Friday, June 27, 2003  

Friday Happy Dance!

Aerobics last night kicked my booty. I missed Tuesday due to the cold that would not die, and the previous classes had been easier since we were still learning the routines. Last night was the first full class of the session... and my body is well aware of it this morning! Even so, there's something oh-so-satisfying about "good sore" muscles.


Hopefully this weekend I'll get the armhole decreases done, and get ready for the front v-neck steek. Although I'll probably need to take a break at that point and chart out those decreases too... just so I don't get too confused! So far so good, though... I'm still nervous about picking up the sts after I cut the steeks, but if I have to rip it out, that's fine. I have plenty of time before December to get this right- at this rate, I'll finish well before the end of the summer!

Thanks to Cricket-the-Curious and her yarn skein destroying ways, I'm winding the rest of the shetland I bought for the vest into nice, stackable little "balls." Um, yeah... so I bought way too much yarn for this vest. On all the colors except one, I'm still on the first ball... I have 2 extra in the drawer. I'll probably get into another ball for each color, but I very much doubt I'll touch the third. And as for the black, I think I'm on my third ball, and I have 6? or something crazy like that in the drawer. Well, that's what you get when you switch yarns... and overestimate the amounts on top of the overestimation built into the pattern already. I think the extras will be destined for some gloves or mittens for some wool-enabled friends- I've been dying to try out some of the designs in this book, and since I'll have the right yarn for it...

I've also been working on the june socks from the sock club. I LOVE this colorway, and this is my first real experience with a lacy pattern. So far, so good... I think these will be for me, especially since I've decided to give my mom the red fire socks (the march socks). They are just too small for me... she has smaller feet, so hopefully they'll fit her better. But since I did wear them, and haven't washed them yet, she'll get them as a Christmas gift... I doubt very much she'll be inclined to wear wool socks much before then- especially as today's humidity is at 97%. That's right, 97%. They say this weekend will be much nicer, so I'm hoping I get to hang out at the pool for a few hours!

ANYWAY, here's the first Bluebell sock- I'm just now turning the heel:

and here's a picture on my foot (so you can kinda see the lace pattern):

Ever tried to take a picture of a hyper kitty? ;)


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