Thursday, May 01, 2003  


So 2 really exciting things have happened this week. First, I finally got the score report from my LSAT field test- I was in the 99th percentile!! So no more studying for me. Too bad that wasn't the REAL test... oh well! Second, I just found out that there will be a second floor apartment available on May 15. HEE HEE! So exciting. Even though I'll be sad, in a way, to move, now that I've decided to do it, I just want to get it over with. So I'll beg my friend in retail to save me some boxes, and I'll start hard-core packing. Luckily I can take stuff over to my parent's house as I get it packed, so I can see what I need to pack up better. But I am VERY excited. Oh, I guess there are a few more exciting things, but only because I'm a big dork. I got a new vacuum last night- and I'm totally psyched. And I introduced my mom to the wonders of AC Moore arts and crafts. Now, my mom is not a particularly crafty person, but she is a teacher, and makes these really fabulous calendars she uses to teach months/dates/days (she's an elementary school french teacher), and she always uses really neat stickers and cool paper and stuff. And I was unbelievably restrained- I only spent 26 cents on some craft paint for my bulletin board project!

Thanks to all who have left me comments in the last couple of days! In case you didn't see the responses I left in the comments section- the 4 girls, from left to right, are Karen, Daphne, me, and Jen. And yes, I do think I'll have problems sticking to the "no-buy" rule at Sheep and Wool... but hopefully my upcoming move-in (and all the money involved there) will restrain me somewhat. :)

In knitting news, I started and re-started about 3 dishcloth swatches- I didn't like the stitch patterns. It wasn't that I didn't like the way they looked, but that I didn't like the way they felt when I was knitting them. I realized if I didn't like knitting the pattern on a 30 stitch swatch, there was no way I would be willing to do it on a sweater panel. So I frogged, and started the next stitch pattern. I just got to the first true cable pattern, but since I was too lazy to go get a cable needle, I didn't really get too much done. And now I found out that thanks to the shrub's speech tonight, CSI will be however many hours delayed. D'oh!!! I guess I can always tape it, but still, very frustrating. Grumble grumble grumble.

On that note, I guess this Latin quote is appropriate:
habet et musca splenem
"even a fly gets angry"


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