Thursday, January 29, 2004  

Finally, Some Pics!

The weather here has been pretty terrible since Sunday evening... snow, then ice, then more snow, and then a little more ice. Consequently, I've been spending a lot of time snuggled up with Cricket at home... I didn't even dig my car out until yesterday afternoon, and then only to move it to a different spot in the parking lot. What does one do when one is forced into relative inaction?

Exhibit one- the knitted coasters.

Lest you think I've become one of the KL's who feel the need to fill my house with decorative (but wacky) knitted items, let me explain- had the leftover acrylic yarn and a friend who expressed a need for coasters. He happens to like green. So, once peachy was finished, I knit him a small square coaster... and he asked for the rest of "the set." I definitely felt like a big dork for knitting them, though... :)

Exhibit two should be the tea cosy, but I forgot to upload the picture from the other camera disk, so that'll have to wait until later.

I did, however, finally finish my ribbie pullover:

click on pictures for larger images:

I am, on the whole, VERY pleased with this sweater. For some reason, the neckline refused to be a crewneck, prefering instead to remain a U-shape... and I've decided I like it this way! :) I would have finished this one ages ago, but I didn't like the yoke I had done before, so had to rip it out and re-do it. OH, and yes, those are my pink flannel snoopy-the-astronaut pj pants. ;)

Speaking of ripping, last night, while working industriously on the sleeve of Sage (ah, alpaca, you are so soft and fuzzy...) I realized that I did NOT like the way I had handled the increases in relation to the pattern... it looked too abrupt at one point where I started the "k1" stripe. Since this was the third time I had looked at that place and been annoyed, I realized that I needed to rip it and start over. *sigh*. But I like the second try MUCH better. :) You'll note that I've used the provisional cast-on for the sleeve... I am being indecisive, and can't decide what to do for the sleeve edging- I'm debating using some cream alpaca as an accent, or perhaps doing a lacy edging... so I'm leaving my options open.

Here's the pattern swatch:

And here's my progress on the sleeve (take 2):

Oh, and I finally wrote up the pattern for Peachy... many many thanks for all your comments! :)

And last, but certainly not least, here's Cricket meeting her new friend, Patrick-

Patrick, being filled with air and all, was a bit nervous about meeting Cricket's sharp little teeth and claws, but luckily Cricket would much rather stalk the elusive green alpaca-strings.

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