Thursday, April 01, 2004  

Plugging Away at Pines

Yesterday, I got to spend the entire day in boring meetings. These meetings would truthfully have been much more interesting if I weren't leaving in 4 months... but since I am, and nothing that was discussed in these meetings will really matter for at least 6 months, there was a distinct lack of interest on my part. However, it has forced me to the realization that I have to give them my notice here soon- they are apparently interested in making me the lead on several projects, and I really need to let them know that I won't be here to fulfill all of these responsibilities. And, since I work for the government, it's not like they'll fire me before my last day... so it makes sense to give them a 'heads-up'. I'm totally dreading the conversations, though, since I've known I would be leaving for over a year now- and I've known for SURE since December, and I haven't let on. Well, I'll give myself a deadline of May 3... hopefully I'll get it over with sometime in April.

In knitting news, I was able to get a significant amount of progress done on Pines... I'm past the initial arm shaping, and have another pattern repeat and a half or so to go before I finish the back. I would have taken a picture, but, well, it looks basically exactly the same as before- only longer. I debated about whether to do the sleeves or the fronts next, and I've decided to go with the fronts so that I can duplicate what I've done on the back without having to stress my brain out too much. :)

Tonight and tomorrow I get to spend all of my time at GW's "Preview Day" activities- I hope I can get something out of them, and maybe meet some new folks! And then on Saturday, I have a date with the cherry blossoms... I saw some amazing trees yesterday by the National Gallery of Art, and I was so tempted to skip my meeting and sit under the beautiful trees... but it was kinda chilly and the grass was wet, so off to the meeting I went. ;)

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend- I'm making mine a 4-day affair by taking Monday off... after all, I have to use up those sick days, right? ;)


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