Tuesday, October 05, 2004  


Because sometimes it feels like I'm forgetting to... there's just so much to do! Luckily, except for the mountains of reading and researching I'm trying to ignore, most of the business is happy. Especially this week and this weekend - D, one of my bestest friends, is getting married on Sat. There's a group of 4 of us that have been friends now for 20 years. (Yes, I'm only 25...) and all of us will be together to help D celebrate. I'm so excited! (I'm even more excited because I finally found something to wear. Stupid October afternoon weddings!)

And then, next weekend, I've volunteered to be a witness for a mock trial competition. Hopefully it'll be something juicy - and hopefully I can knit while waiting for my big moment. I really have no idea what to expect, but I'm sure it'll be interesting!

And then there's the work. Lots and lots of work. I keep thinking that I'll get ahead at some point, but it so doesn't ever happen. So tonight, after an incredibly extra-full day of classes (we're having a preemptive makeup class - wheee!), I'm getting a massage. As a student, I can take advantage of the incredible deal of 3 massages for $150. So my first one is tonight. If Cricket would forgive me, I might just sleep on the massage table tonight!

Speaking of Cricket, she and I have to have a little conversation about bed allocation. See, last night, while I was watching football and attempting to knit more than 1 row of Trinity, she came and curled up on my knitting folder. She can't resist a good piece of paper on the bed that she thinks I might need to look at. Unfortunately, the folder was in the middle of the bed as I didn't have time to move it before it became a kitty-cushion. Apparently, that was the comfiest file folder ever, because she didn't move until 4 am. That's right - I slept squished on 1 side of the bed for almost the entire night - but she was WAY too cute to move. Plus, by that time, I had made 1 side of the bed extra warm, and it's finally getting chilly at night.

Ok, fine. I didn't move her because she was too cute, and I'm a huge sucker. Happy? ;)


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