Sunday, October 31, 2004  

Another New Project

So I couldn't resist the Latvian mitten. Of course, keeping with tradition, I'm pretty much making this up as I go along. It's been fun so far - I've learned a new cast-on, and I've learned 2 ways to do braids. (I stuck with the 'purling' braid technique because I wanted braids going in opposite directions).

Oh, and happy halloween. This year, halloween and my favorite holiday happened to coincide - (that's daylight savings - aka "an entire free hour of sleep" day!) so it's a double celebration.

Plus, even though the Redskins lost, I'd like to believe it's for a "higher good"...

"If the Washington Redskins win the week of the election, this means a win for the incumbent party. This has held true since 1936."

Conversly, a Redskins loss means bye-bye to the incumbent. I think it's worth taking a loss to Green Bay!


Thursday, October 28, 2004  


I'm supposed to be working on a memo for class. Unfortunately, I put all of my research materials in a nice, neat pile next to my computer. Cricket, obviously intent on joining the revolution, has decided that really, I don't need to work on anything except for petting her. See how subtly she gets her point across?

On the knitting front, I'm almost done with the chocolate cashmere scarf. I might even manage to finish it during CSI tonight. and please excuse the quality of the scarf pictures. frankly, it's a scarf, and i'm sure you can all imagine what it looks like - think long, and rectangular.

And here's the stitch pattern close up:

Overall, I'm really pleased with how this is turning out. I suspect, however, that the boyfriend will want it to be just a touch longer, and, since he probably wants fringe too, he'll be buying another ball of yummy chocolatey cashmere goodness at Knit Happens next week. But we'll see.

Speaking of Knit Happens, last night was knitting night! I decided that I just couldn't sit through another Contracts lecture, so I took the afternoon off and rode my bike well past Alexandria towards Mt. Vernon. It was a beautiful fall day, and the persistent clouds finally began lifting as I got past the Wilson Bridge. I think it was definitely worth skipping class to see things like these:


Tuesday, October 26, 2004  

All Sorts of Updates

Hmmm. Since this is supposedly a knitting blog, I might as well get a few things off my chest. First, I'm definitely in a "small project" mood. First the yummy chocolate cashmere scarf for the boyfriend. Then, for me, some warm and cozy mittens. Since I already have the yarn, it's not so bad... although I did feel justified in buying this:

And then, since I'm going to have a new pair of beautiful mittens, I felt justified in buying myself this:

in order to make this:

Ah, ebay - how I love and hate you.

On the non-knitting fronts, there's always school. Always more studying. But hey, I got an A- on my first official assignment in law school, so the cashmere-silk scarf kit is a celebration. :)

Plus, I'm still enjoying the post-vacation haze. It might have been a mini-vacation - only a weekend trip - but it was lovely. We went "down south" - and, after making the requisite Waffle House stop, we arrived in Yorktown, VA. This was the view from the B&B:

And they nicely provided us with a very friendly kitty when we arrived. Supposedly, she belongs to one of the neighbors, and "scratches." Um, yeah. She definitely looks unfriendly:

... especially when she was getting loves, and enjoying herself so much that she stuck her tongue out. She was like the kitty version of Michael Jordan - although I guess without all that basketball stuff. ;)

The uber-friendly kitty wasn't the only wild animal we saw - isn't it adorable?

And speaking of wildlife, this is what followed me into the apartment when I brought in the groceries:

Luckily, Cricket was there to regulate.


Thursday, October 21, 2004  

Best Yarn Store Ever

Last night was knitting night at Knit Happens, which is quite possibly the best yarn store ever. Not only is Kristine a fabulously welcoming host, but she is also yarn-purchasing enabler extraordinare. Last night, for example, she helped me convince my boyfriend that he really did want me to make him a scarf out of luscious cashemere-silk yarn. Plus, she gave him a discount. I'm hoping to (start and) finish the scarf this weekend while relaxing (and doing work) at a bed and breakfast on the York River, by Williamsburg. :)

Oh yeah - and I finished the front of Trinity, but I haven't yet swum to shore on "sleeve island"... maybe in a little bit. I'm not a big fan of the sleeves. ;)


Wednesday, October 20, 2004  


My midterm is finally over, and the only major excitement was caused when they handed out an exam that was missing page 4. You know, the page with the actual question on it... but now it's all over, and I get to go knitting tonight. Life is good.

Life is even better because I'm sitting at home with tea and a kitty. And life will get even better still after knitting, because the boy has decided to try and find yarn for someone to use to make him a scarf. I'll get him yet... first, I got him to come into Knit Happens. Now, I'm getting him to BUY something at Knit Happens. It won't be long now before I'll get him to KNIT something he bought at Knit Happens. :) And then, perhaps, I'll implement my plans to take over the world.


Friday, October 15, 2004  

Finally Friday!

Not that it really matters, because my weekend is already full - mock trial witness, lots of studying, football. Hopefully less of the first and more of the last, but somehow I think it'll mostly be the middle. {sigh}. At least this afternoon I get to go see Cirque du Soleil (yes, again... isn't it fabulous?)

