Thursday, July 08, 2004  

Outrunning a Thunderstorm

So yesterday afternoon, around 3:45, I was sitting at my desk, wasting time thanks to the wonders of the internet. Suddenly, even through the florescent lights, I realized that there was a distinct lack of light coming in from my window. Now, my office window faces the other side of the office building, so it's difficult to see anything besides glass windows, but I could definitely tell that, for some reason, the sun was gone. After deciding that it was extremely unlikely that there was an unpredicted solar eclipse, I checked the local news station's website... and saw that the whole area was being stalked by a huge storm. And me without my umbrella...

I bolted out of my office and negotiated the maze of corridors, finally emerging from the front doors. The sky was an eerie grey/black, and the wind seemed to be coming from every direction. But... no rain, yet. I broke into a run/jog and made a beeline straight for my car... parked about a 10-15 minute walk away, all the while repeating "just give me 10 minutes, storm!" like a mantra. I quickly discovered that there is a reason that world-class runners have NOT adopted the flip-flop as their footwear of choice. With my calves and ankles screaming in protest, I ran/jogged/power-walked my way to the car. All hell broke loose about 30 seconds after I closed the car doors, and it proceeded to POUR. Some areas got over 3" in less than an hour!

In spite of all of the excitement, I managed to make considerable progress on the Greek Socks... I should finish them either today or tomorrow:

I've also picked out the yarns for my next pair of socks... I'm not sure exactly what pattern I'll use yet, but I'm definitely going with the colors. Unfortunately, I only have the one ball of the hand-painted light blue, so I need to pick a pattern/design that'll use it somewhat sparingly.


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