Tuesday, October 21, 2003  

Interesting Morning

Let me just say to whoever decided to lock the door to my office, PBSTHTHTHTHTH!!! (we have these strange locks that you can lock from the outside, but you need a combo to UNLOCK. Needless to say, they didn't give me the combo... I had to have security unlock my door. I was kinda hoping they wouldn't be able to for awhile, and I could go home. ;)

Speaking of home, let me present "The Morning," a play in one act (by Cricket):

The curtain rises to absolute stillness- no lights, no sounds. As the lights slowly come up to dim, a bed becomes visible- light blue flannel sheets turned over a lush cream comforter. Slowly, a person's sleeping form becomes visible, barely peeking out from the mounds of covers. Then, the audience notices a black void in the cream landscape- right up by the pillows.


the stillness is shattered by the persistent scream of the bedside alarm clock. A hand emerges from the covers, and flails wildly at the still-beeping clock. The black void sits up and gives the arm a VERY dirty look. Finally, the noise stops. Satisfied, the black void uncurls, stretches, and promptly sits on the sleepy form.

"sweetie, I have to get up." Completely unconcerned, Cricket (for of course it is she) decides that, since you are so obviously awake now, it's time for rubs.

"EH!" roughly translated to "why aren't you rubbing on me right now? HMMMMM?

"no, I really have to get up and go to work." Apparently satisfied with the petting, Cricket, with a huge sigh of contentment, settles into a little kitty ball, preparing to sleep for another 12-14 hours.

*both forms lie still for what seems like just a few seconds, but really ends up being 30 minutes*

Finally, unable to put off the inevitable, the prone form extricates herself as carefully as possible from under the combined weight of the covers and the sleeping kitty. Sensing the motion, Cricket, with an extremely dirty look, hops off the bed and prepares herself for breakfast, leaving her now sleepy AND guilty pillow to get up, get dressed, and trudge off to work. As the door closes behind her, Cricket delicately hops up onto the bed, finds a comfy spot right up by the pillows, and curls up.


I didn't manage to take any pics yesterday, but I did finish grandma's socks. I made up the pattern on the way to New Mexico- 3 colors of woolease, with an owl cable design on the cuffs (my grandma is a big owl fan!). I'm also just a few rows away from finishing Frode's first sleeve... I'm going to do the second sleeve next... the sleeves are so boring, that if I put off the second sleeve until the end, I'm not sure how quickly I'll do it. At least now I'll have the exciting front to look forward to! :)


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