Monday, June 21, 2004  


I only have 3 more boxes to unpack (not counting my books, but they don't get unpacked until my roommate and I decide on the location of the bookcases!) So hopefully by the time she gets here on Friday, I'll be done (mostly). It was an unbelievable amount of work, but it was so worth it- I really love the new apartment and new neighborhood! Now I'm just hoping everything will work out ok with the new roommate- but I'm sure everything will be fine.

Of course, moving day was one of the hottest days this year- it was miserable. Here I am (with my amazing friend K who made it possible for me to move!)... don't we look nice and sweaty and disgusting? My gratitude to whomever invented the shower.

Cricket adjusted quite nicely- although she is still mad that I won't let her hang out outside unsupervised... but, well, we have several large (and sometimes off-leash) doggies as neighbors, so she's just going to have to deal. And it's not like she's really suffering- she has MANY more windows and sunbeams to bask in, including these fantastic windows in my bedroom:

She's already met many of her avian neighbors. She's quite anxious to say hello... and maybe have them over for lunch, or a snack... ;)

And last, but certainly not least, knitting... I'm plugging away on the sleeves of Slosh, and attempting to stay awake in the process!

As you can see, not too exciting... but I'm almost done with the interminable ribbing, and will shortly be starting the much more interesting lace pattern and shaping. After that, I'll be ready to assemble and do the finishing work!

I also ordered a good amount of solid colored sock yarn, and as soon as it arrives, I'm going to get started on another pair for my friend daf... I'll be using black, and that multi-color yarn that will get a good blue/green koolaid dunk after I finish the socks. I sketched out a pattern last night (gotta love crayons!):

Now if only the yarn would arrive in the mail! ;)


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