Friday, August 29, 2003  

Seeing Mars

It took over 2 hours, but I finally did get to see Mars last night through an 8 inch telescope. A little less impressive than I was hoping, but still pretty damn cool. Imagine how much cooler it would have been if I didn't live in the land of the orange sky!! :) It was pretty cool though to see literally hundreds of people waiting in line for several hours to look through a telescope! Not that I was ever a big astronomy buff, but it's always cool to see science grabbing the popular imagination.

Knitting progress continues on the back of the cardi... but since it looks like yesterday's pic, only several inches longer, I was too lazy to take a new picture. I did, however, take a pic a few days ago of Cricket enjoying the cool air... she sat in front of the fan for maybe 10 minutes. She's such a goof!

The only other interesting news from last night was that I went to an end-of-summer apartment complex party... mostly for the free food, but also to meet some neighbors. This guy from my building (whom I had seen several times, and we exchanged numbers, and said we should 'get together' or something) was also there- and we had a pretty long conversation. Now, I don't know what the motivation is on his part- I have mentioned several times that I have a boyfriend (not that, even if I were single, I would necessarily be interested in him). My motivation was, well, it's good to meet/get to know some people who live right by you. ANYWAY, it became clear pretty quickly (to me at least) that I'm not really interested in spending time with him- you know how some people are "neat," or "interesting," or whatever, and some aren't? Nothing wrong with him, just with my hectic schedule, there are LOTS of things I would rather do than devote more time to getting to know him. So there it is- I gave him a friendship-chance, and found nothing compelling. I'm actually disappointed- I would really like to have some good friends in my immediate neighborhood. Ah well... perhaps some new people will move in...

magna est veritas et praevalebit
"truth is mighty and will prevail"


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