Wednesday, February 26, 2003  

More Snow?!?!?

The leftover snow from 2 weeks ago hasn't melted yet, and some sidewalks are only now beginning to peek out from the snow. And now we're getting more? Maybe 5-6" ? ARGH!!! Although I must admit it is beautiful to watch from my window, walking in the swirling snow is NOT very fun.

I have my last day of training today- I've spent Monday and Tuesday learning "the 7 habits of highly effective people." Now, I'm sure some people find this seminar invaluable. I am not one of them. As far as I'm concerned, these 3 days have been a total waste. After all, how useful is it for someone to suggest that all families sit down and develop a family mission statement? If my parents had ever done that, I think my brother and I would have had them committed. I mean, REALLY! And the irony yesterday would have been delicious if I wasn't forced to sit through the training- we learned that we have to be proactive about eliminating "time wasters" from our schedules. I was VERY tempted to raise my hand and ask whether that means that we can leave training early? At least I am getting paid for this- and thankfully today is the last day.

Here is a photo of the hat that ended up being for me.... I wore it this morning through the snow! I like the way it turned out- I used the pattern from "Knitter's Handy" and Kool Wool from Lion... 2 skeins, plus the hand-dyed merino for the stripes. If I want to be a big dork, I can wear Ocean with its matching hat!!! ;)

Speaking of Ocean, I've made good progress on the first sleeve- the cuff is in black chenille. I'm planning on edging the other pieces in the chenille, and doing the collar in it.

The Latin phrase for today:
nox luna inlustris
"a moonlit night"


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