Wednesday, May 28, 2003  

Nostalgia for Northern California

For the last 3 weeks or so, the forecast has been EXACTLY the same. Cloudy, --% chance of showers and thunderstorms, much cooler than normal. Instead of riding my bike to work, I've been walking, since it's awfully hard to ride one's bike carrying an umbrella! Also, since it has rained EACH and EVERY day, I'd rather not soak my bike while I'm at work. But I'm ready for some sun now please... or at least no rain. The grass is almost literally growing as you watch... pretty soon pets and small children will start getting lost in it!! So please, unlike Santa Cruz (and much of the northern west coast), we are NOT supposed to have a rainy season here in D.C. So a little sunshine?

Charlotte asked yesterday if I had given Menagerie to my cousin yet... well, sort of :) I gave it to my parents, so they could send it with their present. They haven't done that yet... the baby is due in August, so there is plenty of time still. My grandma and my parents have seen it, and love it. Apparently my grandma raved about it to my aunt when she visited her in Atlanta, so my aunt is excited too! But I'm not sure if my cousin has heard about it... I don't really care if it's a surprise, but I don't know if anyone mentioned the blanket to her. But the good news is that everything is going well with the baby (a boy!) and everyone is healthy. So hopefully in a few months... :)

The fern had to move. I'm still not sure if she was actually eating it, but I figure, why risk it? And now she has a perch with all her friends... I'm just waiting for the time when I come home, or walk past, and get dive-bomb kitty attacked from above. Don't let that innocent look fool you... she LOVES ambush attacks. But, since she's a nice, well-mannered kitty, she doesn't use her claws. :) I'm thinking of growing some grass for her to chew on... maybe then she'll leave my fern alone!

I made some more progress last night on my mom's vest... I'm not sure if you can see the cable in the picture... I tried to sharpen it up, but it is really subtle even in person, so the camera pretty much misses it. Anyway, I was watching an episode of "Danger UXB"- an old British show about the group of soldiers who had to go disarm the hundreds of UneXploaded Bombs that the Germans dropped on London. I've only seen the first episode, but WOW... talk about on the edge of your seat!

I also finally unpacked my Aran swatches... the rest of the cotton for the sweater came yesterday in the mail, so there's a little more motivation to get going on those swatches! I'm just about done with my fourth swatch... I still need to wash these guys to see how much the cotton changes in a good spin in the machines. On a couple of the pics, you can see the little tag with the information about pattern and original gauge...

Hmmm... and you'd think, since it's unpacked, I'd manage to bring in a Latin quote. But no, somehow I'm not that together in the morning yet! :) At least I've been MUCH better at taking pics... of course, if you have a slow connection (like I do at home), that may or may not be a good thing! ;)


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