Friday, February 21, 2003  

Update Pictures, Teaching Knitting

Before everything started melting, Cricket and I went for a little snow walk- this was on Tuesday, and, as you can see, the snow would be well over Cricket's head if not for the shoveling efforts of my boyfriend. :) I think she was suffering from cabin fever too- she sat in the snow for about 10 minutes, and didn't seem to mind the cold!

Because I needed to retreive something from my car, I carried Cricket along the little path we had made through the snow drifts, and put her down on the shovelled out area by the car, thinking she would sit there for a few minutes while I grabbed what I needed. HAH! She, as she had tried to tell me repeatedly while I was walking to the street, did NOT want to go that far away from the house. And if I was going to put her down, she was going to remedy the situation and get back to the warm and cozy couch.

Luckily for her, she, being so small and dainty, balanced delicately on TOP of the 2 foot snow drifts. I was not as lucky, and was forced to plow through the deep snow trying desperately to keep up with her, afraid to let go of the leash in case she DID fall through, or run into the road, or some other such mishap. As you can see from her ears, she was NOT pleased with my behavior. Just goes to show you that you can't really properly train a human...

Last night my friend "forced" me to go to the craft store.... so of course, I had to buy some yarn. My boyfriend seems to have lost his black knit hat.... and of course, none of the stores are stocking winter clothes anymore! So I figured I would knit one quickly for him. I chose black "kool wool"- I'm knitting it at a tighter gauge than recommended, so hopefully it'll be a smidge warmer. They didn't have enough yarn at the store last night, though, so I'll be ducking out at lunch to pick up a few more skeins (hopefully the other store will have some!) When I stopped by my house to pick up the proper needles for the hat, I also grabbed the needles and instructions from my "learn to knit" kit, and also some yarn, and gave them to my friend so she could start to learn. She was getting the general idea, but was having trouble getting everything to stay in her hands.... it'll just take practice. She's a teacher, though, and has had the whole week off of work thanks to the snow, so hopefully she'll get the idea! We were watching CSI and I was trying to get some progress done on the hat, so I didn't have a lot of time to sit with her and practice, but hopefully this weekend, if she's still interested.

I finally got around to taking some update photos (with help from my lovely assistant):

Here is the extra cute bag I found to hold my sock projects- I reinforced the sides and bottom with some cardboard to give my little toothpick needles some extra protection.

And progress on Ocean- I finished the left front yesterday:

My thoughts go out to all those who lost loved ones in the terrible tragedies in Chicago and now in Rhode Island....

The Latin phrase for today:
per vivam vocem
"by the living voice"


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