Tuesday, December 17, 2002  

Knitting Vacation

Beware the fierce and fearsome Cricket! :)

It is almost unbearable to have to wait an entire week for my "knitting vacation" to start. Sure, there will be lots of holiday activities to cram in as well (goodness! I guess I should WRAP my presents....!) but I am looking forward to a week with some solid knitting time. OOOOOOOOO I can't wait! I would be ecstatic if I could finish my Aran.... but I shouldn't get too excited... a lot of work left to do. And this weekend I HAVE to finish the scarf for my grandma- I probably have about an hour of knitting left (hopefully less!) and then some sewing. I hope she'll like it- it has been a very easy but very annoying project- mostly because it is SO boring to work on. Note to self- design projects that are more interesting and/or faster to knit! :)

Next up will be a baby blanket for a good family friend- she's expecting in May, I believe- even though I really really really want to start on designing my own Aran.... but I should do the blanket first as I would like it to be done in time for the little one's arrival. The pattern I'm using is much adapted from Vogue's Baby Blanket book (I completely re-did the colors):

I used the Digistitch program (originally purchased for cross stitch- what did I know about the wonders of knitting! :) and it took me the good part of a day to transfer the pattern from the tiny and almost illegible printing in the book into the program. But now it's there- complete with new, more exciting colors- and I think it will make a GREAT blanket. :) I'm thinking that I will also line the back of this blanket with fleece or flannel for added softness and warmth- but I'll see how it looks when it's finished, and decide then. :)

I can't help myself- I started looking at Dale of Norway patterns online, and I fell in love with this one (Akantus):

I had to order it right away (even though I am probably months away from actually knitting it!) And it isn't THAT bad (warning- shameless knitting purchase justification here!) because it includes the patterns for both the cardi AND the pullover- all for about $7 !!

I will have to substitute yarns, though, since I am too allergic to wool to even think about making it in a wool/mohair blend. But I think I'll be able to substitute Lion's WoolEase sportweight- I'll have to do some swatching to make sure, but I think I'll be able to do the substitution... which is great because (a) I can afford woolease, especially on my hopefully soon-to-be-in-law school budget, and (b) the woolease has enough wool to have the "wool look" and some of the texture without making my skin itch like crazy. I am SO excited to start this project- but then again, I'm so excited to start EVERY project (LOL!) I shall have to try and control myself and make each project wait its turn (more or less!) :)


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