Monday, March 08, 2004  

Moving Envy

After seeing Rachael's amazing new apartment, I started getting envious- I wanted a fabulous new place! But then, thinking about it, I realized that I love my apartment- I love being able to walk NEXT DOOR to trader joe's... I love the location, and the building, and the fact that they allow me to have kitties. :) So, after deciding that I would definitely renew my lease in May, I decided that I needed to shake things up. Bear in mind that I live in a 525 sq. ft. efficiency... so I have to make the most of my space.

Step 1- the bed. I decided to put the bed right next to the AC unit- I can live without air conditioning for the most part, except for when I sleep. Hopefully this way my electricity bill won't go crazy this summer-

I'd also like to point out that it is very difficult to move all that furniture around by oneself... of course, I suppose MOST people are smart enough to get some help!

I debated about what to do with the rest of the furniture- I decided it made sense to put the table by the kitchen pass-through (my bed had been there before), and then, after MUCH grunting and dragging of couches and bookshelves and tv's, I figured out where to put everything else.

(notice the "shelf 'o yarn"? Let's hope Cricket doesn't....) :)

By the time I got everything settled, I was both exhausted and hyper... I kept thinking of things to do and adjust while at the same time understanding that I really did need to re-hydrate and stop running around like some sort of headless chicken. Luckily, Cricket had mostly recovered from the chaos (at one point she was sitting on the couch as I was trying to move it... what a helpful kitty) and solved the problem by sitting on my chest.

So I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday... I'm even more excited to go home to my "new" place! Hopefully in a few days I'll have pics of a finished Rogue... I'm so close!

And Cricket adds that you can find happiness in the simplest of things- especially really crinkly paper bags.


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