Thursday, July 24, 2003  

The Amazing Growing Mittens!

Progress continues on the mittens- I'm finally getting into the patterning. With Dalmore it was much easier because the same pattern repeated so many times- but on the mitten, by the time I've gotten into the flow, the row is over, and it changes. It would probably help too if I had been paying more complete attention to the mitten, but, well, Law and Order was on... and you know how that goes.

Speaking of patterning, anyone notice anything funky on the back of the mitten?

I'll give you a hint- it's in the blue section, below the white "thumb goes here" line. That's right, I screwed up the patterning on the back! I noticed it somewhat soon after, but then I made an executive decision. See how my flub happens to correspond exactly with that blue "center line" on the pattern? I've decided that I'll replicate the screw up every time I get to that point, and suddenly mistake = design feature. I actually think it's kinda cool since as the colors shift to blue, the number of rows in each color shrinks, so the flub has the effect of accentuating that compression. That, and I didn't feel like ripping back to fix it!

I'm still impatiently awaiting the arrival of my chickami yarns. Of course, once they come, I'll have to hurry up and finish the mittens, or (more likely), just go ahead and start a kami right away. I ordered some chenille, and also a rayon-cotton blend. I'm still trying to decide if I want to mix the chenille I ordered with some black chenille in my stash in some sort of stripe thing, but I think I might do one plain, and then one with the stripes. Wait, does that plan now bring me up to 4 chickami's I want to knit? Plus the one I already did? Goodness! Luckily, I wear tank tops all year long. I LOVE tanks with cardigans or blazers... so I think I'll keep wearing the kami's long after the summer is over.

When I tell people I have a black cat, some people ask if she's all black. Yes. With the exception of about 5 white hairs on her tummy, Cricket is totally jet black. Black nose, black whiskers, black fur... and black paw-pads:

You have no idea how much I had to lighten this pic to make Cricket show up at all. Even with a flash, taking a pic of a jet black kitty is difficult! Oh, and Cricket says, for the record, that this photo makes her feet look big. In actuality, she says, her paws are very dainty and delicate. Especially when she uses them to poke me awake in the middle of the night to give her loves... sometimes it's SO hard to know what they want!



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