Monday, September 15, 2003  

Monday Blehs

Perhaps it's because I find little/no fulfillment through my current job, but Monday's are especially hard. Don't get me wrong, I am extremely grateful to have a job, and try to do what work I am given to the best of my abilities. However, there isn't much work, and often it seems like the work that is done goes into some sort of black hole, never to be seen again. You know the drill... you work hard on a project for days/weeks whatever, only to pass it along the food chain, and then, despite a few polite queries, nothing. Talk about unfulfilled!! Things are, however, looking up. Slowly, my responsibilities are growing, and I'm determined to do well. Not so much for the external notice, but because I have spent far too long now feeling totally useless. I need to prove first and foremost to myself that I can actually EARN my paycheck... both from the office job, and from my retail gig. I'm resolving to put in the effort regardless of the results. Perhaps I have this sudden burst of resolve as a result of my forced inactivity this weekend- I realized that being lazy = bad mood. So from now on, I need to approach more of my life with energy and enthusiasm. Hmmmm... I wonder how long it'll be before the govn't job sucks it all out?

I celebrated my new resolve with 2 lists... 1 for work, 1 for home, for things I want to accomplish this week... especially since I'll be skipping BOTH aerobics classes to make sure my ankle has a chance to get better (it is MUCH better already, but I shouldn't take chances. No matter how much I hate to miss out on aerobics, and hiking, and biking...). So now I have what will hopefully turn out to be a sensible plan for the week. My goals on the knitting front- seam the aran cardi, and finish up the steeks on dalmore. I'd also like to WASH the aran cardi before Sunday, so I can take it in to work and show my coworker (who sews a lot)... and get her opinion on where I should go locally to buy a zipper for it. I also need to run a load of the sweaters/socks I need to treat gently... but I think I'll wait until next week so that I can include Dalmore in the load, and hopefully start blocking it. I know I shouldn't put off what I can do today yadda yadda... but there are family friends coming into town this weekend, and they might stop by my apartment (probably with dad in tow), so Dalmore probably shouldn't be on display for all to see. Also, since oh, I don't know, a HURRICANE is supposed to hit the area sometime on Thursday, I imagine the humidity will be nice and high, which also will not be good for blocking. Hmmmm.... note to self- distribute candles around the apartment... maybe buy a few more? I'm crossing my fingers that the power won't go out during Isabel... it only flickered during the last round of terrible storms, but I guess anything can happen. At least, since I'm on the second floor, I presumably won't have to worry about flooding!

Sorry- no pics today- but here's an update on ribbie- the back and left front are ready for the raglan shaping, and the right front has I think 10 more rows before it, too, goes on the stitch holder. Next up... the sleeves- they should go quickly since the knitting is totally mindless k2p2. :) I've been LOVING this pattern so far- I think my worsted weight modifications are working well (oh, and the yarn I'm using shrinks lengthwise by about 15%, so that's another bit of math)... I've had really good success counting my rows as I go so that, after the first piece, no more measuring to make sure the back and 2 sides are all the same length. I'm still debating what to do with the opening... I obviously have to do something to combat the curl, but I was thinking that putting in a zipper might just do the trick. I'll have to check in with Alison- I think she did zipper bands for her ribbie? I'll have to see what her experience was.

OOOO OOOO, and new Knitty tomorrow!!!

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