Wednesday, February 11, 2004  

The Serendipity of Provisionally Casting On

The more I knit, the more I learn to trust my gut. This is not to say that I immediately change everything the second I have a "hmmmm, I'm not sure about that" moment- sometimes I'm wrong. But I have learned to embrace any doubts I have, and REALLY REALLY think about whatever is making me wonder- if it's still bothering me after a good long reflection, then I probably need to change it. I had just such a moment yesterday as the body of sage grew... something about all those cables on the whole body just seemed off. I slipped enough of the working stitches onto scrap yarn so that I could try it on (cabled tube top, anyone?) and decided that it was just not happening. But all that work! Was there no way to salvage the design? Plus, don't forget the two sleeves waiting patiently at home for attachment... It took me about 15 minutes of sketching, thinking, and visualizing, but I not only came up with a design change I like better, but I also managed to save all but about 2" of the body cables. The result- the new and improved sage:

As you can (maybe) see, I flipped the body over... I'll now use the provisional cast-on edge to continue with the yoke, and I'm now knitting down to the waist in plain stockinette stitch. The knitting muses must have been in full swing with me yesterday, because I even remembered to calculate the new gauge in stockinette, and decrease the number of stitches by 20% so the stockinette section doesn't blouse out below the cables. Now, I'm desperately trying to figure out the neckline before I get to the joining round... I had my heart set on a v-neck, but now I'm leaning more towards a simple crew neck- but I'm thinking a rather low one. I think what I'll have to do is set up a lifeline, and then experiment- maybe knit a few inches of a v-neck, and see how that's looking, and if I don't like it, go with a low crew, and if I don't like that, a regular crew neck. By that point (which hopefully won't be necessary), I think I'll be so sick of knitting the neck that I might need a huge dose of red wine.

But I will finish this before I start Rogue, so that's some pretty good motivation. Plus, S. will be out of town this weekend, and he's kindly letting me hijack his netflix rentals while he's gone... nothing like movies and a couch to encourage knitting!

Cricket isn't feeling too well- I think we'll be heading to the vet later today (if they have an appointment)... she had been sneezing and coughing about a month ago, so we went in, and got her a cortizone shot- she sneezed a lot for about 2 weeks after that, and then seemed to be getting much better... until Monday night, when she started having trouble breathing. As an almost life-long asthma sufferer myself, I would swear that's what she had Monday night and most of Tuesday- then she started her coughing again. Plus, as far as I can tell, she hardly ate at all yesterday... so, even though she'll be VERY mad at me for taking her BACK to the vet, I think it's time for another checkup. Poor kitty...


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