Tuesday, January 28, 2003  

Cricket... Doing her Part for the "Homeland"

In these days of heightened security, I think it is important for all of us to do our part to ensure the safety of the "homeland." Here you see Cricket carefully inspecting this box. Though to the untrained eye the box appears empty, Cricket is sparing no effort in carefully checking for anything suspicious. She is being very thorough. Mr. Bushie would be so proud. :)

The cold continues, and so does the knitting progress (albeit slowly!) Last night, waiting backstage at the Kennedy Center, I finished the body of the baby sweater. Today I'll get started on the hood- I'm going to do it in a contrasting color (a) to make sure I have enough yarn, and (b) because I think it'll look really cute. I haven't decided what color to do the cords yet. As soon as I finish the baby sweater, I'm hopefully going to be able to start the kool-aid sweater/coat.... although I haven't really decided on a pattern, and I haven't dyed the yarn. Well, tomorrow I'll do little dying "swatches", and hopefully this weekend I'll have a chance to do the rest of the yarn. I guess I can start swatching with the stuff I'll dye tomorrow- I have a couple of patterns in mind, but may end up changing them all around anyway. I always seem to.... I also want to put in a lot of time on the Menagerie so I can get it finished! I really want to start on the Gustava cardigan from Stranded, but I really should restrain myself to 2 projects (portable and Menagerie) until it's done... otherwise I see a perpetually unfinished blanket in the crystal ball. :)

The Latin phrase for today:
vis a tergo
"a propelling force from behind"


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