Monday, September 08, 2003  


Beautiful weather is a beautiful thing. Of course, I did spend the whole weekend working, but I did manage to enjoy the weather with a nice long hike on friday and a bike ride on sunday morning (i wore LONG pants on the ride, and was CHILLY!) This morning, however, I woke up to the realization that, with the lovely late-summer weather came my nemesis... ragweed. The only thing guaranteed to set my now-almost-totally-dormant allergies into a frenzy of sneezing. So today, my office-mates have been treated to constant sneezing fits, and, once I ran out of tissues, my nose has been treated to napkins... that feel as if tree bark was used in their manufacture. Ah well... this too shall pass!

On the knitting front, I have made some great progress. Well, not really, but I am at least POISED to make great progress...

Projects to be completely finished in September:
  1. bluebell socks

  2. zebra socks

  3. amy's mittens

  4. chenille kami

  5. mckenzee's socks

  6. daf's socks

Projects to be ready for blocking in September:
  1. dalmore (steeks, ends)

  2. aran cardi (seams, ends)

As you can see, I have quite a few projects that have been sitting around, waiting for the last bit of work to finish them off. Apparently, I hate finishing, because I seem to let projects languish for ages. September is finishing month. During lunch, I finished knitting the second mitten of the pair for Amy, and might have a few more moments to work on some of the ends and other tidying before I go home. But I figure if I don't bring anything with me to work that I want to knit (like the ribbie!), then I'll HAVE to plug away on the finishing work on some of my smaller projects during lunch or the occasional break. :)

Also, choir is starting up again tonight (yippie!) so I'll be bringing smaller/more portable projects with me to that. Right now, I'm working on mckenzee's socks... then I'll start a scarf for a dear, dear friend. We had discussed me dyeing the yarn black-cherry-koolaid red, but I think I'll stick with the silver... it seems such a shame to dye it without giving it a chance. He was talking about having some sort of mottled dye-job anyway, so maybe I can sort of tie-dye the scarf once it's finished. Or, just leave it silver, with a rainbow section on one end (he's gay, and wants the scarf knit in a "triangles pattern"). Hmmmmm..... I think that'll be what I do. I'll have to buy lots more koolaid colors, but I should be able to get the whole spectrum for him. :)

Sorry no pics today- I was running late this morning (what with all the sneezing!) But hopefully I'll manage to snap a few before tomorrow. In case you can't wait, ribbie looks exactly the same, only about 11.5" long. :)


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