Tuesday, September 16, 2003  


I am definitely of mixed feelings about the impending hurricane-hit we'll supposedly get Thursday and Friday. On the one hand, I LOVE storms... I think it is incredible to watch the power of nature. BUT (and this is a big one), I would really rather NOT be actually out IN the storms. Therefore, I only like watching storms from the inside. Also, I like having power. Without power in my apartment, there is no cooking, and no hot water, and no refridgeration, and no light. . I am lucky that my parents are a quick drive away, and they have a gas stove and gas hot water heater, but still, not so pleasant to have to drive through the rain to eat and take a shower. Plus, poor Cricket will miss out on all her tv shows! ;)

So I guess I'm hoping that the storm comes through, but the power mostly stays on. I also might very well be staying home on Friday rather than trying to walk to work through high winds and rain. I checked, and I think I can swing it with my sick leave. Normally I wouldn't let a little rain stop me, but a HURRICANE? Yeah, I don't think I'll need to walk around in that.

I finally remembered to actually take a picture of something this morning:

Hopefully that's much easier to see than the crummy pic from yesterday. The scarf is going really fast, but for some reason, I'm not really into this project too much. But I won't let myself start what I really want to knit- a pair of sock yarn gloves for myself- until it's done. And I'm pretty much going to use up all of this yarn on it, so it should be about 6 feet long. .

In other news, I went to AC Moore last night to pick up a big candle (you know, gotta be prepared for the storm!) and amazingly, that's all I left with. But I did drool over their yarns for a bit... they are really expanding their selections of "fancy" yarns. ANYWAY, the reason I went to the yarn section at all was to find some yarn possibilities for Siv from Viking Knitting for my mom. I'm pretty much decided on woolease- she can handle a little bit of wool, and I want it to be something she can wash somewhat easily. And, although my mom isn't necessarily a pink person, I was strongly drawn to a beautiful dusty rose color... it was really lovely. I won't be making the final decision for a few weeks at least, so I should have some time to check around and find the "right" color. :)

Yesterday, while attempting to do some pilates, I ran into a little roadblock:

Apparently, the mat was placed there just for her. :)

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