Thursday, February 13, 2003  

Project Recap

I discovered from my comments that, occasionally, someone happens across my blog without quite knowing what the $&#& I'm talking about, what with my "Menagerie" this and "Ocean" that. :) In case anyone is wondering, I usually keep a pretty current anthology of pics of my WIPs here: Current Projects . The photos are all "reprints" from blog entries, but if you would rather have them all on one page rather than scrolling through the archives, there you go! :)

Menagerie (the baby blanket I'm knitting for my cousin), is chugging along. I'm almost to the solid part of the hippo, and I'm into the body of the giraffe, so things are a little easier. I still can't face all the ends of the giraffe. Maybe if I ask really nicely, they'll weave themselves in. Last night, I forced myself to do some work on the elephant ends... I think I did about 5, and probably have another 10 or so to go. ICK.

Thanks to commuting and working out, I'm making great progress on Ocean (the hand-dyed cardigan). I finished the back yesterday, and am a good 6" into the left front. I hope to finish by the end of February. And another great side-effect... I haven't been this motivated to work out at the gym in a long time! I hardly ever miss a day... after all, that's another hour of knitting time!

Last night I made a roaring fire, and snuggled up in front of it knitting for as long as I could- eventually the heat radiating from the coals got too intense for comfort, so I moved to the couch. Cricket, however, seems to like things toasty- she walked past the fire, felt the wall of heat, and visably "lost the will to move." It was like watching Superman meet kryptonite. She sunk to a crouch, and then, obviously unable to resist, flopped over on her side. I tried to pet her, but her fur was so hot it really wasn't very pleasant... she seemed happy. After about 30 mins, she got up, stretched, and curled up next to me on the couch. I really want to be a cat....

The Latin phrase for today:
sic passim
"here and there (thus throughout)"


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