Thursday, October 23, 2003  

Finishing Fairy

Last night, without even meaning to, I finished 2 projects. First, I finally borrowed my mom's big honkin huge pot (after realizing there was no way koolaid + water + scarf would all fit happily in my largest pot. Rather than put it off, I decided to go ahead and dye it last night, figuring if it took awhile, I could just let it sit until the next day, and deal with it when I got home from work.

Step 1: Big Huge Pot with water, heating on the stove:

Step 2: 19 packages of black cherry koolaid:

Step 3: wet soggy scarf waiting patiently in the sink until I've finally emptied all 19 f***ing packages into the water:

Step 4: The happy dyebath. As far as I can tell, this yarn and the koolaid are long-lost lovers. I swear, it took MAYBE 15 minutes for the dye to be entirely absorbed. I let it sit for about 3 hours, though, just to make sure. When I drained it, the water was clear.

Step 5: Try and figure out somewhere in the apartment to hang a 6+ foot scarf to dry. I finally settled for the shower curtain rod... I was going to use my drying rack, but then I remembered that Cricket thinks merino wool is yummers. I'm not sure what she would do with CHERRY flavored merino wool! :)

As the scarf was simmering, the finishing fairy bit me and gave me west nile... I mean, finishing fever! :) I decided that, while Ribbie was getting soft and shrink-y in the laundry, I would start doing the zipper on the aran. It took me until almost 11:30 to finish it (luckily the baseball game was late enough to entertain me!), but I'm wearing it now!

I took these pics at my office- I didn't have time to take pics last night, so I brought my camera into work. It took some thinking to figure out where to set up the camera, but I figured my coworkers would think I was REALLY insane if I started asking them for help documenting my latest knitting project.

I LOVE the 2 way zipper. I think I'll be really happy with Ribbie once I get the zipper in. I'm not crazy about the collar on Aran... I think I'm going to have to tack down the front edges to give more of a crewneck... the "pattern" (taken from "Knitter's Handy") didn't have any front neck shaping, and it should have. Well, now I know for next time! The cardigan is actually pretty warm- it is very dense. In hindsight, the fabric is a little stiff, but that just makes it a little more like a coat than a sweater. I'm also hoping that each wash/wear cycle adds to the softness/drape. All in all, though, I'm pleased!! I learned a lot about designing a sweater, and also about what I like in a sweater, and did it all while still churning out a garment I'm going to get a lot of wear out of! :)

Cricket said she was too busy trying to get her paws on some cherry flavored yarn to pose for a picture, but she hopes you all have a chance to rub a kitty-tummy today (her's is available by appointment!) :)


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