Tuesday, March 30, 2004  

New Things

Last week, while working on the beginnings of Pines during lunch, I discovered that, although I had seemingly packed everything else I could possibly need, I had no cable needle. D'oh! Not to be deterred, however, I realized that the yarn, being fairly well-behaved, could probably withstand the cable-without-cable-needle routine. Plus, none of the cables for Pines involve anything too complicated. So, without further ado, I said goodbye to the cable needle, and entered a strange and wild world where stitches are constantly rearranging themselves... and I must say, I love it! I recognize that it won't be appropriate for all cables or yarns, but for this project at least, it's all good. ;)

Not content to merely peer over the edge of the box, I decided that I also needed to learn to let go of my cable chart- at least for such a simple and repetitive pattern. I think that in the past I've been doing much more complicated cables- more aran style- and there was just too much to keep track of without the charts and a highlighter. But not this project! Consequently, without the added burden of the cable needle and the chart, I've been almost flying through the back. I'm just about to the arm shaping!

For my next project, I'll be (finally) working on the Sirdar pattern:

I am, however, seriously considering replacing the buttons/button band with a nice, clean zipper. I'll be ordering one from zipperstop.com anyway for Pines, so it won't be much more to add the second one... plus, in general, I'm more of a zipper girl than a button girl. But I'm still debating. I guess I'll have to decide somewhat soon, or else make Pines pine for its zipper! (sorry, i couldn't resist!)

I hope everyone is having a great week so far- mine just got MUCH better now that my long, boring meeting this morning has been cancelled!


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