Friday, June 13, 2003  


Now, if the daily thunderstorms would just stop... last night, the storms mostly passed me by... I didn't get the worst of the weather. It still rained a good amount, and the thunder was loud enough to make Cricket a little nervous!

Progress continues on Dalmore... I've been trying to master 2 handed knitting- one color in my right hand, one color continental in my left. I'm doing pretty well- but my continental tension isn't great. I've figured out that I need use my left hand for the color with the fewest stitches in that round. For most rounds, that's black, so I was doing fine. But for 2 or so rounds, the black dominates, and my tension went too. So now I know to switch colors and hands on those few rows. It is much faster to not have to switch yarns in one hand... although in general I think I prefer throwing to continental, especially when there are any purls! So I think this will be a technique reserved for 2-color knitting.

Is anyone else getting pretty sick of the "soapboxing" on some of the lists, especially socknitters? UGH. Not that I needed another reason, but I will definitely be leaving ALL of my knitting lists once I start school. Right now, I have plenty of free time (and a fast connection) at the office, so reading the list emails is at least a way to pass some slow time. I hardly ever check the lists at home, though, and find that over weekends or holidays, I don't miss the lists at all. I much prefer reading my favorite blogs... and yes, I do usually check in on the weekends! :) The 2 things that annoy me most about the lists are (1) the "let's all get together and criticize something/someone so we'll feel better"... and the corresponding "don't bash that/me/them let me bash you for doing that" posts, and (2) the "i just finished something and want to tell everyone all about it" posts. LIKE I CARE that you finished a pair of socks! WOOO HOOO! Get a webpage/blog if you want to chronicle your finished projects... oh wait, never mind... I don't really want to read dozens of emails about how you need help with the HTML or can't figure out how to add pictures or whatever.

Ok, I'm done now. :) I hope everyone has a great weekend- and if you're in the DC area and want to come listen to a free performance of Bach's St. John's Passion complete with orchestra, come by the First Baptist Church in Dupont Circle (16th and O streets) at 6 pm on Sunday.

Cricket would come, but she has other plans.

et nunc et semper
"now and always"


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