes, Cricket does firmly believe that all yarn, in any form, knitted or unknitted, is automatically a toy. Just for her.

alis volat propriis
"she flies with her own wings (motto of Oregon)"


Wednesday, September 03, 2003  

Long Weekend

Ahhh, all weekends should be extra-long. Although, since I worked on Saturday, it wasn't THAT long, but still, not having to go to work on Mondays makes me a happy camper. I'm crossing my fingers extra hard that, in a few weeks when I get my permanent job assignment, I'll be able to do what the feds call a "compressed schedule"- work 4 10-hour days, and get 1 day a week (hopefully friday) off. But really, I'd take any day off during the week- Monday and Friday my obvious first choices. I guess I'll see!

Nothing too exciting this weekend- my good friend C (we're basically cousins) from California is in town for a year, so we've spent a LOT of time together. :) And the parents fed me a couple of times, which is always nice... and I did set aside some knitting time.

As you can see, I'm almost done with the back- I think I'll finish it today or maybe tonight at knit-night. :) Then I have to sew the whole thing together, wash (and shrink) it, and then go shopping for a zipper! And I've decided that my next project will definitely be a dark grey ribbie. Although (as usual) I have worsted instead of bulky, so I whipped out my calculator and have been altering all the numbers so that (hopefully) it'll all work out. AND the yarn shrinks 15% lengthwise, so I have to allow for that too! I guess it'll be interesting... ;)

Yesterday I mailed my first law school application. PHEW. 2 more to go, and then the waiting begins. I just hope they tell me SOONER rather than later... I'm not an especially patient person.

October is going to be a pretty hectic month- not only am I visiting my friend J in New Mexico over Columbus Day weekend, but I'm also going to North Carolina the weekend before to visit my cousin and her brand new baby boy. :) This is the cousin who will be the recipient of Menagerie:

My mom hadn't sent it before the birth "just in case"- she's a little superstitious about sending all the gifts before everyone arrives happy and healthy. I can understand- imagine how horrible it would be to come home without a healthy baby to a nursury teeming with gifts that just serve to remind you of what you SHOULD be experiencing. With my cousin, though, thankfully- everyone is healthy, and happy, and home. :)

Poor Cricket- with all this travelling, she'll be staying with a friend the first weekend, and then with my parents the second weekend. I bet she'll miss me, though!

credula res amor est
"a credulous thing is love (Ovid)"


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