Thursday, April 08, 2004  

Knitting Time Becomes Kitty Time

For the first 2.5 years of her little life, Cricket was a snuggle-kitty, but not a lap-kitty. She would curl up sweetly right next to me in bed or on the couch, but never ON me. It was so nice- kitty snuggles AND the ability to knit, and use the bathroom, and answer the phone. Well, last winter, she realized that the world revolved even MORE around her if she actually sits on me. So now I can barely get near the couch, or the bed, or the floor for that matter, without a furry black kitty-butt making itself at home. Now, don't get me wrong, I love snuggling with a purring sleepy kitty, but I also love to knit, and the two activities are basically incompatible. {sigh}. Consequently, Pines is progressing rather slowly... but they are progressing!

In other news, I finally told my supervisors here at work that I'll be leaving in August... I work for the government, so they won't fire me before my last day or anything, and they need a LOT of lead-time to replace me... they probably won't be able to do it before I leave in August! Everyone was very pleased about my news, but it was bittersweet because it is going to make life more difficult for them. As an added bonus, though, they're going to move me into an office with a window... right now I'm in a totally different section than all the rest of my team, and they don't want to lose the office that just opened up in the same area. So yeah... windows! I will be SO much happier being stuck at work. :) Plus, they're giving me some really nice boxes to move all of my office stuff, so I'll be borrowing those for my move in June, too! :)

And, thanks to Rachael, I'm going to have to go buy the new Vogue Knitting and make that adorable tank top from the cover. {sigh} ;)

Well, off to fill up boxes of stuff in my office... and then take the boxes home and fill them up again! Moving is exciting, but a big pain in the @$$. Good news, though- I've gotten 2 'nibbles' on the roommate situation... I'm just waiting to hear back from the girl who has 'first dibs', but it looks like I'll be able to find a roommate from the other incoming law students, and hopefully without too much trouble. (although I'll feel MUCH better when it's all settled!)


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