Tuesday, February 03, 2004  

Productive Monday

Well, despite staying up late on Sunday to celebrate with the Patriots, I managed to kick major booty on Monday. First, finished the taxes, and submitted them. Second, finished the FAFSA, and submitted it. Third, registered for the other financial aid form I have to fill out. I would have finished that one too, but, since I'm under 30, apparently it's a given that my parents are still supporting me financially, even though they aren't, and aren't going to pay my way through law school. But I guess rules are rules, so I need my dad to help me fill out the rest of that form. After all the financial forms were out of the way, I sold a book on amazon, and finished the first sleeve of Sage. Whew! Then, before choir, I took a trip to the kitchen store- my baking stone had an unfortunate encounter with my kitchen floor, so I needed a new one. I also found adorable cookie cutters, a nice rolling pin, and FINALLY, new tea mugs. I'm very picky about my mugs... they need to be nice and thick, and BIG (I drink a LOT of tea!). Plus, they need to have comfy handles. I'm sure the lady at the kitchen store thought I was insane for spending so much time looking at mugs... but, $10 later, I have a green and a black mug. :)

Tonight I'm hoping to take some update photos of the tea cosy and sage. I also swatched for Rogue... I am spot on with sts/inch, but I'm 1 row/inch over gauge. I still need to wash my swatch, though, and see how it goes... but I'm confident I can do a bit of lengthening without too much trouble. I'm using Stahl winter cotton... I really really like this yarn! I'm actually going to buy more of it in green as soon as I convince myself to spend the extra $$. Elann... such a blessing AND a curse! :)

One last note... S (the bf) stayed over Sunday night after the game, and I obligingly reset the alarm clock for about 2 hours after I got up since he gets to work much later than I do. Somehow, by Monday night, I had completely forgotten this fact, and blithely turned on the alarm and went to bed... never thinking to check what TIME it would go off. My first clue that something was wrong this morning was the amount of sunshine filling my apartment (well, not really sunshine since it's raining, but still- light!) I looked at the clock, groaned, and rushed out of bed. Well, we're in the middle of a nice round of freezing rain, so I watched the news and saw that the Federal Government was opening 2 hours late... so, by providence, I was actually RIGHT ON TIME! :) I love it when things work out like that.... but I did reset my alarm clock before I left! ;)


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