Saturday, March 26, 2005  

All Work and No Knit

What have I been doing all week? Work. What will I be doing just about every spare minute until May 5? Work. All work and no knit makes Maeve go something something...

Luckily, yesterday I took the afternoon off for some hard-core kitty snuggles and TV time. After approximately 5 hours of kitty-in-the-lap time, I managed to finish Mariah's first front:

And I made a good start on Mariah's second front:

I'm still not sure if I'll have enough yarn to do the hood, so I'm still reserving judgement on the collar. I'm also not sure whether the ribbing will pull in too much for comfort, so I'm also thinking of adding in a lime-green panel on each side up to the armpit, and then some lime green somewhere else. Sometimes, I think it sounds like it'll look great, but other times I'm thinking ICK. But maybe it'll fit just fine without, and I won't need to worry about it!

Cricket doesn't worry about too much - as long as she gets her dinner on time!

Oh, and Happy Easter!


Tuesday, March 22, 2005  

Fun Toys

First of all, go and congratulate Kristine. When she called me last night with the news, I literally jumped up and down and screamed. FINALLY!

Last weekend, I got several new toys - first, copying Rachael, I bought an external harddrive for backing up my precious laptop. 80 gigs for under $100... WOW is memory cheap! Plus, this way there's LOTS more room for Cricket photos. :)

Plus, in preparation for my Alaska trip, I bought a water-proof camera bag, so that when (NOT if, but WHEN) I drop my camera while kayaking, I don't watch it sink to the bottom of Glacier Bay. :) Many other things will also have to be purchased for the trip - but not until after finals!

Oh yeah - knitting! I actually am making decent progress on Mariah... I've finished the back, and made a good start on the front. I decided it had to be a cardigan because of the extreme "pulling in" factor with the ribbing at the bottom - I so did not want to go for the "overstuffed sausage" look. Once she's all done, I'll decide on zippers, or buttons, or something - and depending on the yarn supply, I'll decide on the collar and the hood.

Cricket spent her morning listening to some music... she's quite the ipod afficionado!


Saturday, March 19, 2005  

Happy Birthday!


I was only able to make it to the party for an hour or so - we went out for the most amazing Vietnamese food for my dad's birthday. So yes, for those who are counting, I had 2 birthday cakes today. And there'll be another one tomorrow - I think I'm going into some sort of sugar-shock!

And the other great thing today? I got my sockapalooza socks!!! They're from the amazing Jackie in New York, and I LOVE THEM. LOVE THEM! I'm not sure how well the colors are coming out in this picture, but they are amazing - pink and green and brown - and somehow it all works and looks amazing. :)

Plus, I got a nice email from my sock-buddy - her socks came, and they fit, and she likes them! So sockapalooza was a success for me all-around! :)

Cricket, however, wasn't quite as impressed as I was by all the socks. I think she would rather have had the yarn! :)


Monday, March 14, 2005  

Another Week...

... and I can't wait until Wednesday. Until then, I get to stress about finishing up my paper, stress about trying to prepare for classes, and stress about the fact that I still haven't unpacked.

Since there isn't a whole lot of knitting going on chez-Maeve, I thought I'd distract you with a picture of beautiful New Mexican sky, avec cactus.

And, as if that weren't distracting enough, check out the chocolate mousse cake my friend and I shared the other day - courtesy of Flying Star:

And yes, it was as good as it looks. Perhaps better, since I'm not sure if you can tell from the picture that there is dark fudgy cakey stuff at the bottom, and then milk and white chocolate mousses on top. WOW.

And since this purports to be a knitting blog, proof that I did manage to knit a few stitches over my "break":

I think I'm ready to start the decreases for the top. I might have to wait until Wednesday, though...

And here's a fantastic card my sister-in-law sent me - the caption is "Drivers of the French Ambulance Corps Near the Fighting Zone; Waiting to Be Called. Italy, 1944."


Saturday, March 12, 2005  

Sunny New Mexico

Right now, I'm sitting in short sleeves and flip flops in the sun, conscious of the fact that I very well may be burning my arms right now, but so happy to be able to bare my skin to the sun that I don't care. Tomorrow? Back to 40 degree highs.

The only down-side to this beautiful weather I'm enjoying on vacation? The fact that I'm attempting (and largely failing) to write a paper, due on Friday. Perhaps I shall be productive on the airplanes tomorrow.

In some ways, knowing that the week ahead will be terrible, busy, and insane, helps me to appreciate just lounging in the sun with good friends. We're having a s'mores party tonight, and it is impossible to feel stressed or unhappy around s'mores. Especially when you make them the old-fashioned way, over a campfire.

And next week, I get to deal with the unfinished (and hugely important) paper, the complete lack of reading/preparation for any of my classes, and this whole "summer job" thing. Good news? I currently have 2 jobs - 1 with a professor that I'm really excited about, and the other with Knit Happens, which hardly counts as work since I'll only be doing it 1-2 days a week. There are two possibilities for a third job - 1 with another professor - I'll hopefully find out on Monday, and the other with a non-profit organization. But I can't find out more about the non-profit without first squaring things away with the professor, so it'll be interesting. And then there's always the third option - stick with what I've got, and possibly enjoy some genuine relaxation before the second year gets going.

I knit like crazy on the plane-ride out here, and am almost ready to start the decreases on the top of the first mitten. I would take pictures, but I forgot the drive to transfer pictures from the camera, so that'll have to wait until I get home.


Sunday, March 06, 2005  

(Almost) Back from the Dead

The dreaded "journal competition" is mostly written - just needs some last minute tweaking and polishing tomorrow before I get to turn in all 12 copies, and finally start my spring break. All that frantic reading and paper-writing has definitely cut into my knitting time, but I did manage to start on Mom's Mittens:

It took me literally forever to decide on a top pattern, so I only have an inch or so more progress since the pic. But now things are zipping along, and I very well might finish these by the time I get back from New Mexico ... assuming I manage to write my other paper in a reasonable amount of time. Ah, Spring Break - just an excuse to do homework in an exotic locale!

My reward for all the hard paper-writing this weekend? A blissful massage tomorrow at 6 pm!


Tuesday, March 01, 2005  


Everyone should go here and buy tea. I finally got around to putting a link to them on my site (see to the right under "daily reads"), and they sent me these great presents as a thank you! I haven't tried the teas yet because they're all caffinated, but as soon as I manage to get home before 7, I'll give them a try. They smell amazing, and the tea infuser thing is the neatest thing I've seen in a really long time. I wish I had an office to use it in - it seems wasted here at home!

I'll probably finish the back of Mariah tonight during some trashy TV time... and then it's time to cast on for some mittens. I'll probably be working on a mini-ipod cover during Late Night tomorrow, but I'm hoping to make a little bit of a start on the mittens before I head to New Mexico on Tuesday!

Cricket has been pitching in with all of the studying that's been going on around here - she's now an expert on civil procedure. And chickens. :)



Quick Update

Once again, I've been completely swallowed by the lawschool-monster. I have managed to almost finish the back of Mariah - only 15 more rows to go until I can put it on holders. Of course, I still haven't figured out what the front wants to be - I think it really wants to be a pullover, and then I'm not sure about the collar. I'm thinking scoop-neck with a little roll. But luckily I'll have plenty of time to decide - next week, I'm off to New Mexico for spring "break" (otherwise known as 'do schoolwork in another location!'), and I plan to get some knitting done on the planes and in the airports. Rather than risk it with the honkin' 10.5 needles for Mariah, I'm going to cast on for some mittens and bring the tiny little bamboo needles with me instead.

I'll try to remember to take some pictures tonight!


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