Wednesday, October 15, 2003  

Back From the Desert

With the humidity hovering in the 12% range, I learned the value of chapstick. LOTS of chapstick. My lips and skin are glad to be back in the 70% humidity of the DC area!!

The trip was a blast- lots of quality time with J, and lots of amazing scenery and weather. It didn't hurt that we found oh, just a few places to eat, and a few more places to shop. ;)

I even got a good amount of knitting done! I'm almost done with a pair of socks for grandma- made from woolease, with an "owl" cable design on the cuffs. Very cute! I would have taken pics, but, well, I got home after midnight last night, had to placate a VERY pissed Cricket (who apparently doesn't think that daily visits from my mom are the same as a live-in snuggle-giver), and STILL be at work by 630 am. Ugh. I'm helped by the fact that my sleep schedule in New Mexico was crazy, so I'm somewhat used to just randomly getting up regardless of what my body wants to do. :) And, since I have Friday off, I only have to suffer through 2 days of the alarm clock before I get a chance to sleep in nice and late. :) Of course, I also work this weekend (both days!), but that's good, because I kinda spent a good amount of $$ on vacation. Note to self- never go into an amazingly wonderful little boutique in Santa Fe after downing margaritas... you'll be apt to spend $150 on 2 amazing necklaces, some incense, a wall hanging, and some magnets. :)

Speaking of the magnets, one of them has a very apt quote on it:
"after dark, all cats are leopards"

Cricket agrees, and adds that she's glad I only brought back PICTURES of the cacti... (those teeny tiny specks in the background are the balloons from the hot air balloon festival- we chose to watch from way up in the mountains, rather than up close. It was amazing!)


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