Tuesday, May 11, 2004  


Well, the pace of my life is definitely speeding up- in a week, I leave for a fabulous trip to California to be in my best friend's wedding and see more fabulous people, and then follows a whirlwind of choir rehearsals, concerts, and oh yeah, moving. PHEW! I *may* return to sanity around the end of June, but I'm not making any promises (after all, I'm assuming that there's some sort of sanity to which I can return!) ;)

ANYWAY, in the spirit of 'getting everything done before I run out of time,' I spent the morning in various doctor's offices... first, I got to get a tetanus shot and have my dr verify that yes, I did indeed have chicken pox and all my other vaccinations. Boy, bureaucratic forms AND a shot- what fun!! Then I got to go get my eyes checked- the good news- my eyes are about the same, and I don't need to spend $$ on a new pair of glasses (I can see just fine 99% of the time, but I am a tiny bit nearsighted, so I wear glasses for driving at night, and when I'm trying to read the board or something!) The bad news, though, was that I got to wait around for almost 2 hours, and I got those terrible drops that make your pupils dilate... I can see again now, but one pupil is much larger than the other, so I look like a bit of a freak.

In knitting news, well, there isn't much- I'm plugging away on the ribbing section of the right front of Slosh... and even though it's quite impressive that I have about 6" done, it doesn't make for a particularly impressive photo. {sigh} Plus, the temperatures have decided to stay planted in the 90s (oh, but we cooled down all the way to 69 last night!) I think tonight I'm going to splurge and power up the A/C.

Many thanks to the fabulous Wendy who checked with Lucy for a vet recommendation in Northern Virginia (where I'll be moving in June)... although Cricket thinks her current vet is just fine, I don't think she'll like the 45 minute car ride each way to visit him. Of course, since she doesn't really like ANYTHING about visiting the V - E - T, maybe the car ride wouldn't make much of a difference! :)


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