Monday, June 07, 2004  

So... Many... Boxes...

Welcome to my life for the next week or so...

Yes, moving day is quickly approaching, and almost everything is now packed. My kitchen officially closes for business on Friday, when I'll pack the last of the dishes etc..., and give it a cleaning like it has never experienced before. Isn't it odd that, for many of us, we find that our homes are cleanest right before we leave them?

Cricket, of course, has been VERY helpful during the packing process. She's such a helpful kitty! :)

While taking a break from packing, I helped my friend Daf decide on her wedding dress... and then she helped me make bonsai trees! It was so amazingly neat... watching this GIANT seedling fit into this tiny little pot! I'm just hoping I don't manage to kill them.

First, we made white oaks (the state tree of maryland)... remember, in "real life", these are 60 foot trees... and this is as tall as this one should get!

Luckily, Cricket isn't into eating trees, so it's safe on the windowsill. She does, apparently, like the taste of the next one, and considering that I spent a good few minutes pruning my little Ficus so that it was all asthetically pleasing and what-not, I don't really want it to become a salad bar. So it's hiding out on the bookcase:

...lest it meet the fate of some of my other plants:

Good thing she's so cute! :)

And here's a picture to remind me that, not too long ago, I was actually on vacation- we rode the "wine train" through Napa Valley. :)

In knitting news, there has been a bit of progress- I basically finished the broadripple socks I had been working on, and I was going to start another pair, but alas, the craft store no longer carries black sock yarn. So those are going to have to wait until after the move when I've had a chance to scout some out. So I picked up Slosh again, and am just finished with the lacy section of the back after what seemed like YEARS of doing the 4x4 ribbing. ;)


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