There has even been a tiny bit of knitting lately! I planned to get much more knitting done last night during CSI, but a big fuzzy kitty butt decided my hands could be much better engaged with pets and snuggles than with all that silly yarn. :) But Trinity does, slowly, grow. I might even finish the sweater before I finish law school! ;)

Oh, and in case you're wondering, if you ever come over to my house and try to eat yogurt, be prepared.


Thursday, October 14, 2004  

I Think This Just About Sums Things Up

Total spent on highlighters this month: $60.

Total spent on yarn: $0.


Monday, October 11, 2004  

You Know It's A Good Wedding When...

The wedding was lovely. I got to be a bridesmaid without all that pesky "matching dress buying" crap. :) We started off the day on Saturday by picking up the lovely bride for her hair appt and other assorted "getting ready" activities. And there's nothing like wearing hand-made socks on your wedding day:

After much giggling and running around, we got her to the church nice and early, and managed to get her ready without any major mishaps. She was stunningly beautiful (sniff sniff!!)

The ceremony went off beautifully (with minimum sniffles from the peanut gallery!) After the ceremony, we had a "trolley tour" of DC scheduled - mostly for the out of town guests, but it was fun to drive around and chat. Plus, that way the bride and groom got some photos with various monuments. Well, all was going well until our trolley (1 of the 2 for the wedding group), literally caught fire. That's right - FIRE. It was quite exciting.

Here are the lovely bride and groom posing in front of the flaming trolley:

And here they are posing with the fire truck. Now, this is PERFECT as they orignally met while volunteering at a firestation. They even knew one of the firemen who responded to our little bonfire.

All in all, it was quite a weekend. In order to recover, I spent most of Sunday sleeping. And watching another redskins loss. {sigh}.


Friday, October 08, 2004  

Something Actually Finished!!

Last night, I finally finished the boyfriend socks! :) It felt so good to actually get something off the needles and DONE. I have a few projects (most notably my dad's vest from way back when) that are just begging for those last little details that will make them FO's. I think I'll try and get those guys done as much as possible.

Of course, all of this insane work has been cutting into knitting time. And there's that small matter of the wedding and assorted festivities this weekend. Plus, now that it's getting all wonderfully chilly in the mornings, Cricket and I don't seem to want to get out of bed. I can barely manage to get my arm out from under the covers in order to turn off the alarm. I LOVE winter mornings... but I think I really should have been a bear (or some other animal who is smart enough to hibernate!) :)

well, off to spend the morning in the library. And probably most of the afternoon. It'll be exciting, I'm sure!


Wednesday, October 06, 2004  


So yesterday, I had a very pleasant massage. Not the best massage I've ever had (ahh, Well Within, how I miss you terribly!), but next time, I'll ask for more pressure, and everything will be perfect. :) Silly me, though - I walked out feeling nice and relaxed, but I thought I'd have time to get some knitting in in the evening (while totally neglecting all of the reading I have to do). Instead, I got into bed, promptly got attacked by a purring ball of snuggles, tried to watch a bit of a movie, and fell completely asleep by 9:15. (For the sake of full disclosure, it was actually about 8:30, but I kept up the charade that I was actually not sleeping with the lights on until 9:15, when I just couldn't pretend anymore.)

I can't wait for my next massage. :)

Oh, and the snuggle-ball of black fluff decided to torture me this morning - she didn't get out of bed AT ALL. Usually she gets up for breakfast... but she didn't get up when I was getting ready, she didn't get up when I fed her, she didn't get up when I left... and when S. passed by about an hour later, she was still curled up on the bed. I'm so jealous.


Tuesday, October 05, 2004  


Because sometimes it feels like I'm forgetting to... there's just so much to do! Luckily, except for the mountains of reading and researching I'm trying to ignore, most of the business is happy. Especially this week and this weekend - D, one of my bestest friends, is getting married on Sat. There's a group of 4 of us that have been friends now for 20 years. (Yes, I'm only 25...) and all of us will be together to help D celebrate. I'm so excited! (I'm even more excited because I finally found something to wear. Stupid October afternoon weddings!)

And then, next weekend, I've volunteered to be a witness for a mock trial competition. Hopefully it'll be something juicy - and hopefully I can knit while waiting for my big moment. I really have no idea what to expect, but I'm sure it'll be interesting!

And then there's the work. Lots and lots of work. I keep thinking that I'll get ahead at some point, but it so doesn't ever happen. So tonight, after an incredibly extra-full day of classes (we're having a preemptive makeup class - wheee!), I'm getting a massage. As a student, I can take advantage of the incredible deal of 3 massages for $150. So my first one is tonight. If Cricket would forgive me, I might just sleep on the massage table tonight!

Speaking of Cricket, she and I have to have a little conversation about bed allocation. See, last night, while I was watching football and attempting to knit more than 1 row of Trinity, she came and curled up on my knitting folder. She can't resist a good piece of paper on the bed that she thinks I might need to look at. Unfortunately, the folder was in the middle of the bed as I didn't have time to move it before it became a kitty-cushion. Apparently, that was the comfiest file folder ever, because she didn't move until 4 am. That's right - I slept squished on 1 side of the bed for almost the entire night - but she was WAY too cute to move. Plus, by that time, I had made 1 side of the bed extra warm, and it's finally getting chilly at night.

Ok, fine. I didn't move her because she was too cute, and I'm a huge sucker. Happy? ;)


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