Tuesday, May 06, 2003  

Magic Moving Wand

I want one. I want to be able to wave it, and have everything instantly transferred to the new apartment. :) But since that will probably never happen, I've been packing. But the great quandry is that I need to use some of the stuff between now and next week, so do I pack it and do without? Don't pack and leave it until the last minute? Ugh. I'm leaning towards packing as much as possible by this weekend, and doing without until next weekend, since next week will pretty much be a loss for packing, what with choir monday and wednesday, and aerobics tuesday and thursday, and moving starting on Friday. I'll probably end up taping CSI on Thursday, and probably skipping choir on Wednesday. I really don't want to waste my friend's time on Friday having her watch me pack up the kitchen. :)

What with the frenzied whirl of boxes going on, there hasn't been much knitting progress to speak of. I'm plugging away on a simple regia sock for my CA friend, and entertained my choir last night by working on it during breaks. But that's about it... I think all other knitting is going to be on hold until I've moved and settled in. Unfortunately, I think I need pretty much every spare moment I can grab to get ready for next weekend. And this weekend, after a (hopefully) very successful Ikea trip, I'll have a table to stain before moving too. That's the plan for Sunday... that, Mother's Day, and more packing. Yeah, I know, a REALLY exciting life. I'm also 1 side away from finishing the bulletin board- I think I'll go ahead and finish that before I move since I'm so close.

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