Thursday, May 22, 2003  

Fingers Crossed

Well, I have a doctor's appointment today. Not to bore you with too many details, but for the past 3-4 weeks, I have noticed localized, acute pain in my abdomen (right side, between navel and pelvis) when I exercise. At first, it happened a few times at aerobics. Then it started hurting when I would walk briskly. Now, it hurts pretty much immediately when I start walking. So I need to get it checked out. I just hope it is something that (1) can be diagnosed relatively easily and (2) something that can be FIXED relatively easily. And as nervous as I am to hear what it is, I know in my gut (hah hah!) that something is WRONG. My body is definitely trying to tell me something... I just don't know what. So today, hopefully I'll figure it out. What really puzzles me is that, if I were to become a total couch potato, I probably wouldn't really notice it at all... no other symptoms! Hmmmmmm.

In other news, I did manage to drag myself to the extra choir rehearsal last night... and I managed to get a good deal of progress done on my next sock! It's nice to get back to the more mindless regia sock for awhile... not that Grandma's Socks were too complicated, but still. ;) My resolve still stands for this weekend, though... finish all 3 "almost finished" pairs... 2 need chenille cuffs, and 1 needs some TLC on the toes. And then, work on my mom's vest... poor neglected thing! I hope I can remember what I was doing! Her birthday is coming up at the end of June, so I'd better get on it. Plus, my dad's vest, which will be MUCH more complicated, will hopefully end up under the Christmas tree... but not if I don't start working on it! :)

And here is Cricket, standing on "her" shelf (she won't like it when I finally get the rest of my herbs set up!!), looking out at the tree that seems to be almost continuously filled with birds. This weekend, if it ever stops raining, I'll take her outside for the first time at the new place... I even found (and unpacked) her little leash! :)


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