Wednesday, April 30, 2003  

The Fun of Swatching

Last night, after FINALLY going to aerobics (thanks to the class schedule and my Las Vegas trip, I'd missed 2 weeks!) I sat down to watch last night's CSI and do some dishcloth swatching. I finished the first one, and even wrote all the pertinent information on a hang-tag (needle size, pattern, gauge, etc...) so I can keep them all straight. I still need to wash it, though, because supposedly the mill-end natural cotton I'm using "blooms" in the wash. I'm hoping for softer. :) I started on the second swatch, too- well, actually the third- I abandoned the second after about an inch because I did NOT like the texture the stitch pattern produced. And, since my grand idea for this whole project is to use these swatches in designing an Aran sweater for myself, I should probably stick to patterns I actually LIKE. I call them "dishcloth swatches" because, if all goes well, I plan to use the swatches as just that... I'll probably take some pics of each swatch and put together a little spreadsheet or something so I can identify the stitch patterns, but I plan to hopefully replace some of my paper towel use with the re-usable and washable cotton swatches. Every little bit helps the environment, and my wallet- after all, paper towels are expensive! :)

Unfortunately, in all the dishcloth swatch mania, my mom's vest has been sadly neglected. Mainly because I haven't been able to devote the solid knitting time necessary to cast on and start the right front. I really hate not having enough time to finish the cast-on and at least 1 or 2 more rows at once- if I don't, it seems like I always mess something up when I come back to the project, and have to start all over anyway. Well, I have until June (her birthday) to get it finished, so it shouldn't be too bad... and I would plan to work on it this weekend, but between my bulletin board project and Maryland Sheep and Wool, I'm not too hopeful.

Speaking of Sheep and Wool, I'm not planning on spending any money. I know it sounds crazy, what with all the vendors sure to tempt me, but I spent plenty in Vegas (mostly on food!), and I'm really just going to see the sheep dogs. I LOVE sheep dogs. :) Plus, I have enough projects in my future that I really can't justify spending $$ on "yarn for later." Between my mom's vest, my dad's vest, the dishcloth swatches and eventual Aran sweater, and the oodles of socks I've planned, I have enough "projects w/yarn" to last me for awhile. But I'm still looking forward to a beautiful Sunday wandering around the sheepy-ness of the Howard county fairgrounds. And, as an added bonus, I convinced my parents and grandma to come with me, so I don't have to drive.

and since the day wouldn't be complete without an obscure Latin phrase:
detur digniori
"let it be given to those more worthy"


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