Tuesday, September 09, 2003  

Another Project Done

The mittens are officially finished- I wove in the last end during lunch, so pics tomorrow. :) I did remember to take pics of the socks I finally finished (meaning I finally got around to weaving in the 4 or so ends):

I'm also continuing to make progress on the worsted ribbie:

Not the most photogenic of projects... so I'm not going to be posting too many pictures until something interesting happens!

Last night was the first choir rehearsal of the season- I got in a few rows on mckenzee's socks during the lulls. Hopefully I'll get those powered out in the next week or so, and then finish daf's socks (i need the needles from mckenzee's socks to finish the cuffs). Whew! I'm still debating bringing in Dalmore for my lunchtime project- part of me thinks, "well, if it's ALL I have to do during lunch, then I'll do it..." but the other part of me protests that I really should let myself have a nice break during lunch, and that working on the finishing stuff that I don't want to do is probably not the best way to relax. Hmmmm.

Of course, I still have the chenille kami to finish- I should be done with that really soon... just the top section (past the armholes) and the straps, and then I'm done. And the weather is finally cooperating, so I might even be able to wear it sometime soon! :)

Tonight is the first aerobics class of the new session- I have REALLY missed it. Plus, I get to stop by safeway and exchange the extra kool-aid packets from Ocean for black cherry kool-aid packets for the scarf... my friend said he LOVED the color, and wanted the dark red. At first, I was thinking about doing something cool like making it varigated or something, but I decided that really, my life is too busy right now for me to do lots of experimenting. So I'll dye the leftover yarn from Ocean dark red, and knit a somewhat thick scarf until I run out of yarn. He's over 6 feet tall, so he'll need the length. Plus, it'll help clear out some of the stash. :)

At my weekend job (little retail shop), we get a fabulous discount on the brands of shoes that they sell... 20% off WHOLESALE. So, for $70, I'm getting these beauties shipped right to my door:

Shoes are a dangerous thing.

Speaking of beauties, I finally got proof of the torture I go through every morning:

-beep beep beep-
drags self out of bed, turns around, and sees:

"what, are you getting up?" (blinking innocently)
"well, i guess if you're getting up, you'll have no objections if i just snuggle back down in this nice, soft bed..."

etiam quod esse videris
"be what you seem to be"


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