Thursday, April 17, 2003  

New Hibernation Rules

You know the weather isn't going to be good if the HIGH temperature for the day was at 4 am. From our lovely 80s yesterday, we're plummeting into the 40s... I think weather like that is meant for hibernating. Now, if only my work agreed, I'd still be at home, in bed, snuggled up with a black fuzzy fluff-ball!

I've made tremendous progress on my first Karebear sock. (Karebear = my friend's nickname... all you 80s children will understand!) I'm flying through the pattern... 3/1 ribbing on the top, stockinette on the bottom (toe-up). The woolease sport toe looks fabulous- and I'll do the same with the heel. I know, I know, I need to take a picture. At this rate, though, I'll be nearly done by the time I manage to snap a shot! Oh well. Gotta love, though, how knitting on the sock makes me WANT to go to the gym during lunch... what a nice knitting vacation sandwiched in the middle of the day! And, if I have time after the gym, I can get a little more knitting done while listening to the BBC worldservice. I usually listen to NPR in the evenings, but for a different perspective, I'm learning to love the BBC. Every once in awile it's invaluable to be exposed to non-American-centric viewpoints. And the incredulous anger I feel after listening to international views on America's current stupidity makes the knitting go even faster!

Somehow, in all this sock excitement, my mom's vest is getting a little neglected... I did a few more rows last night, and I'm about an inch from starting the armhole decreases. But there still is quite a ways to go, plus the right front and assembly- including i-cord! I have until the end of June (her birthday), but still- I've been slacking. Especially since I want to have Mom's vest done as soon as possible- after all, the rest of the beautiful yarn for my Dad's vest will arrive any day now, and then the temptation will be almost unbearable. ;)

CSI tonight is a repeat... guess I can work on the vest. And next week, we'll be watching CSI from LAS VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!! hee hee hee.

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